Chad YAYA Paintball Shirts, Jerseys and TRK Joggers

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I am bringing you the all-new Signature Series line of Chad "Yaya" Bouchez.

[Mark] "Yaya"?

"Yaya". Oh yeah, oh yeah. HK Army is in the building; the new signature drop by Chad is also in the building. He has Short Sleeve Dry Fits, Long Sleeve Practice Jerseys, and the Signature Series of TRK Joggers, all by HK Army. So, Mark, what do you wanna go over first here? What do you think?

[Mark] I'm curious about joggers, personally.

Chad YAYA TRK Joggers

The joggers, okay. So, TRK Joggers. He is known as the Leopard King. So, let's bust these bad boys right on out. First thing you'll notice, other than the brand new nice tissue paper, is it’s custom embroidered. This is actually embroidered on there, it's not gonna peel away, it's not gonna fall off when you wash these pants, HK Army. Next thing you're probably gonna wanna notice is here. Let me open these up. They're brand new, out of the package.

 Obviously, these are HK Army's TRK Joggers. And down here you see the "Yaya" Signature Series, Leopard King. He loves gold. He loves the black. He loves the leopard stuff. So, these are his Signature Series pants, and they are actually very very comfortable. A lot of you guys know about the TRK Joggers already. They're super lightweight, super comfortable, very very forgiving and stretchy. You've got the adjustable waistband here. Big part of this for me is that these, actually, do have waterproof zipper pockets on these bad boys. You can tell, it's kind of like a... What would you call that material, Mark? Not plastic, but...

[Mark] Is it flexible like a rubber?

It is, yeah. It almost reminds me of Flex Seal, something like that. But these are waterproof zipper pockets. It does come with dual wielding pockets for your swabs. One on the right leg, and then also, one on the left leg as well. So, if you wanted to carry two swabs on you, it's a good idea 'cause people lose 'em. You borrow one to a teammate, and you're never gonna see it again. So, always carry two. So, they have that.

YAYA TRK Jogger Features

Next off, before I go into something, these pants, they retail for $119.95. So, these joggers are $120, Signature Series, by Number Two. Reinforced knees. Like I said earlier, the pants are lightweight, very comfortable, but these knees are reinforced. A lot of you guys are sliding and diving out there, so if you're worried about ripping your pants, you're not gonna rip these ones. I can tell you that much, unless you're doing something extremely out of bounds. 

So, these knees are reinforced. It's not like the stretchy material up top. You can definitely tell that they've been built up. Down here, you've got the cuffed bottom, so it's not dragging on the ground, it's not interfering with any of your cleat motion. A lot of the tournament guys out there, or even woodsball guys, hey, you guys are wearing cleats to get good traction, these aren't gonna be super baggy and be dragging on the ground and you're gonna rip 'em all up. 

Let's take a look at the back. Is there anything else super fancy other than the things I've mentioned, Mark? You do have a little ventilation in the back of the knees to let out some heat and some moisture as well which I do like that. You can definitely tell, probably on Mark's very nice camera, it's different material than the stretchy stuff up top, throughout the back of the knee area. So, Mark, do you wanna know anything else about the TRK's?

[Mark] You got the cuffed legs?

Yeah, you've got cuffed legs, reinforced knees, you've got the dual pocket swabs, you've got the waterproof zipper pockets, the adjustable waistband with the drawstring attached.

[Mark] How much are these again?

These are $119.95. They are available online. And don't forget to shop HK Army, making some of the best products in the game.

[Mark] Let's see what else he's got.

Chad YAYA Short Sleeve Dry Fit Shirt

Onward to... So, I think I grabbed-Let's see it here. This is the long sleeve. Let's talk about-We're just setting that down for now. A little real quick here. This is the Short Sleeve Dry Fit T-shirt. This is meant to be played underneath your jersey, which you're currently using. Dry Fit, moisture-wicking material. This is the front. And then this is the back of the Dry Fit shirt. So, this helps, obviously, keep you cool while you're playing, and relieve some moisture and sweat from you. And also, if you guys just wanted to wear this out casually, do that as well. You don't have to wear it, obviously, underneath. I'm sure he'd be happy if you wore this loud and proud on just a casual setting other than paintball.

[Mark] I'm taking that to the club.

Yeah. You'll be the Leopard King then. So, let's jump into the Practice Jersey. By the way, those Short Sleeve Dry Fits are $34.95. 

Chad YAYA Long Sleeve Practice Jerseys

Onto the Practice Jersey which is the long sleeve. Pretty much the same exact thing as, obviously, the Dry Fit Short Sleeve. But now you have a long sleeve as well. So you can wear it with your arm pads. And it's a nice little Practice Jersey. I think these came out really really... They're nice, they got the cuffs down here. So once again, it's not baggy on you when you're wearing your gloves, or trying to shoot your paintball marker out there. Really nice design. Obviously, it's called "Leopard King" for a reason. I like the crown on the back of his number. And then even on the sleeves, you've got... it's good design pattern all over. And then the front like, Mark, have you been clawed?

Lastly, I would like to say yes, we have teamed up with Chad. Most people know him as "Yaya". Houston Heat player, professional dude, great guy, he and Ronnie run hand in hand, good friends. We've done some collabs, and currently still deal with Ronnie as well. 


You can find Chad on Instagram. That's his biggest following, 'Chadyayabouchez' just type all that in. He is big into growing the sport of paintball. He loves the sport. Obviously he's a pro player and he just wants to get everyone involved into the paintball community. 

So big shout out to you, Chad, thank you very much. And if you guys like this stuff, hit up the website, guys. All of it is available right now, and we've been selling a lot of it so far. So, that is pretty much it. Behind the camera, man, do you have anything else you would like to ask me before we close this bad boy out.

[Mark] Nope. I think I'm good. Just make sure you guys hit up to the new Facebook group. The "Ask Us Anything" group. We haven't been answering questions at the end of these videos 'cause we want you to go there first, and we will start responding soon, and maybe even making a video on that. Of course, go to Lone Paintball, and get these wonderful clothes. HK makes some sweet jerseys, and practice jerseys, and shirts to begin with. And the "Yaya" Collection is even awesomer.

And don't forget to follow Chad. Like I said, link's in the description below, follow him on Instagram. You gain a ton of knowledge and see some cool pics.

[Mark] That's it. See you next time.

Take it easy, guys.