JT Jogger Pants Review | Affordable Jogger Pants

What is going, guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf paintball, and today I am bringing you the all new JT jogger pants.

[Off Screen] But Tony, I don't jog.

You don't have to jog, all you have to do is play paintball or lounge around the house. Hit up lonewolfpaintball.com to pick up these new joggers. We do have them in stock in all sizes ready to go. So over here, Mark, we got the JT USA flags. Boom. Then we got the rasta lion in the middle. And then we've got the fx print right over here.

JT USA flag, rasta lion, fx.

[Mark] What about our Canadian brothers to the north?

I don't know, they did not decide to do that so, uh, you guys want them custom you can make them. So, speaking of that, or we'll just wait til the end of the video. We'll talk about that. All right let me grab the good old American flag pants. And kind of go over a couple of the features. First off, before you guys click away from the video, these things are only 45 bucks. 45 bucks for a very, very nice, stretchy pair of JT joggers that do come with a nice draw string up in front. And as you guys can see, they are very stretchy and they are super, super comfortable. I'm gonna lay them back on the table, Mark, okay? All right, going back on the table. Let's talk about, oh, the zippers. They have like, almost like a um, what would I say? What would you call the outer material on the zipper?

[Mark] Is it, like, a pleather?

Yeah, it's kind of like a it's almost like a waterproof style thing. Like a pleather here. Nice ykk zippers. Both sides. Really digging that. They seem strong, pretty reinforced. Let's slip it over to the sides or the back? We'll just go right to the back, Mark. You got two back pockets, both have velcro on them.

[Mark] Uh huh.

I do like that. Velcro, velcro. And you also have two pockets right here, in case wind would keep blowing. Pretty suave. So you have spots for your squeegees. You got one on each side.

[Mark] And would you say these have six pockets?

One, two, three, four, two on the other side. Six, I would say they have six. Mark is good at math. My favorite part about these for being at the price point of 45 bucks, down here, Mark. Right where the jogger comes in. You got the cuffs here that can be tightened or loosened. Depending on if you got a big foot or a little foot. You got cleats on, you got boots on, we're here and there's a zipper on the back near where your feet are gonna be. You can, like I said, if you guys happen to be wearing these in an event and it's kind of muddy or whatever, and you guys do have boots on, you can unzip them, get them over the top of your boot. And then you can zip them back up, a nice tight fit. So, not many joggers actually have the zipper option on the back. They just come down to real tight cuff and that's it. These ones, I like that. They're pretty versatile here.

[Mark] I do like that.

You do?

[Mark] I do.

Okay, so, Mark we went over the nice drawstrings up in front, keep them nice and tight on you. You got the two front pockets with the pleather zippers ykk. And then you got your jogger style pants with the cuffs, zippers on the back. And then your two suave, your pod suave. We're not pod and suaves here. We're suave and pods here, Mark. No we're not. Pretty much that's it. The pant video. These are new.

[Mark] So there's no fly zipper for easy peeing?

No. So they're stretchable to where you can, you know,

[Mark] There's no reinforcing, no padding anywhere, so that's why you get them at the low price of 45 dollars.

Well yeah they do come with a couple of features that others don't, but yeah. Cool designs. Um, speaking of that, guys, we are gonna be coming out a lone wolf paintball or a couple versions depending on what we figure out best, that are gonna be custom lone wolf paintball ones. So, stay tuned. Gonna be coming in at the same price point. Uh, 45 bucks. I currently like the colors they came out with. The flag, the rasta line, the fx. Pretty cool, and the price point is great.

[Mark] Is there any chance there's a matching top so they can have like a track suit? Like the old adidas track suit?

I don't know, but I'm sure people are gonna shop elsewhere and grab something that will match these pretty cool colors. So, all right guys. JT joggers. 45 bucks. Hit up lonewolfpaintball.com

[Mark] And we have a questions from the youtubes of course uh, G. That's his whole name, just G. Said, when did Jake turn into a homeless looking hipster?

Jake turned into a homeless looking hipster when he hit puberty. That's when he did that.

[Mark] Which was like 2 weeks ago, right?

Correct, exactly. So he grew a shabby beard and then he grew his hair out, so yeah. Couple weeks back. That's about it. I like that question, that's a good one.

[Mark] There you go, you got a question? Leave it in the comments below. We will pick you randomly, otherwise we will see you next time.

See you later.

[Mark] Buh bye, little guys.