HK Army Freeline Jogger & Relax Fit Paintball Pants Review

Hey guys, what's going on? 

It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I am bringing you the new V2 HK Army Freeline Pants.

Boom, Mark, do you like 'em?

[Mark] I do like them, I like the colors.

HK Army Freeline Paintball Jogger Variations

You like them, okay, so let's just talk about colors first for the Freeline Jogger paintball pants, which is what I have here. This color with the blue and purple is gonna be their new amp Freeline Joggers. We've got the red back here, which is their fire. And then lastly, we've got some graphite going on back here underneath. So currently, we have at least three of these colors in stock, ready to go, tons and tons of new great products by HK.

[Mark] We do have at least one more, but I didn't bring it out 'cause it looks very similar to the stealth in the middle.

HK Army V2 Freeline Jogger Features

So at least four colors in stock, ready to go. The new V2, let's talk basics and kind of get into why they're gonna be probably one of the top selling pants on the market. The sublimation and their actual like, stretching capability is gonna be first on the list. Oh my God, you got all this brand new crinkly paper in there, Mark.

[Mark] Oh, it's good for the audio.

Yeah, great, you love it, huh? So guys, first off, you guys can tell, a lot of pants out there on the market, like right in here, would have vinyl on there. After a couple of times in the washer, that stuff, and dryer, is gonna peel off and fade away. They did come out with the actual sublimation on here. So it's actually in the material itself, it's not just heated on top and gonna fall off or wear off on you the first couple uses.

[Mark] I don't believe you, try to pick at it.

Let me just throw them up here, Mark, Get 'em on the table. Well, you know, scratching, I don't see it coming off there, Mark, not coming off. Alright guys, next, these are the actual, they make two versions of the Freelines. One's a HK Army Relaxed Fit pant and these ones are gonna be the jogger fit. So down below, you guys can see, they do have the elastic tapered ankles, so it's not riding on your cleats or whatever shoe you guys are deciding to use out there. 

So these are gonna fit nice and tight around a cleat, your ankle, whatever you guys wanna do. Whatever you guys choose to wear out there. So, I like that a lot. Onto my next point about these bad boys. So, I'm gonna, I was gonna do the knees, we'll talk about the knees at the end. Let's talk about swabs, it's gonna be funny. Mark, you wanna zoom in this area here?

[Mark] Oh, I'm there.

Pockets, Straps and More | HK Army Paintball Joggers

Zoom on in, okay, let me just grab a swab over here. So, a lot of pants out there in the market, they make these very tiny, almost half barrel swab sized pockets. So, grab a swab, fold it in half, throw it in there and wow, you can almost see none of the swab. People lose these things all the time. They take a dive, they take a slide. You've got little, tiny half pockets. These are larger pocket designs on these new style pants, so you can fit pretty much the entire swab in your pants and you're not gonna lose it on a slide or dive. 

So I do like that, that's a great new feature of the HK Army Freeline Pants. Let's flip it back over. We're just gonna hit all the points here, Mark, and keep flipping it over and over again. Both, you've got dual elastic straps, so if you guys need it a little looser or a little tighter, these things are elastic and Velcro and they use some pretty good Velcro, nice little HK Army tab there, too. And this is on both sides of the pants, you can get an even pull, kind of get your pants on, pull them and then strap both of these things on, the elastic straps, with the Velcro definitely help in securing it, so these pants aren't falling down on you while you're on the field. 

I always like to kind of show the inside 'cause a lot of people don't, you know, if you're not seeing them in person, you can't see the inside, everything is ventilated, so obviously, long day at the paintball field, you're hot, you're sweaty, you're sticky, all this is like a mesh ventilation on the inside of the pant. These things are awesome. And for the bigger guys that sweat a lot like myself, these are gonna be some nice pants to have. 

Padding on the Freeline Paintball Joggers

Let me flip them a little bit so we can actually talk about the ballistic Kevlar knees. Are you ready for this, Mark? So this is HK's really, really good selling point in these, these are, they're padded, but still flexible and they're ballistic Kevlar padded knees. So you guys are obviously worried about it. when you're kneeling down, if you're kneeling down on a rock or you're playing on a hard field that's hardly any grass and mostly dirt, you're gonna want pants like this to protect your knees and with a name like ballistic Kevlar, that sounds pretty important. Would you agree, Mark, or no?

[Mark] Yeah, I'd wanna go slide on these on the gravel and see if they get rough or not.

I'll see if it can break it down. We might have to do a stress test in the future. Next, we do have the, important for the male players out there, the padded crotch area. I'm gonna have to say that 'cause a lot of people... And pants, well, people wanna know and then more pants on the market, more often than not, don't come with a padded protection area up front, so, you're definitely gonna want that. These do come with the YKK, if you guys don't know, these are like the, would you say the standard of zippers, Mark? 'Cause there's cheap zippers and then like, the YKK stamped ones are the better ones.

[Mark] Yeah, I mean, I'll take your word for it, I never stare at my zippers enough to know.

Yeah, that's what they say, they're YKK, nice rubberized zippers, you've got multiple pockets on these pants. These things, like I said at the beginning, are super, super flexible, lightweight, but still obviously durable with the integration of the way they did their padding. I like these things, man, they are really light They do have the dual pocket swabs like we were talking about earlier, one on this side, one on that side and then the back of the knees and throughout the legs are all ventilated as well, allowing that moisture and hot air to release so you're not just in a sweaty blanket out there, so.

[Mark] Did I see belt loops as well? Just in case-

Yeah, just in case the elastic and Velcro straps aren't enough for ya, there are belt loops on these pants and you guys can rock it whatever way you want.

[Mark] What's the front button situation, is it Velcro, is it a zipper?

Let's look at 'em, front button situation. You do have a button and then I believe there is Velcro, You have two buttons.

[Mark] Oh man, if I have to pee, I'm never gettin' in there.

You've got two buttons. You've got Velcro that keeps the pants closed, so obviously your padding can stay where it needs to be. And then, you have the good YKK zipper that's not gonna break on you. So if you bust out of these things, you're doing something wrong. It's almost like being in a straight jacket, Mark. 

You've got dual buttons, Velcros zipper, alright, guys, these are the Freeline with the jogger fit, like I said, they do come in amped, stealth, fire and graphite. And these things are awesome, super, super lightweight.

[Mark] And they're only $179.95.

These are expensive pants, but they're gonna last you a long time. So, I like that. 

HK Army V2 Freeline Relax Fit Pants

Next we have, this is the same exact paintball pants, but it's in a relaxed fit. The only difference with this pants is, it does not have the tapered ankle, whatever you wanna call that, tapered ankle, tapered down below. These things do have a Velcro strap though. So in case you're not a guy that wants that tapered, real tight fit around your ankle or cleat, these ones are the relaxed fit. 

And you can also adjust with the Velcro, obviously, if you want it tight, cool, you can do that, if not, if you wanna to just let it flop around, that's also on you, but, these are just the standard relaxed fit Freelines. Like I said, they all come with the same features, the ballistic knee, the same padding upfront, the pockets and all the good stuff, so, these are relaxed fit, I think these ones only come in the stealth, which is obviously like an all black and gray color scheme, would that be right, Mark?

[Mark] That is correct.

And these retail at $184.95.

[Mark] You know what I'd like the relaxed fit for?

Tell me.

[Mark] It's good for big games, where I'm wearing hiking boots, where I don't want the taper above my boot, it looks kind of weird, these can go down lower.

And a lot of guys don't really like, you know, they don't really like the tapered look, if they're not a little fast, small snake player, they're like, I don't really need that or want that. So same pants, just without it. 

HK Army Hardline Pants

Alright guys and lastly, just letting you know, we do have the HK Army Hardline Pants back in stock. A couple of the key features, I think these pants retail at $164.95 bucks. These ones also do have the very stretchable, I'm gonna go right to the knees, Mark, 'cause I think it's an important feature they made apparent on their site. The stretchable ballistic knees, as well. So obviously you've seen pants that you wear out the knees. I mean, constantly a lot of people are on their knees in paintball, so yeah, you're gonna wanna have a strong, reinforced knee there.

[Mark] Send us your inappropriate comments.

Well, I'm just waiting for that, you know. These ones do have vented back legs as well, throughout here, so allowing that hot air and sweat and all that good stuff to hopefully escape and not keep you too sweaty and hot out there, let's check out this barrel swab action. These are, yeah, these are pretty good ones, that one goes like, all the way in, Mark.

[Mark] I'd never get that back out.

You're digging, you're digging, hey, at least you're not gonna lose it out there on the field though, I can tell you that much. And, oh, it matches the pants, that's nice.

[Mark] Happy accident.

Got the big HK logo in the back and these pants do have a ton, a ton of pockets, I believe there's six integrated pockets total, on these pants, I don't know how much stuff you're gonna be carrying on the paintball field, but, these are all Velcro. That one leads you to no access, Mark, look at that. There's nothing there, you've got nothing in there, but then you've got one here, one there. You've got the zipper stuff up top, which would be four and I'm assuming, where's the other ones? Where's the six? They said there's six, Mark!

[Mark] I don't know, you've got pockets that don't do anything, it's confusing me!

Are they in the back?

[Mark] Maybe.

They're not in the back, I don't think.

[Mark] Inside? Outside?

That one doesn't do anything.

[Mark] They just had extra Velcro.

Maybe there is a bigger one? I don't know, I don't know, they said there were six though.

[Mark] Math's hard, two, four. Are they counting the pod swabs as pockets?

I mean, possibly, unless there's something hidden on here. I don't know. Anyways, we're talking a lot of time about pockets.

[Mark] Yeah, I'm curious, why do you think these costs are like, these are $164.95?

I don't know, probably 'cause they put more money, you think, there's obviously, seems like more material here on the Hardlines, but the Freelines, all this stuff is like that super fancy, moisture-wicking, very stretchable material.

[Mark] Probably more lightweight.


It is, definitely, yeah, the HK Army V2 Freeline pants are definitely more lightweight than the Hardlines, but, I don't know if this material in general just costs them more to produce or whatever, but, anywho, I'm still cracked, I can't find the other pockets, I think it's the pod swabs though, Mark. That's just their selling point. Other than that, yeah, the ventilation, the knee pads, this is just letting you guys know, we have the Hardlines back in stock, ready to rock. Don't forget guys, shop Lone Wolf. And that is it for now.

YouTube Question

[Mark] No, you still have a question from YouTube to answer.

Oh, okay, YouTube question.

[Mark] Daniel Solano says, we did the best hoppers of 2020. He said, "I got a Dye Rotor, is that a good choice?"

Dye Rotor is definitely a good choice. Whether it be the original or the LTR Hopper, it's a great choice and they can feed plenty of paintballs per second, so it's a good hopper, I would stick with it.

[Mark] There you go, you have a question, leave it in the comments below, maybe we'll pick you randomly and if not, we will see you next time.

And I'll be finding the pockets while you guys are clicking off this video. Mark?

[Mark] I can't help you, man.

Why did they tell me there were six?

[Mark] What do you put in that one? What do you put in that one?