Planet Eclipse FANTM Jersey Review

Well, what is going on ladies and gentlemen today, I am bringing you the Planet Eclipse FANTM jerseys. Let's see what they're all about.

[Mark] Sounds scary. Phantoms.

Dude, it's sick. So what this is here before I jump into it, go to Lone Wolf Paintball. Hit the online store. You'll find all of these items on there, plus many, many more. 

Planet Eclipse FANTM Jersey Features

So the Planet Eclipse FANTM jerseys, they're kind of going along with their line of the current FANTM pads, the knee pads, elbow pads. So let's just show them Mark. So for $50, $49.95, we've got a very nice lightweight zero padded jersey. So hopefully that doesn't scare some of you away thinking, "Oh my God, it has no padding. 

Obviously Planet Eclipse put it that way with no padding in there for optimal breathability. So when you have obviously a ton of pads on you, you want this jersey to be able to breathe during the hot days, the long tournament days, the long scenario days, especially in excessive heat.

So first off there is no padding on the jersey itself. Let's jump into colors Mark before I go into more features. That's why we have all these out here, right?

[Mark] Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Okay. So you got blue, green, silver, or gray. I'm going to call it gray and red. So the red is called fire. The gray is called shades. The green is called the lizard and the blue is called the ice. So this jersey comes in four different colors currently, and as you can see for $50, it's got a lot of cool features. 

You're looking at it like, "Yeah, it looks like a jersey, right?" Yeah. Well, you probably didn't take this into consideration, it does have a very nice neoprene adjustable neck line up here. So it's not going to be choking you out per se. Some jerseys are super tight on you.

It goes into like a V style type neck, but it does have stretchability here right in that area, so it's not going to be choking you up or obviously sewing you down out there on the field. I do have one favorite feature of this, but you're going to have to wait to hear that. 

FANTM Jersey Material

Another good feature of the jersey is it actually has all of the material that it's made out of. It's called the anti-snag material. So when you're running through the woods or you took a dive and you might've hit a twig on the ground, it's not going to snag and pull the fibers out of the actual jersey itself. I like that. It's a really good feature for once again, a jersey that's only $50. All right, here it is. I'm going to lay it down, Mark.

So you're out there on the field. You get shot in the goggles. You get shot on your gun, whatever. I'm not going to stand up for this one, but you're going to have to look right here. Built in on the inside of this jersey is an internal microfiber lens, not lens, but like a lens cleaner, a lens wipe. It's a microfiber cloth. So obviously you play or you're wearing the jersey, easily flip it up, wipe off your goggles with the nice microfiber that's included, built in on the inside of the actual jersey itself. 

Speaking of around this area, as you guys can see here, I was talking earlier about the lightweight, the breathability without padding. This is all mesh material. You guys said super stretchy, super breathable. It's not going to hold much moisture. And it's actually going to allow you to stay cool out there on the field, which I definitely like about that.

Planet Eclipse FANTM | Final Thoughts

A couple more things Mark before we close this off. It's fully sublimated. There are no patches or stuff put on the jersey that's going to be able to rip off if going through the wash multiple times. All this stuff is fully sublimated into the actual material of the jersey itself. So like I said, you don't have to worry about stuff peeling off later down the road. Once it's sublimated, it's going to stay that way for a very, very long time. 

Lastly guys, some of you guys wear gloves. Some of you don't. It does have the ribbed cuffs down here. So it's going to fit nice and tight around your wrist, obviously both sides. So that's a good feature to have. So it's not... What would you say? Overlapping Mark. A lot of jerseys out there that don't have the ribbed cuffs kind of overlap on your hands and kind of get in the way when you're trying to shoot your gun or switching hands in the middle of a transition.

So the ribbed cuffs are nice. I love that this jersey is personally for me, zero padding, extremely lightweight, extremely breathable. And once again, the price point is $49.95. They're absolutely awesome to have. And they go along with their FANTM line, like I said, of the elbow and knee pads.


[Mark] Okay. Let's see the back.


What do you think, Mark? What do you think? The back. I didn't really show the back too much, obviously because there's not much going on, but hey, for $50-


[Mark] Hey, I want to know.


No, I feel you. You want to see the whole product.


[Mark] Because my team's going to see that.


Oh, that's another good point too. Apparently, these are team ready for full customization. That's a good point, Mark. So they left the back open. If you guys bought these either in green, gray, blue, or red, you guys can send them to your local artwork guy and they can actually put your last name, number on there, whatever you want. They're ready to go. So that was another point on the jerseys. They are fully team-ready and ready for customization. So yeah. I mean, that's it. It's the Planet Eclipse FANTM jersey.


[Mark] The only other thing I can think of is I noticed when we were laying out the packages, it looked like we had up to 3X for sure, which I mean that's a pretty big boy looking guy.


Yes. We're looking at 3X, 2X. Yeah, they make pretty much all sizes, so they're ready for everybody. And like I said, the price point is correct. So check them out, Lone Wolf Paintball. We'll have them all available in the four different colors and I'm not promising you that we're going to be able to customize them, but anybody around your local area, you guys can make them a team jersey, whatever you guys would like to do. That's it, man. Do you have a question for me or no?


[Mark] Well, they got to go to Lone Wolf Paintball and then head over to buy the best lean protein


YouTube Question

[Mark] And yes, we have a question from YouTube. Okay. Henry Pham wants to know, "Ever look at a paintball and want to eat one?"


Maybe when I was younger, I think. Yeah. I'm sure anyone in the paintball world is whether you did it on purpose and bit into a paintball just to see its tastes or you've been shot in the goggles before, know that they don't taste good, but, "Have you ever looked at a paintball and wanted to eat one?" Kids do. They look like little gumballs no?


[Mark] They're technically safe to eat.


Yeah. I wouldn't recommend it. You can eat them, but I wouldn't recommend eating a lot of them. So stay safe out there.


[Mark] But if you want to see something funny, Jake over at Team Insanity, him and Jacob did the chubby bunny challenge, where they kept sticking paintballs in their mouth and had to say chubby bunny until they couldn't. That was pretty funny.


Check it out. Those guys are characters. All right. Thanks for the questions. If you have any more, submit them below and we'll try to get to you. Thanks for watching guys.


[Mark] See ya.