HK Army OG Skull & Retro Jogger Pants

What is going on guys? Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. 

Today I am bringing you some throwbacks. So, a little throwback here, some new stuff over there. And let’s jump right into it. I’m going to go over it first. 

HK Army Jogger OG Skull Review

These are the HK Army Track Jogger Pants that have the old OG bones. This is called the red OG Skull. We also carry the black OG Skull pants in stock, super lightweight, and they are kind of trimmed down here at the bottom. So you don’t have a bunch of stuff jumbled up around your cleats. It’s got a nice drawstring to keep these babies nice and tight, if they’re a little loose on here. 

As you guys can tell, they are super comfortable. They’re stretchy, they do have very durable side zipper pockets for barrel covers, whatever you want to bring onto the field with you. So these zippers aren’t super cheesy. It’s got a nice solid, real solid zipper that is not going to break. Stretchy, super comfortable. You also have two back pockets on them, so I don’t know what you’re going to use those for. But hey, even if you’re not playing paintball in these things, to walk around, do little working out in them. 

Carry your wallet to the local store, get your protein shake, get some fuel in your body, or if you’re going to buy some jerky, bring your wallet there too. And once again, guys, these are the OG bones. This is the red style by HK. You guys want to know the price point though. 

Price for the OG Skull Joggers 

Price point. The HK Army Jogger Pants retail for only $59.95. Comfortable pants, very lightweight, stretchy, 60 bucks and also just a different version. The same style, the newer style, the joggers, the drawstring, but just in a different style, this is just the original skull. So HK joggers, very very nice. I would highly recommend it for 60 bucks. Like I said, dual zipper pockets, drawstring, dual back pockets, and they’re super comfortable. Most importantly, they look pretty sick. Like HK did a very nice job on these. Even on the bottom. Let’s take a look. Show them what they want to see. It comes undone. Hold up.

[Mark] Come on, we want to see it.

Dude hold up, see I told you they were durable.

[Mark] What?

Yeah, if you want to flare out, you want to get real tight. Zip that bad boy right on up. If you want to flare out like you’re wearing bell bottoms, let her rip. So here we are HK joggers, check them out at Lone Wolf Paintball, we do have these available in the online store. 60 bucks for those. 

HK Army Retro Jogger Review

Beautiful, onto the last thing, the HK Army Retro Jogger; thicker, more padded, retro based pants. Boom, let’s take a look at these bad boys. So calling them retro, this is like how the old school JT pants used to have the logos on the each side of the legs. These ones do actually have real thick knee pads on them. Obviously the joggers did not and these ones also tapered down with a cuff here. So these will go real tight to your leg. So it’s definitely not gonna go over top of your cleat. You won’t be stepping on them. It’s got the nice elastic band down there. So you’re good with that. Like I said, thick neap. 

Is that an H in that knee pad? Oh, okay. Oh wow. I learn something new every day. So even the detail into the knee pad, HK like I said, these are called the retro pants. Cause if this, they got the side profile. You’ve got some pretty slick design running through there. It does have your pockets up front. They don’t have zippers on them, but it does have pockets. And then on the back show you what’s going on back here. Standard spot if I can get in there for your barrel swab. 

Price for the HK Retro Joggers 

So barrel swab sits there, show you the other side. There you go. See Mark, the paint doesn’t need it. And hey, dual swab here. So these pants are very nice. These do retail at $119.95. Very nice. And up in the front area, it does have the male protection piece, which is definitely a solid solid thing. 

So on the inside we have a nice mesh layer. So that’s breathable. It’s not going to keep you too hot out there on the field. And then like I said, the built in protector up front, which is definitely important. So guys, this is the HK Army Retro Jogger that retails for $119.95 and yeah, check it out. Lone Wolf Paintball don’t forget to hit the online store. 

We have all these products available. I would highly recommend if you want something pretty, pretty stretchy in their Mark, you know, these are the way to go. Built-in knee pads or something more lightweight, not breaking the budget too much; the HK Army Track Jogger Pants, they retail at $59.95. So until next time Mark always stops me. Do you have any more questions, Mark?

[Mark] You’re not going to try one of these on and do the splits.

Unfortunately these ones are extra small, I’m more of an XL type guy, so yeah I’ll skip that. It’s going to be in a separate video. I’ll put some joggers on since those are more flexible. I’ll get to go on. So check out. Yes, newly revamped. HK Army with some great products, and we’re out of here. Take it easy.

[Mark] Go buy some jerky too. Jerky boys.