Beginner Speedball Package | Empire Mini GS

Hey guys, what's going on? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I am bringing you a revised and upgraded Empire Mini GS beginner’s paintball package. Guys, before I start and hop right on into this, remember to head on over to our website and check out. We have all this stuff on there, ready to buy, ready to go and head on over to The Jerky Den for some of the best lean protein in the game. 

Empire Mini GS Beginners Package Review

All right, so I started off by saying, I have a revised, which is true, and upgraded, which is also true, paintball accessory you might want to know. We did have, I think it was called like a Beginner Speedball Package. It featured an Empire Mini GS, but now they've come out with the new Empire Mini GS upgrades. It has the new two-piece 14 inch barrel, that is an upgrade. They claim it's an upgrade, we know it's an upgrade. The Empire Mini GS has been around for a very, very long time and tons of people that are getting into speedball purchase this marker. The new upgraded version with a two piece barrel does retail for about $345. So, a very good marker to have. It offers ramping modes, tournament modes, on off air systems, gauges. So you guys can read, you're not putting too much air through the gun and gonna hurt the solenoid by any means.

[Mark] Okay.

Feed necks, Clamping feed-necks I mean, obviously that can fit any hopper on the market. 

Empire Mini Beginner Speedball Package Hopper

Next let's just hop, talking about hoppers. This is the Halo Too version. It is completely tool-less here with the battery door as well. The older version did have the screw up front that you couldn't easily access the battery door with. So, it's a push button there, and yes, this one is used because guys stay tuned, we're about to shoot this bad boy. And yes Mark, it is also 85 degrees outside here in Michigan, it is lucky

[Mark] Sunny Michigan.

That's right, even underneath this nice tent. So this is the Halo Too Hopper. These things retail about 75 bucks, and they can also feed 20 plus balls per second. That's why I'm choosing this hopper for this marker. Next let's just set that over here. 

Beginner Speedball Package Air System

Next, we'll go with the air system. This is the newer style HK Army AeroLite tank. Let's pull this bad boy out of the box. These retail for $155 and this is a 68 4,500 carbon fiber tank made by HK Army. It's a great price point. They do include brand new out of the box a couple of little protective knick-knacks, thread saver and nipple covers. So you're not getting dirt, water, debris, stuff like that in there. Great tank to have on a beginner style speedball marker. So that's the HK arrow light 68 4,500. 

Empire Mini GS Starter Pack Paintball Goggles

And then lastly, a goggle, Virtue Ascend Goggle. Retail's just under $100. Very, very breathable, extremely stylish and there's some good features on here such as super, super comfortable foam. And then also an easy and quick-change lens system with just a simple push of a button you slide the clip forward, and the lens will come out. If you guys want any other info on that, I did a video on this goggle and how to change the lens as well. So Virtue Value Ascend. 


Total this package with the Mini GS, the tank, the hopper in the mask, it's about $670. So under $700, you're getting an entire speedball package where you can use this goggle later if you ever upgrade it. You can use the tank, You can use the hopper. All of this stuff will work on guns. If you stick with the sport into the future. So Mark, before I gear this thing up and shoot this for you guys, do you wanna know anything else that I didn't really... Like I said, this is just an upgraded package. You guys can see what you're gonna get and we're gonna shoot it so you can also see how the gun performs. So I'm putting the goggle back in here, cause I'm not putting that on my sweaty head right now. You got any other questions?

[Mark] Other than the two piece barrel, are there any other upgrades on the Mini GS?

Right now currently that is the only thing they upgraded on the Mini GS, but they do have red line boards back in stock, which we also sell on the website. You can buy em individually. If you already have an Axe 2.0 or GS, or if you're getting into the game, I can install one on the gun for you. And it can come as a combo package and we'll ship it out the door. So other than the barrel though, there's not really any other major features that have been upgraded per say.

[Mark] All right, then I think there is nothing else to do than shoot this thing.

All right baby let me... Lets gear this thing up. You said with the HK Aerolite tank, today I am going to be shooting. This is the GI Sportz paint, this Emerald green field ball for our shoots. Absolutely amazing. We don't have any issues with it whatsoever. 

Test Shooting with the Empire Mini GS Beginner Package

And guys at home, everybody. Yes, you should be wearing goggles, but we are in a controlled environment. Correct Mark?

[Mark] I am controlled.

Mark is very controlled, he's also an extreme professional, so alright.

[Mark] And by professional, I mean, I never get in front of the barrel while he's got it loaded with paint.

Pretty much, pretty much. All right, let's let this bad boy rip.

I need more paint balls.

[Mark] Oh, you thought you were a professional? You should not put paint balls in there

So as you guys can probably tell this bad boys in ramping mode right now. Ramping, NXL, Millennium has those modes. I believe it can also go into reverse mode as well. So yeah, this is the Empire Mini GS the upgraded 2.0 version, if you will.

[Mark] I've got a question for you before you shoot.

Go ahead.

[Mark] Can you get a Speed-feed for the Halo Too?

Yes, you can buy the Speed-Feed it's called... I know Exalt makes them. It's called the Universal Speed-Feed so you can definitely buy Speed-Feed for this. So you don't have to pop the lid open and obviously close it. I do recommend if you get a speed-feed guys, keeping the lid if you guys ever play in rain or it's super nasty outside, keep the lid on there. It's gonna help from getting obviously water and crap inside of the hopper itself. So a little bit more paint here Mark, what do you think?

[Mark] Yes sir.


[Mark] It's not a shooting video unless you shoot at least--

You're right, you're right, you're right. That's fine, oh UPS coming by.

[Mark] Awkward

Don't worry

[Mark] Oh, paint going everywhere.

Yeah man, you threw me off my group, bro.

[Mark] Oh my goodness. Don't worry, the UPS guy is fully protected right now.

Mark those targets won't go down any lower man.

[Mark] You didn't oil them

I know, I should have. All right guys, that's it. Wow, about three pods already shot through this pad boy, once again, I did set it in ramping mode. This is the Empire Mini GS Beginner’s Package. You’ve got the Empire Mini GS 2.0 with upgrades. You got the Halo Too Hopper. You've got your HK Arrow light 68 45. And I didn't put it on, but the nice Virtue VIO Ascend Goggle. Alright Mark, I know you've got a question for me.

[Mark] Of course I do. Did you tell people to log on to our website?

In the beginning I did, but if you guys missed it, he just told you, haha.

[Mark] And The Jerky Den get their link you can for all day out in the heat.

It had to be 85 degrees today, watch these viewers from California, Arizona, Texas is gonna be like 85...

[Mark] It's 102 Tony.

You're right, that's nothing.

Question from our Audience

[Mark] From the You Tubes, Aaron wants to know "what are some two piece barrels that would fit a rail rize?"

I would as always, I always recommend the Freak XL kit. You've got your back, you've got your tip, which you can throw… I show them next time. All conditions performance tip, standard 14, standard 16 inch tip, it's options. You got options for days. And the Freak XL has an eight inch control bore inserts. So you can size up, obviously paint all across the country in the world there are different sizes. Put the inserts in there for the exact fit that you want. So hop on our website, Check out the Freak XL Barrel System.

[Mark] There it is. You got a question, leave it in the comments below and maybe we'll pick you randomly. See ya.

Take it easy guys.