Dye CZR Beginner Speedball Package

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I am bringing you the Dye CZR speedball package.

[Mark] CZR, CZR,

CZR, CZR. All right, guys got them back in stock. We've got tons and tons of custom color options available. Probably the biggest selection on the internet as of currently. So let's talk about it. 

Dye CZR speedball package. We're gonna go with the Dye Rize CZR. We're going with the Ninja tank. We're gonna go with the Dye LT-R, and then we're gonna cap it off with a very popular goggle, the Virtue VIO Ascend. All right, let's talk a little bit about each item. First off before you guys, you know, click that like button head on over to the website, kind of check some things out, right Mark?

[Mark] Lone Wolf Paintball. Links are in the description for everything you are looking at.

Paintball Marker | Dye Rize CZR

That's exactly right. The CZR is the upgraded platform from their previous model. Just the standard Rize I believe, or the rarely called it. So start off with the barrel. I'll kind of go down through the gun. This does come with a true bore, 14 inch two piece barrel. So if you guys have been around or haven't been around, you know, that probably, they've been known for their barrels. Brand new she's squeaky, but it's a two piece 14 inch true bore barrel. All right, next up on the list going, we'll go up and then we'll go back down.

[Mark] Do you know what the bore size is on that?

 I think they're like 688, I wanna say. It doesn't normally, some of their barrels would be stamped on there, that one wasn't but, it's a nice barrel that hits shoots pretty accurately straight out of the box. Feed neck, it does have a clamping lever locking feed back here. So it's got the lever on this side and then you can use an Allen wrench to tighten it up on the other side, depending on what hopper you're gonna be using, if you're not using the LTR, which we have in this package, obviously. 

Next up on the list, the Hyper3 regulator. So this has been around. It's been proven for many, many years. This provides a lot of consistency for the gun. Hardly any issues. If there are, they're easy to maintain, and the operating pressure on this gun is 135 PSI operating pressure. So barrel feed neck, the regulator let's talk about. This is an aluminum blade trigger on here. It's super, super comfortable. A lot of people do like the way the flat triggers are on not just this gun but a lot of guns out on the market. 

Frame and Features | Dye CZR

Next up, let's talk about speaking of comfortability and holding it here in the back, Mark. This is there, I think patented UL hourglass 45 frame. So this frame has been around for a long time. It's very comfortable. They call it the hour glass. You get it into like the crevice of your hand here. And then it kind of widens out. It's very, very comfortable. If you've never held one. 

Next let's talk about since we're in the grip, talk about the board. This is obviously an electronic gun, with four tournament modes and with adjustable rate of fire as well. So this thing you can set it to four different settings, millennium, PSP, NXL. There's obviously all in the manual. You guys can check it out, but it's fully programmable, and you guys can do pretty much anything with this gun that a very high internal marker can do as well, so I like that.

[Mark] What kind of battery does it take?

It's a nine volt battery that sits inside the grip frame. So next, we're gonna talk about the dye airport on-off ASA, which is down below. This allows you guys to engage and disengage your air. If you guys are done playing for the day, you guys can simply flip the lever. You're gonna hear the air release from the bottom, and you can unscrew your tank with ease.

[Mark] What's that black thing sticking out of the front of the ASA?

You're talking to the macro line.

[Mark] Oh, I haven't seen one of those in ages.

It's been around for a while, but Dye decided to go with it. They didn't wanna go, especially with their lower end-speed speedball gun, they didn't wanna make it go up through the grip and then straight into the gun. You know they're bringing back a little nostalgia there, so.

[Mark] Well I joke, but okay.

I know, you get jokes.

[Mark] So I know as an autococker guy and you've used them as well in the past,


[Mark] Have you ever gone, Oh, gee whiz, I can't believe that macro line got in my way.

No. I mean, other than them leaking over time, but you're gonna have to maintain everything eventually. So, you can't ride your car for 50,000 miles without an oil change. You're gonna have to maintain it. So we talked about the airport ASA the board, the trigger, let's talk about their newly designed to ramp solenoid. So on the previous model sometimes they've had some failures, they've revamped their solenoid, calling it the ramp solenoid, and it's supposed to be more consistent for you, and not have as many problems as the previous model. 

Barrel and Bolt Close Up

So other than that, it does have a very nice, sleek new milling. It does come with the, let's actually take this out. Speaking of the barrel, I'm gonna talk about the fusion bolt, but let's talk about the 4th gen I pipe that sits inside, Mark. So this thing is pretty much the proclamation. This is like a self-cleaning detent, or I-pipe system. If you guys do break a brawl bald down into the breach of the gun, this I-pipe is going to be able to shoot pretty much right through it, and not force you to have to take your eyes apart on some guns you can access the external eye covers, pull the covers off, get in there and clean. This is what the I-pipe is for. It protects you from having to do a bunch of extra maintenance or cleaning on the gun. 

So I like that. It's definitely a good option. And Mark, I'm gonna talk about the bolt real quick. I'm not gonna pull it out, cause I didn't bring an Allen Wrench with me, but it's there fusion bolt it's redesigned. And like I said earlier, the gun between the rag and the bolt system allows the gun to operate 135 PSI. All right. Enough about this, nice little gun here. Let's screw the tank on there, yes?

Air Tank | Ninja Lite 68/4500 Tank

[Mark] That sounds good. What tank could you pick?

This is the Ninja 68/45, the light bottle. Extremely, extremely light. And if you guys don't know, now you will know, Ninja paintball has been around the game a long, long time. They went from straight pins, to a ball-bearing pin to now. If you notice Mark in here, it's a pin, but it's like a fatter, you know what I'm saying? Can you get a shot on that?

[Mark] I see it, it just looks a little brass.

It is. Yeah, so they changed and redesigned it. They went from a tiny pin, to a ball-bearing and now back to a fatter pin, which helps engage the gun's ASA, a little bit better and easier. These regulators on these tanks are very durable and Ninja paintball has been around the game for a long time. And they're extremely light. That's probably why they're called the Ninja light bottle. So, I'm thankful to have tanks back in stock, finally. It's been a long 2020, that's for sure. 

Paintball Hopper | Dye LT-R

All right, guys onto the hopper. Let's talk about this bad boy. You might've seen this thing before. The Dye LT-R was originally known just as the rotor. The best thing about this thing, it operates on three AA batteries. It does have the anti jam, shark fin on the bottom of the hopper. And then also you can slap a speed feed on there, and you can take apart this thing very easily with a pull this up, press the button, and the shell comes right on off. So super, super easy to work on, takes a speed feed you can throw on later. And the anti-jam, a very nice feature to have.

[Mark] And the Virtue N-Charge battery can be swapped out your double A's that it normally takes.

You're right? So you can throw the Virtue N-Charge in this bad boy as well, so you don't have to keep buying new batteries. So there's that. And lastly, Mark, so now we've got a nice gun set up. Very nice tank hopper gun. 

Paintball Mask | Virtue VIO Ascend

Let's talk about the Virtue VIO Ascend just real quick, very, very popular. These goggles are $125, they have interchangeable foam, and tri-layer foam is in here, super, super comfortable. The ears on here, they're very, very flexible. So it's not when you put the goggles on your head, hurting the sides of your ears or you know, your upper jawline area, and the lens swaps on these things. Super easy on the inside push of a button, both of the sides will hinge, and you can pull the lens right on the front of the goggle. 

I do have a video on how to change the lens. I'm not doing that right now, but a quick overview. It's a low-profile goggle, tons and tons of breathing room. So you guys can not, A not fog up, and B you can communicate with your teammates easy, with all the slotted holes in the front and the sides And also shout out to Mark, I'm sure he's got a bunch of pictures, of these goggle with a bunch of different lenses on the website. So you guys, you don't have to use a smoker, a dark lens. You can throw in any mirrored lens you guys want. Check out the website. We have tons of those options available.

[Mark] So many options.

So yes, Mark loves doing lens swaps. So this is the Dye CZR speedball package. I hope you guys like it. Check out the website. Like I said, a lot of you guys wanted to, we did an empire package before, a lot of people said, where are the dye guns? So, here's the dye guns right here. And that's it Mark, anything else?

YouTube Question

[Mark] Yeah. I got a question from YouTube for you.

Okay, go ahead.

[Mark] It is from dunn dunn, Peter Glaum. So, we did that full-auto video where you shot at five ball, 10 ball and 15 balls per second. He said, why can't you do 20 balls per second? Millennium series used to be capped at 16 balls per second. My old four fly was able to shoot at 24 balls per second in semi mode. I don't think the gun could do 20, but why didn't we show 20 balls per second?

It's just, I mean, 15 is fast enough. I mean, yeah, you can definitely shoot faster, but at that point in time, you catch a bad ball. You're gonna turn your gun in your hopper into a giant mess. I mean, 15 balls per second, full auto is pretty darn quick.

[Mark] And you'll find it really hard to find a field that's gonna let you shoot 50 balls .

Yeah. And that's another reason why you're not going to be able to go to a field, unless you were in your own private party. If they were very, very willing, to let you shoot that fast. So we cranked it up to 15, thought 15 was fast enough, so...

[Mark] Apparently it wasn't enough for him.

That's fine, hey?

[Mark] Oh now, can't make the hay internet happy?

Twenties quick, man. Twenty is real quick. So well, thanks for watching guys. Certainly appreciate it. And until next time, hit up Lone Wolf Paintball.

[Mark] See you.