The Best Value for Your Money Paintball Package

Today I'm doing my overall best value paintball package for you guys. All right guys, so getting into it, you've seen we've been doing a lot of different in our gear packages for you. You guys love to see these videos. They love different options, for different scenarios, application.

So this is my overall, just general best value whether you're playing woodsball, speedball, package. So, the gun I went with was a Planet Eclipse Etha 2. I've seen a lot of comments. All you guys love this gun. The Etha 2 is an all around great gun, whether you're playing speedball or woodsball. These are incredibly popular for the woodsball guys because they're super durable, quiet, great shots, and same thing with the speedball guys.

Fully electronic, you got all the options. It's a Planet Eclipse gun, Gamma Core technology. These things are tried and true, you can't go wrong. Really just a great overall crossover gun. Some of the main features of the Etha 2, gonna be the battery door that pops right out of the front, pops right down, you can change your battery really easily, nine volt battery, slides right out of there. So, quick change battery for you guys. Pops right back in.

One of the other nice things is it comes with the POPS ASA right on there. So you got your on, off ASA, PAL feed system. If you wanna use just the regular PAL Hopper. You guys haven't seen it. We got full overviews, but basically the PAL sits on and it has a little plunger inside of it every time you pull the trigger, this red plunger pops up, hits the one that would be sitting on the PAL, feed your paint. It's just kind of an air assisted mechanical hopper. Pretty cool option, and then you got your bolt assembly. Usually you can twist them out the back. This one's a little tight. So, you might need the Allen wrench to start, but your Gamma Core will pull right out the back. You got your grips, which pop off pretty easily. Pull this tab out, your grips will peel right off. It's got a real kind of water resistant casing on it. So, these guns are definitely good for those wet, muddy days at the field, whether it's speedball, woodsball, any scenario.

Overall, the Etha 2 runs in at 429. Like I said, one of the best values on the market. For price point, of course you can spend 750, 800 bucks, and getting into a kind of mid-tier tournament level gun or of course 1000, 1500 for a top end, a CS-2 or something like that. But for really for a great overall woodsball, speedsball, whatever you're trying to do this is one of the best values you guys will find on the market for a paintball gun.

Planet Eclipse can't say enough about 'em I mean their guns are bulletproof for the most part it's a great way to go. Next up, for the loader sticking with this best value theme the Virtue Spire iR. These things retail at 109 to 120 depending on the price point. The Spire iR incredibly reliable they say it never jams, I would say I can't really see the wrong on it. I haven't seen you know had any issues with them myself these hoppers always have rave reviews got some of the basic features flip it open and its got a reinforced nylon lid that comes with it. If you want to change out just speed feed you can do that within seconds that pops off, a crown will pop right out of one of the Bunkerkings enter speed feeds. You want to open it up push up, sorry been a minute. Back end pops off, you got your tray, just a little release tab right there whole tray pops out, runs on three AA batteries.

Overall just a great reliable hopper you can see how easy it breaks down. You do break any paint there you can just rinse this whole shell out when you're done slide your tray in, that pops back in bam, bam, locked into place, lid back on. That easy guys so for a good for just an overall best value hopper though the Spire iR I mean it's absolutely perfect you can't go wrong. Pop it right on top of your gun locking feed neck on the Planet Eclipse so bam, so I got my Etha 2, I got my Spire iR.

Tank wise guys I went with the Ninja light bottle Ninja hands down the best bottles and regs especially regs that you're going to find on the market can't go wrong with the Ninja you know if you guys do want to save a couple bucks Ninja makes their 3000 tanks. It's a 3000 PSI 48 cubic inch with the aluminum tank so if you're trying to save some money you can go that route but again this is really one of the best values out there you still get awesome gear.

The next step up from this would be the SL2 which is the super light version. It's really only about an ounce or two lighter and it would come with like the PRO V2 reg main difference with that would just be that you can adjust the position of the fill nipple. I'm again going for just this great overall value for a speedball or woodsball setup. This would be the way I'd wanna go man Etha 2, Spire iR, a Ninja tank, 68/4500 gonna get you tons of shots out there you should easily be shooting at least 1,000 rounds or more on a full fill.

So if you're playing speedball or getting into those long points you've got plenty of air. Woodsball again air consumption's a big thing a lot of times that's a long walk back up top Mark's played scenario games with us and you know you wanna, you wanna have some air out there.

[Mark] Big tanks and comfy shoes is what I recommend

That is for sure so that's why I went with the 68/4500 I have an awesome setup here guys so I paid you know 429 for the gun another 100, 120 bucks for the hopper you know I'm at 550, 540, 160 dollar tank or so so I'm at 700 bucks guys for my gun setup and this is gonna go out there and compete with anybody this is all extremely excellent gear you guys will be happy with. And for the goggle we went with the new highlander print of the Virtue VIO Ascend VIO Ascend again for overall value excellent goggle the lens in this is the same that's on the Contours which is their higher-end goggle, same lens that comes in the Bunkerkings CMD goggle which is their real fancy goggle.

So I mean the lens is gonna be the same exact parts and then just a great comfortable goggle. Put it on, damn, good field of vision, like I said same lens as all your high-end goggles and these only come in at like 90 bucks to like 100 bucks depending on what color way you get. This is the new highlander prints, we also have the all black so if you want a black VIO with the black a black iR we have that, and then there's graphic red, graphic lime, graphic blue so we got all the options to match that.

Tank-wise we got the black tanks we got gray tanks, we got red, we got blue, we got lime, we have all the options if you guys wanna customize 'em out like that. But yeah so overall like I said this is just my best value paintball package for somebody who wants to get into paintball that wants to have a gun that's gonna work no matter what, you know, type of gameplay they're playing they just want to have good equipment. You know this isn't the absolute barebones cheapest stuff on the market, its definitely not the most expensive stuff on the market. It is just what I feel is the stuff that works the best at a really good value and a great price point I mean, you can't go wrong.

[Mark] You know I think it's really cool is because that's not the most expensive VIO mask that's not the most expensive Virtue hopper right these are their, their mid-level


[Mark] Quality, but they took the extra time with the new graphics style. They really like those splashes on the different iRs and this camo pattern's awesome. You don't normally see that until you get into the higher level or it's like you get like one little line of trim that's baby blue where it's like oh, that's great.

Yeah no they, yeah Virtue definitely does it right with their performance, the look, all that they always have really good looking stuff that performs excellent, tons of guys love the Ascends, the VIO platform has been incredibly popular the iR, tried and true the Etha 2, I mean it's a tank. The gun just goes out there just shoots people all day long, so. I love the gun and then of course Ninja tanks I mean you, the Ninja I mean they make you know, most reliable stuff, best parts actually made in the USA the ninja stuff, so. Can't go wrong with that, so.

If you guys are interested in picking this up so you can, we'll have them listed in the Marker Package section in the store, we got, you know this setup, I think mark will even throw some images up with the, you know if you want the blue hopper, the red hopper, the lime hopper, you know different colored tanks you can customize all that stuff out so it'll be available in-store and online at make sure to check it out make sure you like this video, subscribe to the channel follow us on Instagram and of course check out the Jerky Den as well get some of that best lean protein in the game to keep you out there shooting people. Pew pew pew!

[Mark] And stay tuned, or maybe it already came out I'm not sure which, but Tony did a, a versus of the Axe 2.0 and the Etha 2 the battle of the 2s! It's either already out or it's coming soon, so go look for it.

Take it easy guys thanks for watching.