Tippmann Stormer Elite, Basic, & Tactical Review


What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I am bringing you the new Tippmann Stormer line of products.

[Mark] The storm is here!

The storm is here. The storm has arrived. So, Mark right here, baby. We got the Stormer Basic, whoop! Over here, we got the Stormer Tactical, and then we have the Stormer Elite up top.

[Mark] Ooh.

But before I jump into a quick overview of all these guns, visit our website Lone Wolf Paintball, for all your greatest and latest paintball products and needs, because simply we are the best source for paintball. So Mark, I want to, before I jump into it, I wanna hear behind the camera voice. Sorry, guys. I know, Mark butts in all the time. First look, first feature. What is your favorite thing about all of the markers? Just one thing.

[Mark] Oh--

Is it the front grip? Is it the flipped down sites? What is it? You tell me...

[Mark] I like the body styling as a whole.


[Mark] I just think the new milling, the new tactical look that these have, it's different enough from the Cronuses and The Alpha Blacks and a lot of this style of marker that's been out. So I like the add-ons. I like the accessibilities... Accessibility. The accessory add-on ability.

Oh, for sure. Yeah, oh yeah.

[Mark] But I mean, it all plays together, you know, awesome. Whether you want the super entry level Stormer, or you bump up to one of the more in-depth advanced versions. I just think,

Tippmann has always been known for that.

[Mark] It's slick lookin' right?

Tippmann has always been known for that.

[Mark] It looks like an army based military weapon without being something specific. Which is really cool. And they're heavy. They're heavier than you’d think. You can kill a man with one of these on the field… joking.

It's a nice aluminum trigger on there baby. Mark, if you would've guessed, what thread would these be? 85 or 98? What do you think?

[Mark] 98? 85?

98, you were right. That-a-boy. All right.

[Mark] You gave me that look like, I'm like what?


I know.

[Mark] The suspense is killin' me.

He always throws me on the spot so it's time to throw him on the spot. So guys, this is the brand new Tippmann Stormer line.

Tippmann Stormer Line Paintball Guns

This is the Basic model. These retail at $139 bucks. You've got your Tactical model here. These retail around $159 and then the Elite up top, these are $199. So yes, brand new as of 2020. Tippmann is rolling out their Stormer line. Boom shakalaka.

Tippmann Stormer Basic

So a couple of the features on the Tippmann Stomer Basic. Obviously now you've got your built-in sites, front or back in front, The biggest thing on these that I'm gonna notice, Mark, and you can even see on every single one, is the new, the, I would say, the newly enhanced front grip. They've got two set screws instead of one. Some of their older model guns back in the BT days had like a front grip, only had one set screw to hold it in place, now there's two screws. It's extra reinforced.

[Mark] It looks like it's adjustable like you can move it

You could, exactly, yeah.

[Mark] I don't know if the old ones were.

And that was like how the old style was, but it was only one screw so if you did take a bad dive, you fell down in the woods or something.

[Mark] Snap!

Then see ya later, goodbye, snapped. They are, you can slide 'em back and forth to whatever position you'd like. And you will notice on every single one of the guns, there's plenty of the picatinny rails you can add-on attachments, you can slide stuff back and forth, and do whatever you would like with this new Stormer model. So once again guys, this is the Basic. Couple quick new features. The front fore-grip, like Mark said, you can move back and forth.

You're 98 threaded barrel here, you have the, the best part about it in my opinion is it's nothing new, but it's the ASA mount directly up into the gun and then to the valve system, so you don't have to deal with any of the remote line, the hoses, whatever you want to call it. So it goes directly into the ASA, and then up into the gun, and then of course, you still have the ever so proven, I'm always going to call it like a 98 custom style valve and hammer system on the gun. These things are awesome. And also like Mark said, these things are heavy. Like not heavy enough to where you don't want to carry it around, heavy enough to where you know it's not gonna break, so.

[Mark] We joked about bringing it out here to the media room to do the video, that if I drop 'em, it wasn't a big deal 'cause they'd probably bounce and be just fine.

100%, and then obviously you still have your standard off to the side mount here for your Hopper, and you can still look down the sites if you want to go that route. And use them. So yeah, it still has the Hopper mount system. This time you just take this off by your one simple set screw sitting right in there, so.

[Mark] And it's got a safety.

Yeah. Oh it does. Yeah.

[Mark] Ooh.

Wanna be safe? Keep your safety on, baby. Always wear a barrel cover. All right, Mark. On to the Tactical.

Tippmann Stormer Tactical

[Mark] Yeah, so what's the upgrade? What do you get with the new Stormer Tactical?

So let's look at, first off. The upgrade you get to the site that'll flip up and flip down in the front and the back. So if you don't want to use any sites, you don't care about any of that. You can use those. I believe they just, they'll let you just.

[Mark] You gotta release somewhere?

Yeah there is a release somewhere.

[Mark] Whoa!

Well I pressed it and since they're so brand new, I knew it was that switch, but, Bam.

[Mark] Bam.

So you've got, you can lay them down if you don't want to use the sites, that's cool. Great feature. It does have the six point position collapsible stock on the back as well, so you're a bigger guy, shorter guy, whatever, you can move it to whatever position that you would want.

[Mark] Nice.

Nice. You can see the front shroud, Mark. You think there's even a barrel on this one?

[Mark] I would hope so.

I know. It's gotta shoot Paintball somehow because now you can press this bad boy, slide it right on off. 98 or 85 Mark?

[Mark] It would be a 98 again, wouldn't it? It's all based off the same system.

Ah-ha! You can't be tricking me.

He's getting smart behind the camera, baby. It's 98. He's like, well wait, why would they do different models with different threads? Correct. The best part about this thing is the shroud that actually is a push button. You don't have to bust out the Allen wrenches, you don't have to do any extra work for that.

[Mark] You can put that front grip on the actual body? You can take the shroud off and not actually use it if you didn't want to?

That's exactly right. By the press of that button right there. Press the button, slide it off, you're on to, if you need to clean your barrel better. Or if you don't want to use the front grip and shroud. It's whatever you guys want to do, it's available for ya.

[Mark] My freak Excel 98 threaded, you know barrel on that thing?

And to be completely honest, it's probably one of the better upgrades I've seen in a long time because the older models with the other shrouds, they talk about the Salvo, and the Alpha Black, like you're undoing set screws, like, see all these screws? Like you had to do some work before, but now, press the button, slide it off, we're on to the next thing. So very very cool. Still obviously, it still comes with that front fore-grip. And yeah, I mean. You're going up from your Basic here to obviously, this is your Tactical here, and now let's talk about the Elite. 

Tippmann Stormer Elite

So the Tippmann Stormer Elite, once again, Basic mark was $139 right?

[Mark] Yes sir.

$159 for the tactical.

[Mark] Mm-hmm.

Now we're up to $199 bucks for the Elite.

[Mark] Ooh, what do I get for that?

Let's talk about the difference between, which is almost the same exact gun.

[Mark] It's got things going on though.

Yes it does. For the Tactical here versus your Elite here. Same exact gun but this one does Hopper-fed and Mag-fed. So for you guys out there that are super in, Yeah right? So let's, we're always bad at math right, Mark? But what, for $40 bucks more,

[Mark] $159 to

$159 versus $199, it's a $40 difference. Boom, nailed it for once.

[Mark] He's a graduate from high school.

Man, got it, yeah right, for sure. So the Elite does Hopper-fed, Mag-fed. It does come with two, I think at least two 20 round mags.

[Mark] Yep, two magazines in a dummy.

In a dummy. This is the dummy mag. It obviously has the baldy tent right there up at the top so when you are running Hopper-fed, you throw the dummy mag in so your balls aren't rolling out of your barrel. So that's how it's currently set up. But this obviously has the option to take off your Hopper elbow here, get rid of that, put a site in, plug on and then you can run your gun as a Mag-fed gun. So, this is the Elite. Retailing at $199 bucks. Still has the six point positional and collapsible stock.

Obviously the sites that fold up and fold down. Baby, and then your front trial that simply slides right on off. So overall, I'm kind of impressed. Last thing I'm gonna mention before we kinda close this video out. Like the front shroud, your barrel doesn't stick out. It's more of like a, would you say modern, Mark? Like obviously before, the old guns, the barrel would be sticking off the end.

[Mark] Yeah.

So I don't know, would you say modern or just cooler looking?

[Mark] It's cooler, it's different. Like I said, I like the style of these. You know the Cronus line was great and this is very reminiscent, very similar in price points. With this I just think it takes it just a little bit farther to the next level. These are cool.

Yeah, they are very cool, and they're very well built. And the biggest point also is the price point on 'em. So for about $200 bucks, I'm getting a gun with a six point positional and collapsible. Like the stock, And I can go Mag-fed or Hopper-fed. I've got sites that'll easily clip up and clip down. I mean if you don't want to use 'em. They'll pop back up for ya.

[Mark] Because I can think of another company that has a Mag-fed, Hopper-fed switchable gun in the $400 range.


[Mark] That this is gonna compete rather well. So, we'll do a comparison of


[Mark] Should I say the name?

No, don't do it. Not yet. Stay tuned for the next video. Yes indeed. So guys, this is the new Stormer line, Basic, Tactical, Elite. Thank you guys for watchin'. Don't forget to visit our website Lone Wolf Paintball. We have all the latest and greatest products in stock ready to go. We ship out the same day or the next day at the absolutely latest. And visit our Jerky Den for some of the best lean protein in the game. Tippmann Stormer line, go shop now. Thanks for watching guys. We certainly appreciate the support.

[Mark] And say tuned 'cause in future videos, we're gonna compare these to the Chronus line, we're gonna compare these to some of the other brands that have similar style guns and similar things. And when it's not three inches of cold, snow, and freezing weather, we'll take a couple outside and shoot 'em.

We will do that and pray for my finger.

[Mark] Pray for his finger. Ah!


[Mark] By the time this comes out, that thing better be healed.

Oh, this should be good. It should be super glued.