Planet Eclipse Emek 100 Review


Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and I am bring you a quick unboxing and a quick review of the new Planet Eclipse Emek Paintball Marker. So without further ado, I’m gonna hop right into this. 

Emek 100 Unboxing

We’re gonna pop this box open, right on the top you see, as always provided, if I can get it out of here, a manual by Planet Eclipse, tells you everything you need to know about the gun. What lube to use, how to maintain it, how to troubleshoot the gun. Off to the side, here we go. Let’s pull this open. Very nice foam to keep this protected if you’re getting it shipped in, or just in general if you want to keep your gun in this case. So guys, we do have a brand new Planet Eclipse barrel cover, some of the best covers in the game. 

The elastic strap doesn’t wear out easily. There’s that. Oh, I like this though, they’ve switched it up. They were using the green and silver Allen keys, now this is a brand new set of Planet Eclipse Allen keys, all black on black. All right, so comes with that as well. It does come with a nice tub of the Planet Eclipse grease to keep this marker functioning and in perfect condition for you guys out there on the field. Grease, see you later. 

And as always, my favorite part of guns by Planet Eclipse, they give you such a big rebuild kit, if you need parts, which these guns don’t break down very often, but if they do they’ve got you covered on o-rings, and screws, and ball detents, everything, it’s called the Planet Eclipse Spare Parts Bag. Boom, onto it, let’s get to the gun. This gun, Mark.

– [Mark] Pull the box up a little bit so I can see in.

– [Tony] Oh, oh, oh, before I pull it out, you want to get a little peek?

– [Mark] Oh, that’s nice.

– [Tony] Little peek, little peek, okay. Here, we go guys, this is the Planet Eclipse Emek, no batteries required, that is why it is called a mechanical marker, you do not need batteries. And yes, I have had the chance to shoot one of these before, and they are simply amazing. As you can see here, Mark, you see the red F?

– [Mark] Red F, yes.

– [Tony] And the white S?

– [Mark] Yes.

– [Tony] What do you think that would stand for?

– [Mark] Fun and safety.

– [Tony] Yeah, fun and safety, because when it’s on the F, you know you’re gonna have fun, fun stands for “fire”. 

So here we go. Hmm, there’s a lot of things. Guys, this gun does not have an on-off. You’re thinking, “Why?”. Because the gun retails at $289. This gun knocks it out of the park for a mechanical gun. What other mechanical gun out there for, I wouldn’t even say, maybe by Planet Eclipse, but out there, has a very nice locking lever feed neck like that for the price point and by such a good manufacturer? I don’t think you can beat it. Mark, we’re gonna shoot it, right?

– [Mark] We should, but-

– [Tony] But not right now though.

– [Mark] No, no.

– [Tony] Maybe soon. I kind of want to go over a couple other features.

– [Mark] Please?

– [Tony] Oh, well.

– [Mark] Please do.

– [Tony] If you notice here, right on the outside you do have, on both sides, I’ll flip it over in a second, external eye access and detent cover access. You don’t have to drop the frame on some of these guns, and access the eyes or the detents up through the frame. You can access them right on each side by just a simple Allen screw. Wait, did I just say there were eyes in here? I’m a dumbass, this is a mechanical marker. The access on both of the sides here and here are for ball detents if you break any paint in there or you need to change your ball detents, there aren’t eyes in here since this is a mechanical marker. I already went over the locking feed neck here. You guys can adjust this to however you want. It does have the locking feed neck lever for skinnier hopper, fatter hopper, whatever you’d like. Now for the showstopper. Oh, no. No, no, no. Nope, one more thing before the showstopper, the grips. Remember the tab, like on the Etha Marker?

– [Mark] Mhmm.

– [Tony] This little tab will pull up and out, and then you can put interchangeable grips on here. It’s got a little divot, if you can zoom in on the camera, right there, just a little divot there. Once you unlock this tab off the back you can pop the grips and put whatever color grips you want on the gun. I personally like the classic black. If you’re gonna be a Woodsball guy, maybe throw some tan, something like that on there. But anyways, I mentioned-

– [Mark] What kind of barrel is it, how big?

– [Tony] This is a little, honestly Mark, you just threw me for a loop, dude.

– [Mark] Oh, yeah?

– [Tony] I really don’t know. This is like a little Woodsballs…

– [Mark] Like a 10, 12 inch?

– [Tony] Yeah, maybe a ten, I don’t think it’s a 12, it’s probably a little 10 inch barrel. It’s autococker threaded though, so guys you want to put a better barrel on there, which I would recommend. It’s an autococker threaded barrel. So, I want to get back to showstopper.

– [Mark] Sorry.

– [Tony] Back to the showstopper. I don’t know if it’s gonna let me do it by hand but hopefully they’ll just believe me. I don’t know, I should have got the Allen wrenches out. 

Gamma Core

Anyways guys, on the inside of this gun, this is the Gamma Core, the same drivetrain core that the Gtek’s have. This Gamme Core is great for efficiency. Super smooth, and it provides an excellent shot out there on the field. This, in my opinion, is the showstopper of this marker. This gun retails at $289. It comes with the Gamma Core. The same exact core that the Gtek’s use. You can’t beat it. So without further ado, let me take this Planet Eclipse Emek outside. We’re gonna shoot it for you and see how it performs. I’ll see you out there. 

Planet Eclipse Emek 100 Test Shooting

All right guys, now I am outside. I’m here with Planet Eclipse Gmek and we are about to shoot this thing, listen to some sound signature, and also I’m interested to see how straight this thing shoots with the little stock barrel. So without further ado, let’s shoot this thing. Hey Mark, what do you say, professionals don’t need goggles, or what?

– [Mark] Professionals never need goggles.

– [Tony] No.

– [Mark] We’re in a closed environment here.

– [Tony] All right. All right, so I’ve got Ninja Cerakote SL2 Tank on here. I’ve got the Spire III hopper on here. And we’re gonna see how this bad boy shoots.

– It’s surprisingly not very loud. And actually, for this little barrel… This is a heck of a little gun here. Super smooth, Mark. It is very smooth and it does have the Gamma Core inside once again, guys. This thing is awesome. Very, very nice. I had a whole hopper in there, getting down to about the last 20 paint balls or so. Out of paintballs, boom. 

Gmek by Planet Eclipse, guys. I’ll see you inside for the final closing. See you then. 

All right guys, now that we’re back from being outside I hope you guys really liked this shooting video. I hope you liked that interesting hopper that I had on the top of here. And don’t forget to go to our website, check out the online store. Go to The Jerky Den and buy some good lean protein. And put in the comments below, what do you guys think of this new Planet Eclipse Emek? I personally love it. For $289 what else are you really gonna buy that’s gonna beat this gun with the Gamma core? And that’s it, I’m out of here. Take it easy, guys.

– [Mark] Are you buying that one?

– [Tony] Yeah, I already have one. I already bought one. It’s game over.