Tippmann A-5 Review and Upgrades

This is Rob from Lone Wolf paintball, and we’re with Tippmann A-5 and some of the upgrades available.

This is your standard A-5 out of the box, comes with a Selector Switch for safety and fire mode closable action, so as a bottom line in front grip handle. Standard on the A-5 is a Cyclone feed feature, kind of a built in loader.

What makes the Cyclone feed special, is the air assist loader, every time you pull the trigger, it loads the ball inside the chamber, as well as the anti-jam, system built into the side of the gun. Here’s some of the upgrades available for the A-5. You have an electronic upgrade kit, gives you higher balls per second, as well as your selector switch, for full auto, standard semi-auto and safety.

A parts kit available, for when you need those spare parts replaced. Buttstock adjustable, expand, retract. Double trigger, and for the A-5 system, a flatline barrel which adds roughly 50 yards to your shot. This here is a Tippmann A-5, with a upgraded features already attached to have your flatline barrel which adds roughly 50 yards to your shot, as well as a double trigger, for those higher rates of fire.

Your stock A-5 will retail for under $200, and upgrade can be anywhere 250 plus. The Tippmann A-5 is available at our pro shop, or online at LONEWOLFPAINTBALL.COM. Give us a like, be sure to subscribe and thanks for watching.