Planet Eclipse GEO 4 Unboxing & Overview

Hey guys, what's going on? Joe at Lone Wolf Paintball, and today, it's finally here. Geo fours are starting to land in the midst of all this covid craziness. Excited to have it, we have tons of pre orders. I know you guys are patiently waiting. We thank you for that. Planet Eclipse, us, we're all working as hard as we can to get them for you. But yeah, obviously the world's turned upside down guys, so we're lucky to least get this first batch in, they expect to hopefully have more start funnel in soon as possible. And all you guys waiting on the LB1's, those will be coming after that.

So again, thank you guys for all the pre orders, all the support and being so patient we understand. But hey, let's jump on into this. First thing that caught my attention is the box, PE, I mean they spare no expense. They make a high end product, so you're gonna get high end packaging. I like the color, a little different than what they've done. When we opened up the UPS shipment they kind of stood right out to us. New box, GEO four. Standard warnings and that type of stuff on the back. But let's get into it. Here we go. Nice hard case as always, I like the gray. GEO four logo engraved in there. 60 caliber paintball shooter, pew pew.

[Mark] Does the case or the box color differentiate between the color of the marker you buy, or they all--

Usually the boxes are all the same color, the cases on like the 170R's they vary. It doesn't coincide with the color of the gun. Yeah, nice nice hard case, which Planet Eclipse is known for with their guns. Open it up. So up top, barrels, barrel cover, the manual always sits there, pops down. PE very, very detail oriented, they go over all the everything you need in the manuals, great schematics, breakdowns, part numbers, all your parts.

So cool, so Geo four coming in price point 1195, 95 right about 1,200 bucks. You know, more expensive than your 170R at 800 bucks, but less expensive than the CS2 or CS2 Pro at the 15 to 1550 mark, so kinda right in the middle of those, all around great value. So barrel kits gonna come with the Shaft FL barrel system. It's gonna come with a 689 insert in the back. You got empty spots if you wanna add 'em on, we sell all the different inserts right on the website. So you can buy Shaft FL inserts. And they're gonna go in with your Shaft FL tip. So with the Geo four, they're including the aluminum tip. They started doing these on the CS2 Pro's that are out.

So GEO four's are gonna come with the aluminum. It's a 14.5 inch overall length, with the 689 back. Nice heavy duty Planet Eclipse barrel cover, what they're known for, real thick strings, this being a real durable cover. So let's get to the good stuff. All your accessories right around here, you got your Planet Eclipse grease they always include, you got your second bolt. So this gun comes with the IV core, tons of guys are fans of the IV core from the 3.5 GEO. They made the IV core that you can upgrade your original GEO three to one of those. I still have my zombie killer GEO three with the IV core.

Love the way that gun shot, so that was the main kind of goal behind this gun. The reason they came out with this is because of the IV core here. Ether two's, your 170's, your CS2's, they all switch to the Gamma cord system, still a spool valve but they operate differently, they definitely look differently when you compare the cores. We're gonna have some comparison videos a little bit later. So you guys can kinda see the difference. But the IV core was super well loved, everybody really loved the GEO 3.5 from the feel of it, to the way the core shot. They really liked those guns. So this was kind of the CS1.5 that people were expecting. But then they went in that different direction with the new Gamma core and all that.

Here we go, but yeah your grease, got your tool kit, like I said your extra bolt. This is just the regular hard tip bolt, it's going to come with a soft tip already installed. You know what usually most guys will end up running that. And the big old bag of Planet Eclipse spares. Everybody's known, PE's well known for always hooking you up, everything you could need to rebuild this gun probably a couple times over. Bolt tips, screws, bolt attends, solenoid gaskets, different manifolds, all your different O rings. So this GEO four spares bag is very nice that Planet Eclipse does this. We really don't sell tons of replacement parts, one 'cause these guns are durable, and two, Plant Eclipse gives you everything you need. So very, very handy to have. And then of course, L wrenches, nice little holder for 'em, so those are nice. So let's get into it, this is what everybody want's to see. The gun itself, put the barrel on.

This color I'm holding is called moon stone. It's got a silver body with these navy blue accents, looks very nice. So when you look at it, so it's kinda got the front grip, kept the front grip style, the grip frame of the CS1's. But it's definitely not quite as fat, the other one was a little bulkier, also it feels nice, feels very nice in your hand. Easy to hold on to. The eye covers kind of look similar to the CS1. But they upgraded the grip so it's got the quick, it's got the quick change grips that you'll find on the CS2. And then the front core grab slides off. Runs on two double A batteries, you'll access your eye covers. So we already went over the barrel.

The nice clips all aluminum, locking feed neck, opens up. You got your thumb wheel adjuster in the other side so you don't even have to if you don't have any Allen wrenches anything like that, you can easily adjust get a new hopper as quick as that. Battery compartment is gonna be right up front, just slides right off which is nice. Runs on two double A batteries. You're gonna access your eye covers from right here. So like the 170R and the CS2's and all that, that's gonna be a quick change eye cover. So that slides down. Other eye cover pops off. Here we go, so you can access that. You got you ball detents, you got your eye wires, your main ball detent in the breach and then a little carrier for extra ball detents. So if that ever wears out ya got one right there waiting for you for you to pop back on.

As far as the trigger set up, this trigger is actually gonna take the same trigger as the 170R's, so the 1R's. If you want to switch out, you like an infamous trigger, the like Infamous 1R DNA triggers will fit it, it will fit any of those type of guns. Like said, change grips on the back, pop these forward, grip panels will come off. Bam. Take off your entire grips, just that easily. Grips comes off, obviously no air pipes or anything like that, it's all gonna be air source goes in, right up through the gun, allows that to fire. You got your LCD screen on the back, your different buttons. Velocity adjustments gonna be down through the bottom, the plus the minus, your velocity adjustments. And then we got the core, so pull out the IV core, that's it right there.

You know, if you've seen the Gamma cores or whatnot they definitely look different. IV core, printed with IV core even says it on the bolt tip itself as well. Nice smooth operational. So yeah like I said the IV core had been very popular with the different players, it's kind of Planet Eclipse's traditional spool valve set up. Soft tip pull right on the front there.

[Mark] Why do you think they stopped making it for a while, or pushing it as much?

They ended up switching over to the Gamma core design, they're always trying to improve, build on different things. I think they thought that the Gamma core would be a little bit more reliable, durable, you know whatnot. Which it has been, very indestructible. But the IV core just kind of had a nice smooth shot to it, I feel like a lot of people really liked the feel of it. So yeah, it was something they brought back, not that it was bad technology, but they're always looking to change and improve and whatnot but this is kind of one of the things that the players really enjoy.

Undo the core, comes apart. Bolt, if you wanna take the bolt out and take off that front O ring, that'll allow that to slide out. It's really it, you've just got this can, you got the bolt, and then you got the shaft that it slides on to. Really easy to maintain, not a ton of O rings. You got kinda one main O ring around there, where the bolt itself and that slides back and forth on there. Not a ton of moving parts which is nice. Core goes back together.

[Mark] Everything you showed me pretty much for us, the audience, is tool-less. What do I need a tool for--

Yeah for the most part yeah, grips will come off tool-less. You can change your batteries tool-less, eye covers are tool-less, bolt comes out tool-less, like I said again. For the most part I mean pretty much only your velocity adjustment will be done through the bottom, you'll still need an Allen key for. Other than that, if you want to drop the grip frame, you'll need an Allen wrench. You got your one bolt here, the other bolt there, that'll allow you to drop your grip frame down. Yeah, that's really about velocity and--

[Mark] The bolts on the bottom, right?

Yeah exactly--

[Mark] You showed me the feed neck when you're putting the bolts here--

Yeah the one bolts here and then the other bolt is located right here on the bottom, so if you want to drop the grip frame you remove that, and you remove the screw that is in here. That'll allow the grip frame to drop down. So yeah, it's got the wired eyes on there. Trigger set up like I said, same trigger as the original CS1 and the 170R setups.

This is kind of just like an overview, you guys can see what comes in the box, what you get, the key points on this gun, how it operates. Like I said we'll be doing some comparisons, we'll definitely be doing a shooting video so you guys can kinda get a better idea how these guns operate.

[Mark] What's retail on this again?

Right about 1200 bucks, 1195, 1194 95 I believe is current map price.

[Mark] Okay, and as of the date of this video are they readily available, some what of a back order--

Yeah definitely not readily available, at this current point in time. Like I said we still got a lot of pre orders to fill, so yeah if you wanna get one you definitely wanna get on the list, get your gun ordered. Like I said, with the uncertainty of the coronavirus going on right now, it will be a little bit of a wait, just so you guys know. But it is certainly worth the wait, so if you're looking for a new gun, make sure you check these things out.

We got 'em all available on the website at You can see kind of how easy everything pops right back together It's into place. We have really enjoyed the milling on this, they did some cool cuts, little kinda sharp fins up here in the front, kinda did the little same accents on the back. It's got the traditional GEO logo right on the top.

[Mark] You may not know, 'cause I'm throwing you on the spot, will an old bolt, an IV bolt fit in this?

Um, that's actually something yeah on of the guys, one of the local guys picked up his gun was gonna check out. I'd have to see on my GEO three, it's the twist lock. But on the 3.5's and that, I mean I know the cut's definitely wouldn't line, you'd have to use a different back and whatnot. That's something we'll have to see.

[Mark] All right, don't forget go to, get that lean protein, keeps you full all day on the couch, 'cause nobody's at the field right now. Enjoy some while you're watching our videos. And I got a question from the YouTube for ya. It's a quick down and dirty simple question, Chrispher Cesar want's to know "Luxe X vs dye m3+."

I would say, I'd have to go with the Luxe on that one. I've always been partial to kind of the way they shoot, the way they feel. Personal preference, I mean the guns, they're high end guns they all perform, they definitely perform very well. Anyone that says definitively one's just so much better than the other it's kind of a matter of personal opinion. But personally I would prefer the Luxe X. I like the Freak XL barrel kit that it comes with, the way their grip frame removes is completely tool-less, completely contact less, the grips peel off and all that. And you just can't beat it when you turn on that gun and you hear its like welcome to the Luxe experience. That'd be my take on it, I'd get a Luxe.

[Mark] All right, that's it. You got a question leave it in the YouTube comments and we might pick it randomly for Joe or Tony to answer. Thanks for watching guys.

See you next time.