Comparing the New Empire Mini GS Upgrades to the Old Mini GS Paintball Guns

What is going on ladies and gentlemen? Today I am bringing you the newly updated version of the Empire Mini GS versus the old Empire Mini GS. 

All right guys, a lot of you have asked, "Okay, so I've seen it online, I've kinda seen it a couple different places. What's the difference between the new version of the Empire Mini GS vs the old?" Should I just tell them Mark?

[Mark] Do you wanna spoil it right off the get go?

I don't know.

[Mark] I mean let's--

Gotta be honest with them.

[Mark] I mean, they can see in the view, which one's the old one which one's the new one again?

This is the old.

[Mark] Okay.

This is the new.

[Mark] Let's play one of these things is not like the other ♪ One of these things ♪ ♪ Is not like the others ♪

Yeah, so guys--

[Mark] Quick before he says it, put in the comments below. What do you think the difference is between these wonderful markers?

The Main Difference

I'm just gonna hit you with it. I'm not gonna drag this out any longer guys. So the new version of the Empire Mini GS is coming standard in stock with the 14 inch, two piece driver barrel here. As you guys can see, let's move that one out of the way. So this is now a two piece, 14 inch driver, which has a very nice barrel as you can see in the porting. I'm gonna call it, this is like an all American style porting, the spiral porting on the barrel. So, two piece, we're going to set that bad boy aside. Comes stock with .688 bore. Let’s set that off to the side for now.

[Mark] Is that the same barrel that comes with the Axe?

I believe so, you got me Mark and obviously you're with the 12 inch, straight porting which would be known to be like the freak porting. That's a 12 inch, one piece barrel on the old Mini GS. Other than that guys, internals are the same. Both of the guns still have the readout display gauges here on the bottom as well. Boards are gonna be the same, eyes are the same, grip are the same. 

The only difference is the 14 inch, two piece spiraled barrel.

[Mark] Okay, here's another question for you...

Spoiler alert guys, it's not a huge deal. 

New Empire Mini GS Pricing vs Old

Oh, price point though. $330 for the Mini GS with the one piece barrel and then $345 for the newer version with the two piece. So for 15 bucks more, you're getting a longer barrel. That's two piece with spiral porting. Go ahead Mark.

[Mark] Are all the colorways the same?

I believe so. I think they came out a couple months back with a couple different new colors for the Empire Mini GS but other than that, it's all gonna be basically the same. Yep.

[Mark] So for $15 bucks more, I get a two piece barrel now that has the option to change to the backs?

You're gaining two inches and you're getting a two piece barrel.

[Mark] Yeah, I mean, if I was getting into the game and this was my first option, I'd be thrilled because now I can go buy a second back for the Mini GS and have it look stock and all that fun stuff versus where if I'd gotten into with the older style I might have had to consider a whole other barrel system to--

Very true, 'cause they do make different size backs obviously for the Axe 2.0 barrel which is now being put on the Mini GS. So, that's the difference. Mark hit me with a couple more questions. I know you’ve got something.

[Mark] Yeah, I don't know, it seems like it's a good little upgrade. Like why didn't they do this sooner--

Shouldn't we do a second, just a stock shooting video of these?

[Mark] We'll do a shooting video to see how they perform.

So stay tuned what we're gonna do guys in the future we're gonna just compare shooting the 12 inch, one piece barrel versus the new 14 inch, two piece barrel. We're gonna see if there's any difference in accuracy. And hey, you guys like shooting videos, so we're gonna do it for you.

[Mark] Are they gonna discontinue the one piece barrel gun?

I believe from now on, they're only gonna be making the $350 new version of the GS with the two piece. I think they're gonna be slowly getting rid of the one piece barrel but obviously keeping the same platform of the gun the same.

So for those of you who've asked once again obviously it wasn't a thrilling video by any means but you wanted to know the difference. So better barrel, all right barrel, but a better barrel. Thanks guys shop at the Lone Wolf Paintball website and hit the beef jerky section as well and stay tuned for just a shooting comparison. Is this new Empire Mini GS more accurate stock out of the box than the old one? I don't know. We'll find out. Thanks for watching guys, and we'll see you next time.

[Mark] Well wait, there's more.

Oh, he got me.

Question From Our Audience

[Mark] We have a question from YouTube.

Let's hear it.

[Mark] This one's a little timely. So if you're watching this way in the future, it won't matter but you already know the answer. Paintball Sucks wants to know, this was on the opening weekend--

That's a nice name.

[Mark] Social distancing video that Joe put out.


[Mark] Are you guys giving out rental gear all together, or do you see paintball post COVID-19 leaning back away from rental?

No, we're definitely gonna be doing rental in the future. Obviously, sticking with the state guidelines, whenever we're allowed to kinda get together, we're gonna be obviously sanitizing all of our rental equipment in order to take care of it in that fashion. 

But no, yes, we are... No, yes? That's funny. Yes, we are going back to using rental equipment. So that's gonna answer it. We're not giving up on the rental equipment, we are gonna make sure it's fully sanitized the way it should be. And we obviously want all the people to come on out and play and have a good time.

[Mark] It's just an extra step of precaution. Right now and as soon as--

We're gonna be spraying them down and wiping them down. So, nope, we're still using rental equipment. Thanks for the question.

[Mark] There you go. If you’ve got a question, leave it in the comment below and maybe we'll pick you randomly to answer. See you guys.