Planet Eclipse Etha3 M Unboxing and Shooting Etha 3M Review

Tony: Well, what is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I'm bringing you the brand new, Etha3 M by Planet Eclipse. We're gonna unbox it, we're gonna review it and then we're gonna shoot a couple paintballs through it. So let's dive right on in. But before I crack this box open, don't forget to subscribe to our channel. Head on over to Use our code LWP10 at checkout to save 10% off your first monthly subscription. So this is the brand new Etha3 packaging. This one is the M the mechanical version. We're gonna crack into this bad boy here. God they always have the nice fancy packaging here. It lets you know what you're getting yourself into. And then you've got your owner's manual. All the specs of the gun, how to repair it. If need be down the road, everything you need to know there.

Tony: You've got your tip and your barrel back. So this is gonna be a 14 in a half inch shaft, five, two piece barrel. So we'll put that together here in just a moment as always Planet Eclipse includes a brand new barrel cover, and then you've got your grease for maintenance. You've got a brand new set of tools, and then you also have a full rebuild kit. Every overing, detent screw that you would need to also further repair the marker down the road if need be. So let's hop right on into the marker itself. Imma put together the barrel in a while. It's a standard barrel. All right, guys, this is the M let's get these brand new stickers out of the way. So first things first, you're gonna notice Joe's kind of zooming in this area. I'm assuming this is one of those.

Tony: It's all, it's new. It's aluminum. It's a very, very light trigger with a new lighter return trigger spring in here as well. Speaking of that region, you're gonna have that new FL three way valve in there. Super, super light and crisp pull on that bad boy. So you guys can pump these out. If you guys are into the mechanical tournament scene right now. Awesome, great valve system by Planet Eclipse, probably couple of the most notable features on the marker. I love that it comes with that FL three way valve inside already installed the all aluminum low clamping feed neck. You've seen these on a couple other markers as well with that nice thumb screw for sure. And then the biggest thing a lot of people are wondering, it's got that quick release bolt system. So now you can go up and out. It still has that gammaCore inside.

Tony: This is tried and true. So no longer are you untwisting like the Etha2, the previous model. You'll go up. And then you just pull this bad boy out, clicks right on in. You don't need any tools or no twisting involved there. Very, very nice thing as well. It does have the POPS ASA. So depending on whatever air system you guys are using, whether it be, an aluminum tank or a carbon fiber tank, the POPS ASA always helps with not stripping out the threads on the marker. You also have access to the inside if need be, toolless scripts, which is included on the electronic version of this marker as well. And then other than that, I think we're talking brand new. If you guys notice the body. Look at the lines on that body, definitely a brand new and super sleek body design on this bad boy. So that's definitely a huge improvement from the last version. Not that the last version was bad, but very sleek. They added some nice lines here to incorporate once again, that toolless bolt removal here. So it all lines up looks really, really sleek. I like that. So, Joe... Joe's behind the camera today, you know Mark's on vacation. Do you think I missed any key features of this?

Joe: I think you covered most of the features. The question of the hour is gonna be, how much?

Tony: How much this gun alone is 400 bucks, 399.95 retail. If you guys want to include the speedster loader, great discount, an extra 40 bucks. So 300 for or 400 for the gun alone, and then an extra 40 bucks will get you the protoyz speedster loader with it. So a very, very great hopper. A lot of people, some people don't know about that bad boy, but check it out. It's surely worth the money and enough of me talking, let's go outside and shoot this bad boy.

Tony: All right guys, and as promised, we are outside of our warehouse here in Michigan, and we're gonna let this brand new Etha3 M rip, let's do it.

Tony: I will say there is a big difference with that lighter return trigger spring in there. It's super smooth. I'm not the fastest shooter, but maybe Fitz can get it better.

Joe: A couple more through there.

Tony: Yeah, might as well. You gotta have your pack in there to keep your paint nice and dry.

Tony: And once again, guys, we are shooting the stock barrel on this bad boy. If you guys are using an XL kit or anything like that, I would recommend stock barrel is not bad by any means, but if you really want to get a true, accurate shot, Bore... You know, bore your paint size and that's it, that was about a half and a half. So we'll see you guys inside.

Tony: We are back in from outside. And let me tell you what, this brand new Etha3 M shot absolutely amazing. They are available on the website that is The link will be on the screen. Guys, these things won't last long. So hurry up and get 'em now. Don't forget the best source of paintball