Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 Compared to LV1.6

Tony: What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today I'm gonna be doing an un-boxing overview and comparison with the brand new LV2 by Planet Eclipse.

Mark: And why? 'Cause who is the best source of paintball?

Tony: That is, of course. So let's hop right on into this. Yes, today we have the brand new LV2s here and ready to go, so let's all gonna hop right on into it, and I said comparison, Mark, because obviously we're gonna show you the differences with the LV1.6 compared to the new LV2.

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Tony: Please Hit that subscribe button. Yes, yes, 100,000 is on the horizon. Alright, LV2, brand new box. But really, we're talking about a brand new case, you don't see just the metal anymore, this thing is very, very sturdy, so let's get this other stuff off to the side and we can get down to business, Mark.

Mark: I like business.

Tony: Yeah, let's do it. So a brand new case, got a little carrying handle up top as well, that's pretty nice. Pop it on open. And as you guys probably already know, Planet Eclipse doesn't play any games. Oh man, I didn't wanna show that yet. Flap it down. They do have a manual, paper manual, and then also they have a QR code, you guys can scan if you wanna pull it up on your phone, by paper manual, your kit that Planet Eclipse is known for the O-rings, the Ball detents, the screws, anything you guys need to do any maintenance or repair on the gun is included with this kit, and also the lightweight rammer is in the parts bag as well, depending on you want your shots crispy or smooth, you can change up the rammer, so set that off to the side, you got your brand barrel cover and then your brand new Planet Eclipse lube. So alright, planet Eclipse, has got you hooked up there. Now, you wanna talk about the barrel system first, Mark?

Mark: Sure.

Tony: Alright, barrel systems, it's coming with a brand new, the S63 barrel, it does have the new power inserts, they call them, they are eight-inch power inserts, so it's a three-piece barrel system, I believe it does come stock with a 6-8-9 and then we have a blue, let me get it out of here, a Blue 685, 685 is a very, very common paint size, so probably recommend using this one. If your paint's a little bigger throw in the 689. So how the system works is here, autococker threading is actually on the back section, so the insert is gonna slide in, you got your little gap here, but the threading is actually on the back of the barrel insert itself, and then you're gonna grab the tip and the tip screws on, so that is why I said reverse thread, you gotta remember that, it's a 3P system, you got your TIP, your back, and then you have your power insert, so altogether when it's put looks just like that, and you guys can easily change inserts slide them in and out. So that is the new S63 barrel system that comes on the Planet Eclipse LV2.

Mark: How is that different than the original? Can you pull the older barrel up out?

Tony: Oh yeah. Well, the original has got that shaft FL system, so the original or the previous model was just two pieces, so the insert was one as the back as well, and then you had your tip, so this is not a 3P system. So they definitely switched it up in that regard.

Mark: And that was autococker threaded as well though, so everything is interchangeable.

Tony: Correct, oh yeah, all the PE guns are gonna be there. The Autococker thread, so we'll set that back up off to the side on to the actual marker itself. Oh, and don't forget, Mark, comes with the Allen wrenches too. Always helps.

Mark: I love me, a good set of Allen wrenches.

Tony: That is right. Let's start, I'll screw the barrel on and we'll just go since we already talked about the barrel, we're not gonna hit that up, but just looks better with it on. You do have your low rise aluminum feed neck here with the clamping, you got the clamp, and then you have the adjustable thumb wheel, depending on whatever Hopper you're using, you do have the new QFT bolts, which I really, really like. So this is a self-lubricating bolt, and it has, if you can see right down here in the center, it has little rubber prongs on there, so when this bolt actually makes contact with the ball, it's got the rubber on there to help ease if you're shooting brittle paint, obviously, a lot of tournament guys are gonna be using this marker, this is the bolt you're gonna want, it's got a nice soft tip, when it comes in contact with that ball, it's not gonna break it in the gun, hopefully.

Mark: But you know I gotta see the old bolt side by side.

Tony: Yeah. Oh, Mark, okay, okay. So the old bolt side by side had rubber all the way around, so new bolt here, old bolt there, side by side comparison.

Mark: Nice, same length and everything?

Tony: No, no, no, it's a different length here, a little bit longer on the new style of bolt. Alright, I'm gonna throw that back in there and we'll get on with it, so here, qft bolt brand new out there. Obviously, some of the features you're gonna notice right away, it is a different milling, a different design, and obviously there is no longer your air transfer pipe here compared to the LV1.6 where you have your air transfer tube right here. And since we're talking about it, let's hop right on in, LV1.6, you got your HPR, and then upfront you got your LPR. So HPR adjustment for your velocity, upfront here is your LPR on the brand new LV 2. This is the key feature that no transfer pipe, and then this is gonna be a toolless grip, you have your HPR and your LPR built into the front grip, so if you wanna adjust your velocity, it's gonna be the red, if you wanna be tinkering around, it's gonna be the blue with the LPR all located upfront within the grip. Really, really cool. If you wanna service your regulators down the road, if they need to be rebuilt, replaced some o-rings, you do have this red retainer clip right here, this red clip, it's all full of lube, Mark.

Mark: Ew.

Tony: Yeah, that's a little slippery, but as you can see this red clip will slide back, your components will drop out of the bottom and you will have a chance to service that, so that's a really cool toolless feature that they've added to the marker. You all are wondering how the air gets from your pops ASA up into the actual front end of the gun, it actually comes up in and through the grip, and then up right to the front to your regulator system, so air it up back here, comes up through the grip into your regulator systems. Let's pop into a really, really nice new key feature as well. Let me put this other stuff off to the side real quick. So brand new front grip, brand new back grip. You're not gonna find these anywhere else other than this marker. They went with the toolless grips as well, so if we peel these bad boys on off, you're gonna have the toolless grips here. Speaking of the back portion, these power buttons, these are all pretty much waterproof, they're new press button system back here compared to the old version. I can show you on the LV1.6, so that's what it's gonna be looking like, kinda side by side there. I don't know if you can see that Mark or not.

Mark: Of course I can.

Tony: Okay, cool. So grip, completely toolless. We will notice on the inside, a new board system. It is a three... I think they call it like the MME. I'm sorry, Joe just walked out and kinda threw me off my groove here. But the new board system here, and then also we have the eye covers that are completely toolless as well. So your eye covers here. I'm gonna pop that off and then these will just fall on out, you can access it there. And we also have an extra pair of detents right here in the back. So you've got your regular ball detent. If you want spare detents, they called it on board, they're sitting in here. Everything is completely toolless. Absolutely beautiful. Alright, so Mark, do you have any other questions while I put this eye cover back on?

Mark: No real questions. So the eye cover is completely brand new, the board is completely brand new, the barrel is completely brand new, the milling is completely brand new.

Tony: Yup.

Mark: Where the air goes through with the pipe. I know they only went from an LV1.6 to a 2, but there's a lot of upgrades in this marker.

Tony: There is a lot of upgrades, obviously, the biggest thing was getting rid of that air transfer pipe and then incorporating the HPR and the LPR all up into the front end of this marker. So a lot of people like that though, speaking of that, when I showed you earlier with the red, they can only allow to adjust the velocity right through here, you can't mess with the LPR because there's no hole in the bottom of the grip unless you take it off. And then you obviously have velocity adjustments, you got your plus arrow there and your minus arrow here on the back as well. So they have actually done a lot of really, really nice upgrades to this marker, obviously the toolless grips, the new barrel system, the eye covers that you can remove without any tools. You tuck in the bolt, pretty much all of the main components that you would want.

Mark: Can you hold the two guns up side by sides when you get that... Yeah.

Tony: Yeah, once I get these grips back on, I can definitely do that for you.

Tony: So how do you want them?

Mark: Yeah, just stack them. Yeah, perfect.

Tony: Oh Like this?

Mark: Yeah, a little closer. Like bring the...

Tony: Like together?

Mark: Yeah, there we go.

Tony: Okay. Alright.

Mark: Nice. Yeah, you can really see the different... With the lighting and stuff that looks great...

Tony: Oh, yeah, you're talking the milling, the new barrel, obviously without that air transfer pipe in here, that's a big difference as well. And this gun also does take that one R trigger, so if you guys ever wanted to kinda do an upgrade to it, inFAMOUS has those. We'll do a separate video on upgrades for the gun as well.

Mark: The very back's different too, it doesn't hook down like the old one did.

Tony: No, exactly. It hooks down and the screws are also inset on the new one. So if you notice here in the back, Mark, those screws are inset there, you won't be able to feel that with your hand compared to the LV1.6 where you can definitely see that screw is sticking out, so they've definitely have some nice upgrades to the brand new LV2.

Mark: Now, I do notice on the new one where that air transfer pipe would have been, there's a hole. What is that hole?

Tony: What's that hole? It's currently a plug right now, Mark.

Mark: Okay.

Tony: So we probably shouldn't touch that.

Mark: Yeah, I wouldn't touch that, that'd be bad times.

Tony: Okay, yeah. Yeah, probably not. So other than that, yeah, here's some key features of the brand new Planet Eclipse LV2 kinda quick comparison against the LV1.6 as well. So if you choose the brand new LV2, they're 1600 bucks. Current price on a LV1.6 is $1200. Check 'em out on the website, it is

Mark: And stay tuned 'cause we're gonna do an upgrade video and a shooting video in the future. See you.