Planet Eclipse ETHA3 Unboxing Review and Test Shooting

Tony: What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I'm gonna be un-boxing and shooting the brand-new electronic Etha3.

Mark: And why? Because who's the best source for paintball?

Tony: Mark, you know it's, of course. So we did the video on the mechanical one already, pretty much the same exact features, but let's crack on into the electronic version and see what's inside. Hey, welcome to the next level, Mark. Welcome to the next level.

Mark: I feel welcomed. I really do.

Tony: Welcome up. As always, Planet Eclipse is excellent with their customer service and control here. They give you a full manual and breakdown of literally everything you would need to know about the gun, troubleshooting, how to take it apart, how to do fixing things if you need to do that, and then tons and tons of patents and phone numbers on the back in case you need to get a hold of somebody. But just give us a call here at the shop, we'll take care of you. Etha3 electronic, let's hop right on into it. You're coming with a two-piece, 14 1/2-inch shaft, five barrel, so I do like that.

Mark: Wait, before we get too much farther, how much does this thing retail for?

Tony: These retail at $549.99. Let's just say they're 550 bucks. I don't wanna get into a battle with anybody, so they're 550 bucks. Electronic version here. You've also got your barrel cover, brand new, you've got your brand-new set of Allen wrenches as well, and then you have, as always, one of my favorites, a huge rebuild parts kits: O-rings, lube, detent screws, you name it, Planet Eclipse always makes sure to throw in the extra goodies. And then a brand-new tub of their Planet Eclipse grease. I'm gonna throw that stuff back in the box for now. And let's talk about the actual marker itself. Like Mark said, these bad boys retail 550 bucks... Or like Mark wanted to know. So you got your two-piece, it should be a.689 bored out back here, so 14 1/2 inches. You're gonna notice up here an aluminum low-rise clamping feed neck. You've got the thumb screw on here, so depending on whatever hopper you're using, you can easily adjust, tighten, or loosen it, depending on what you're rocking, Spire IV R2, maybe even a Speedster loader, you never know. So check those out as well. Mark, didn't you say...

Mark: It's only like a $40 add-on to add that Speedster to your Etha3 order.

Tony: Okay. So, yeah. So if you wanted to check one of these out, throw in a Speedster loader, those are pretty cool and can definitely keep up with that 10 balls per second limit.

Mark: You know what I would do?

Tony: No.

Mark: I would buy the Speedster loader add-on for 40 bucks, keep it in my bag as a back-up just in case I need, and then if I don't use it for like a year, sell it on eBay after the package price goes up, and I'd probably make more than the 40 bucks I spent on it.

Tony: There you go. Hold on to it. It's a nice little keepsake or also an extra for you yourself or a buddy that comes out and plays with you. All right. So barrel, the low-rise aluminum feed neck. You've got that quick-release bolt system here, which is very, very nice. You've got the Gamma Core on there. These guns do operate at about 135 psi, so it's a nice operating pressure there, should get some good efficiency. So stay tuned for that video as well. Back cap, you've got your aluminum blade trigger. You do have your POPS ASA as well down here, which is very nice. Depending on what tank you're using on the marker, you guys can actually bleed the air out so you're not... It definitely helps with the cross-threading problem that some of the newer guys have, so release the air out of there with that POPS ASA. Battery wise, since this is the electronic version, it is located on the bottom here. It's gonna be a 9 volt. If you simply push this, you can clap that, and then there's two little buttons, one here, and then one on the other side there as well. Push that and then you could easily up and out, and you have access to your 9-volt battery that sits down inside. Pretty cool, completely toolless. I like how Planet Eclipse kind of engineered that, very, very nice feature. Let's lock that back into place.

Tony: Then we're gonna be talking about actually turning the marker on. It is ambidextrous, so either way... Let's see, either way, whether you're left-handed or right-handed, you got an LED light down here. And then if you flip it around on this side, you've also got an LED light on the other side. So depending you're left-handed, right-handed, you wanna know if your battery is getting low, what mode you're shooting in, it flashes at you on both sides, very, very nice. If you wanted to clean the marker out, if you've broken some paint in there, you've got eye covers located on both sides of the marker, simple Allen wrench will get those screws out there for you. Same on this side. And then like I just showed you earlier, it is that easy up and out bolt system, so if you need to replace O-rings or keep your gun lubed or greased up, that's what you need to do.

Mark: Quick quiz.

Tony: Yeah.

Mark: Where's the tournament lock?

Tony: Tournament lock is behind the left eye cover, so if you wanna... We're doing a programming video on this gun, but to get it into programming mode, there is a tournament lock located underneath this eye cover, small, tiny black button you have to press once the gun's on to start to program and kinda tinker around with any of the settings on the marker. A lot of talking, Mark. Other than that, we covered the new features of the brand-new Etha3. We've been selling the mechanicals for a little while now, people are absolutely loving them, so we're excited to have the electronic ones in. And Mark, do you wanna shoot this bad boy?

Mark: I do, can we?

Tony: Yeah. Let me have a moment. Let's get it geared up and we'll see you back in just a few seconds. All right guys, as promised, we've got this bad boy loaded on up, and we're gonna run a couple of pods through it and see how it shoots. This literally is stock out of the box, so let's rock. All right, air...

Mark: Do we wanna say what paint you're shooting?

Tony: Do you want me to say what paint I'm shooting?

Mark: I don't know, it's your paint.

Tony: It doesn't matter. Yeah, sure. We're shooting GI Sportz paint, so let's do it. I got a full hopper already, I got an extra pod on the table, so we're gonna see how it shoots literally stock out of the box. I mean, for it being GI field paint and stock out of the box, it's actually pretty ball in ball. Obviously, we're just using that stock 14 1/2-inch barrel, two piece, so... All right. Let's throw another pod in this bad boy.

Mark: That's on semi?

Tony: No, I've changed it to ramping, obviously, because I wasn't gonna sit here and...

Mark: Oh, man, I was giving you an opportunity to be like, "No, I got the best fingers in the Midwest."

Tony: [laughter] No. I had to put it into ramping. Yeah, super smooth, super quiet. It seems to not move much in my hands, shooting really, really well. That is my indicator, Mark, that I'm getting low on paintballs. All right. Yeah, she's about out. Yeah. This is...

Mark: But Tony, I wanted more. I wanted more paint, more paint, more paint.

Tony: You wanted more paint, stay tuned. We have a full efficiency video going on with this bad boy. We're gonna see how many pods I can get out of the brand-new Etha3 with the 68/4500 tank. Stay tuned for that video. Don't forget, please subscribe. We're closing in on 100,000, guys. Subscribe now and check out

Mark: Bye-bye.