Empire Axe SYX Paintball Gun Unboxing & Features

Hey guys! What’s going on? It’s Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I’m going to be going over the all new Empire SYX 1.5

Unboxing the Empire SYX

So without further ado, I’m gonna jump right on into this, this is the box. Got the EVA foam on the outside, very hard. Can you hear that Mark?

[Mark] Ah, my ears!

I can beat on this bad boy and it’s gonna protect it if it’s in your gear bag, if it’s traveling with you on an airplane it’s gonna stay protected right in it’s nice little EVA foam case. So, let’s go, let’s see what we got on the inside. As always, with my gun reviews the barrel is escaping already.

[Mark] Uh-oh.

I go over, they have a manual on the inside. They have an extra layer of foam just to keep the gun protected, barrel protected, everything like that. Set that off to the side. Once again, wrapped in the cellophane it does come with a full rebuild kit lubes, springs, o-rings, allen wrenches, everything you need right here in this little tiny kit. Next, brand new barrel cover, even has the SYX logo on there, you think that’s sick Mark, or what?

[Mark] Sick!

Sick! All right, well, other than that, if you guys can see right on in here in the case this is everything, it’s got all the foam in there everything belongs in each one of its spots. 

Special: The Barrel

So, let's pull out the actual barrel. This is a…hold on, am I gonna get this right? I think I might. Yes, I did.

[Mark] Yay!

As you guys can see this comes with a 688 bore so what this means, it’s not a 689 just a degree smaller. A lot of the paint these days fortunately is about a 685 so this barrel is meant obviously as stock to work for most paint, whether it be smaller or bigger. But, in the future if you ever want to upgrade get yourself a barrel kit. But, my favorite thing about this gun, let me screw it, let me screw the barrel onto the gun,

[Mark] Hey, whatcha buildin’ there?

Oh, this? This is the SYX, how do you like it Mark?

[Mark] It looks cool!

Looks cool Do you like the ergonomics of it?

[Mark] Yeah, where’s the macro line?

There is no macro line, obviously.

[Mark] Where’s the pipe?

There’s no pipe, there’s no macro line, this gun is actually very very nice ergonomics, feels good in the hands. I’m gonna start from the barrel and we’re gonna move on from there. So, I just screwed it on just so you guys could see what the whole gun looks like. And I’m gonna unscrew the barrel now again I know, Mark’s mind is blown right now.

[Mark] How are you gonna start at the barrel if you’re taking the barrel off?

I have to show the people what it is. So guys, 688 two piece, best part about this Do you know what you’re looking at Mark?

[Mark] The control bore? 

Yeah, wow! He’s done research, guys. This is a seven and a half inch control bore all the way through here. So basically, it’s gonna be a 688 until it reaches here, and then you just got the tip. So people are like, “what does that even mean?” It’s gonna be better accuracy, better efficiency, and what’s the last thing Mark? What do you think?

[Mark] It’s upgradable because you can buy different control bores?

You could do that. But I was actually gonna say accuracy, efficiency–

[Mark] We’ll have to test that out in a future shooting video.

And distance. Control bore, guys. It allows obviously you’re going all the way up until about this part of the tip So it’s gonna get you a little bit better distance obviously if it was just a stock one piece, no control bore, the ball is gonna kinda jiggle around the barrel and not get you the best accuracy or distance that you’re really looking for. So I like that the Empire SYX does come with a seven and a half inch control bore. On to the next thing Mark, boom. My favorite thing, I said I was gonna start with the barrel and go inward. First thing I notice, you guys screw off the barrel. You guys see any external screws on this gun? Nope, didn’t think so.

[Mark] [Gasps] Toolless? 

Completely toolless, well, no no no a lot of things are toolless, I mean the eye cover is obviously you have to have an allen wrench, but there’s no screws actually protruding off of the body of the gun. Anywho, right in here, Mark, boop boop, boop boop. Once you unscrew the barrel to actually access the battery that’s connected to the board up front in the foregrip push this button, and boom-sha-ka-la-ka, you’re into the gun, you don’t need any allen wrenches for that. So, you guys have to unscrew the barrel, there’s a nine volt battery that sits right in the front of the fore grip and that’s it. So unscrew the barrel, push the button here, right on the inside of there, and then you can access the battery without any issues. So now that I’m at the front of the gun I just talked about the eye covers. So you can access both eye covers right from the outside. Like I said, the screws do not protrude from the actual gun itself, they’re all hidden and have a nice finished look on the outside. 

Feed neck, redesigned feed neck. I really do like this, it’s a clamping locking lever feed neck with an actual thumb wheel. Ooo it’s got a thumb wheel now! So you can tighten it down, hopper big hopper small, whatever you can get it nicely fit tight so it stays clamped. [Sighs] So I’m at the front of the gun, next I’m gonna go here, Mark, comstock. With this bore, is it turned on, can you see?


[Mark] I wasn’t sure where to look, you–

Yeah, it’s right here in here. I don't know if you can get in there.

[Mark] I’m in there.

So it comes with the OLED right out front stocked with the gun, and then it’s got a dual keypad so you can do all the configurations all your modes and settings right here through the front fore grip of the new Empire SYX. Oh, it’s really light. You probably couldn’t even see that. But anyways, guys, there it is.

[Mark] Don’t doubt my ability, I saw it. [Clicks Gun]

Now you can hear that bad boy clickin’ [Clicking Continues]

Ooo, eyes are off currently. So I really, really, like this OLED display comes stocked with the gun. 

Empire SYX Overview of Features

And by the way guys these retail at $699.95 and they feel excellent in your hands. So, let me shut that down and turn the board off. Let’s go backwards from there. Let’s talk about the redesigned bolt system for battery efficiency. So we’re gonna pull up, wiggle it, it’s like the same platform as the other AXE. You pull up, or the other AXE was actually a push button and you gotta wiggle it in the groves here to actually get the bolt out. But this is a redesigned engine on the new SYX. This is for better efficiency. So, I like this. They’ve definitely got some different grooves here back in the bolt, and they say it’s going to run at a lower pressure, they say it’s gonna be more efficient for you guys. So let’s pop that bad boy back in, slide that back down. We’re gonna go down from there. 

The grips, these grips are actually–dang it, Mark! I already had the bolt out, I forgot. The easiest way, these grips, all they do you can take them off in the back and you can swap if you want if you don’t want black. You can get whatever color grips you want. They just peel off and they’re toolless so a very very nice feature I would say.

[Mark] I would say so too. 

Oh, nice. [Clicking Gun] 

I really like the feel of the trigger. Gotta get it working, Mark, you know what I’m saying? Let’s go down. They’ve got a redesigned regulator on the inside of here once again, for better efficiency, shooting at a lower pressure. And also an all-new redesigned ASA here with the flip lever. Personally, I am a fan of this on the side and then you even notice there’s a hidden serial number there guys. So if you don’t know where to find your serial number on your new SYX, here it is, right there behind your flip lever on the bottom.

[Mark] Should I blur that out in our video so people don’t know our serial number?

Yeah, blur it out. Don’t forget. So overall guys, I went over the bolt, the redesigned bolt system, how it just pops up, swivels over and comes out. I’ve gone over the toolless grips. I've gone over the new redesigned actual eye covers on the outside, both sides. The new clamping feed neck, how to actually pop your battery off of the front by pushing the button and it pops out, so that’s cool. And also the barrel, with the seven and a half inch control bore. Other than that, I think I’ve covered most of the things about this new gun. 

I really like the way it feels you can actually get your thumb up in there I mean, if you got a fat thumb, probably not gonna be the gun for you. Go to your local pro shop and check it out. Don’t forget to go Lone Wolf Paintball where we have these for sale. Check out our online store with tons of other great products. Don’t forget to buy some great protein, and until next time

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[Mark] And a SYX shooting video coming soon.

And we are gonna be shooting this bad boy soon so stay tuned, once again, lonewolfpaintball.com check out our online store, these are definitely available for purchase, and we will see you guys in the next video! Don’t forget to subscribe, and thanks for watching!

[Mark] Yay!