GTEK 170R Planet Eclipse Unboxing

Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today I’ve got the new Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R in store and we’re going to do a review. We’re going to do a shooting video, and we’re going to do something else, too. Right Mark?

[Mark] Unboxing.

Unboxing the GTEK 170R

An unboxing, obviously, I’ll pull out of the box to see the gun, so let’s go, guys. All right, so right off the rip, you guys can tell this is a new box design. This is the 170R box, a little flashy. I like what Planet Eclipse is doing here. Let’s pull this thing right on out, and we’ll take a look at what we’ve got. Oh, also guys, while I’m opening this, don’t forget to shop Lone Wolf Paintball. Check out the new Revive T-shirts that we got and hoodies. Lone Wolf Paintball, click on that online store. 

All right, Mark. In case, you guys like a hard case. It keeps it nice and protected when you’re throwing it around in your gear bag or in the back of your car or truck. Oh, here we go. Brand new barrel cover, as always, comes straight out of the box. You’ve got your two-piece barrel that we’ll talk about here in a little bit. Screw that together, shaft barrel, two piece, 14 inch, accuracy on the field. It’s very nice.

[Mark] Normal threaded or reverse threaded?

Reverse threaded for the second piece, yes. And as always, a Planet Eclipse 170R manual. A full rebuild kit, so when you shoot this gun a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of times, you guys can rebuild it. O-rings, parts, screws, everything you guys need is inside of this little bag. Planet Eclipse does a great job of that. All right, and then the gun. It’s the gun. You guys like it? You’ll see it soon. Grease and then a brand-new set of your Allen wrenches. All right, so let’s get onto the gun itself. In a little bit, we’re going to take this outside and shoot it, so you guys will see that. 

GTEK 170R Marker Overview

All right, so this does come stock with a .689 two-piece shaft barrel, 14 inch. You’re going to see that right off the rip. Let’s talk a little bit about this gun in general. Differences, do you want to do differences now, Mark? Kind of from the old 160?

[Mark] Sure.

Okay, so we’re going to talk about a little difference. This is the 170R by Planet Eclipse. Obviously you guys are watching this video, so either you know or you’re about to know about this. The 160R had the pipe coming through, had a different ASA, had a little different milling, and then the battery situation on the 160R was totally different. Speaking with the battery situation.

[Mark] I can’t use the same batteries?

No, just wait, hold on.

[Mark] I’m confused.

Hold on, it’s a little stiff, hold on. Mark can put in SpongeBob right now.

[Narrator] Many hours later.

37 hours later. No. I mean, it uses the same battery, but it’s not in the same spot. So guys, the front cover comes off here. On and off, just like that. Nine-volt battery that sits right in here. Grip frame. So front grip frame, you guys are going to notice that’s where the battery is now. Also, you guys are going to notice. Zoom in here. You guys can access the eye covers and clean your eyes out pretty much just like a CS gun now. 

So Planet Eclipse CS, get in there, clip that back in, and then you slide this over, so now you can just slide the clip forward. On both sides of the gun, you can access the eye covers, clean out the eyes if you happen to break any paint in there. And then you can also change the battery all through the front grip that slides off. Such a beautiful feature.

[Mark] No tools for any of that.

No tools necessary.

[Mark] Mind blown.

We’re going to pop that back on. All right, next thing you’re going to know, notice, something like that, the locking feed neck. It’s got a very, very nice thumb wheel here. Locking, clamping feed neck, so no matter if you’re using an R2, Spyder, Halo, Pinocchio, whatever you guys got. This is a locking, clamping feed neck with a nice adjustable thumb wheel on the side for you.

[Mark] Is it PAL compatible?

Compatibility and Features of the GTEK 170R

Can take a PAL, too. Get your PAL loaders on this bad boy. Milling, guys, I’m going to get to the trigger and all that ASA next. But I want you to take a look at the milling. Totally different from the 160R. They even put time and a little bit of research into the back cap. So even back here, they got a couple little nice features milled into the back cap here, those three little grooves you can see. And then on the top right there, it does say 170R, so you guys know. If you don’t know, now you know.

[Mark] You can’t trick me.

You can’t feel me obviously without the, with the eye pipe you should probably know, but not the 160R, the 170R. Furthermore, let’s go down from the milling into the trigger area. In there, in the trigger area, there is, for me there’s a bunch of set screws in there, but three that matter the most to me. There’s one up top for the spring strength, there’s one in the middle, and just below that as well for the pre-travel and post-travel. 

So guys, this trigger is fully customizable to how you want the gun to actually feel. Not feel, but how you want your trigger to feel, per se. So you can adjust the set screws in there, pre-travel, post-travel, and the actual set, the strength of the spring, how quick the trigger comes back. So three different things you can adjust with the trigger, which is very nice.

[Mark] Can you screw up how the gun fires if you go too far with those?

Yes, you can. If you bury it in, if you bury the micro switch, you’re wondering why your gun is not shooting. You’ve pushed that set screw in way too far, you probably buried that set screw on the micro switch that comes off the board, and you’re not going to have a good time. So adjust accordingly, be very careful. Don’t come in there like, I don’t know, a bull at the rodeo and just mess everything up. 

So I was going to talk about this new redesigned POPS ASA down here. So from the other Gtek 160R, now you have the new redesigned POPS ASA. Very, very nice air on, air off. And then one big difference, as you notice here, the velocity adjustment is no longer through the front reg on like the old 160R. Velocity adjustment is straight through the bottom of the ASA, and it goes up through the grip and then into the gun. So this is how you adjust the velocity, is on the bottom of the gun. And then lastly, Mark, before we take this bad boy outside and shoot it. 

Let’s talk about the proven pull up and pull out Gamma Core. So guys, Planet Eclipse has used the Gamma Core once again. Obviously that’s been proven system for them. Shoots extremely well, very smooth, very efficient. And so they decided to put the Gamma Core back into the new 170R. 

Shooting the GTEK

And without further ado, I’ve went over the barrel, I’ve went over the clamping feed neck, how the front grip slides right on off, access to the eyes and the battery, the new trigger set screws, the new milling, the Gamma Core, the POPS ASA, and the velocity adjustment. So let’s take this thing outside and shoot it. Let’s put it to the test and actually see, did Planet Eclipse knock it out of the park once again, or is this a dud? We’ll find out. Shooting video, here we go. All right, guys. Now that I’m outside here at the indoor in Clinton Township, I’m going to shoot this 170R. And let’s see how smooth and efficient this thing actually is. Let’s take a look.

[Mark] You’re aiming for the sign?

Yes sir, I’m aiming for the sign. Doesn’t mean I’m going to hit it, Mark.

[Mark] All right.

Here we go.

[Mark] I have faith in you.

First two shots, extremely smooth.

[Mark] You missed.

Yeah I know, I didn’t shoot the sign. Those were test shots, extremely smooth. See Mark?

[Mark] You hit it over the hill.

No, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. Very smooth.

[Mark] Is that that poppet dip I hear about?

Yeah , it’s called the stock barrel on the gun. The paint’s not sized out but this thing shoots very, very smooth.

Dude, I’m out of paintballs, man. Out of paintballs. Didn’t put it into ramping, either. Super nice, like it. Two hoppers just like that. Boo yah guys, we’ll see you inside. GTEK 170R. All right guys, we just got back in from outside. Man, it’s cold out there, huh Mark?

[Mark] Burr.


Burr, burr, baby. You guys saw the video. This thing shot absolutely amazing. I think it is definitely underestimated or undervalued, per se. $895.95 retail, probably one of the best guns on the market. I mean, obviously you can take a look at it. It’s got a ton of features. Very, very resemblant of the CS platform, so I love this gun, I think it’s great. For $895.95 brand new, fantastic job by Planet Eclipse. I love all the new features. And guys, most importantly, you can come in the store if you’re in the local Michigan area, even if you’re out of state, take a drive and see us, or not. Visit our website Lone Wolf Paintball, click on that online store button. And guys, we have these available in multiple colors. Once again, retail $895.95. Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R. I hope you guys like the video, I hope you guys enjoy this gun. And if you’re looking to get into a mid to high-end tournament gun, this is it, guys. Take it easy, and we will see you next time.

[Mark] Yeah, stick around for the Patreon after the show for only a dollar a month. Whoo, link in the description.