Best Entry Level Tippmann Paintball Markers


Hey guys, what's going on? It’s Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball today I’m going to go over the best entry level Tippmann Paintball Markers.

All right today on the deck we have the Tippmann Cronus, not the full version with the stock and the silencer but the basic version. We have the ever-so-sturdy Tippmann 98 Custom and then we do have a little step up the Tippmann A-5. So I kinda wanna do a short video. A lot of our viewers are newer players. A lot of ’em are just getting into the game and kinda wanna know what I should pick up. What's a good buy for the price?

Tippmann Cronus

tippmann cronus

I’m gonna start over here on the right hand side, this is the Tippmann Cronus this gun retails at $129.95 it is one of the better buys on the market at that price point. This gun does come with Tippmann 98 custom internals, valve hammer, sear assembly, everything like that. 

One of the best things about this gun is A. It’s Tippmann, they come with a great warranty, their customer service is phenomenal if you ever have any issues. Second thing, Mark’s gonna zoom in right in this area if you guys notice, there is no steel braided hose anywhere on this gun. The air goes into your ASA, up into the grip and straight into the valve. So guys you don’t have to worry about when you’re grabbing the gun, the steel braided hose getting in your way you can get a nice sturdy hold on this gun. 

What I’m going to say next is this gun does come with a ton of the Picatinny rails. Left side, right side, up on the top, on the bottom, so you guys can honestly put whatever attachments you guys want on here. A lot of the woodsball guys, newer players wanna add scopes, lasers, sights, stuff like that. This gun can do that, it does come with one of these already on the back. You got a rear sight and your front sight, so if you’re one of those guys that wanna just kinda sight things out, you’ve got it you can add on whatever you’d like.

So this is the Tippmann Cronus it does come with the Tippmann 98 Custom internals, it does come with an amazing warranty I know at least a year from Tippmann, and that’s a Cronus retailing at $129.95. Before I put it down actually I’m gonna say you can always add a stock on the back, you can change the barrel, an extended barrel, you can add some modifications to this gun. The only thing you can’t do is put an electronic grip on here, which is a downfall but at $129.95, it’s a really good buy.

Tippmann 98 Custom

tippmann 98 custom

So, let’s move on. Tippmann 98 Custom, everybody should probably know about the Tippmann 98 Custom. If you played paintball before most likely your local fields use something very similar to this if not this exact same gun. The body it’s all metal; there's no plastic parts other than the front grip here. Anyways, so the Tippmann 98 Custom, this gun can be fully customizable you can put a response trigger in here you can put an electronic trigger in here you can upgrade the bolt on here you can do a couple different things but for being one of the most solid markers on the market, these retail right around $149.95 so this is the Tippmann 98 Custom and you guys can unfortunately…

[Mark] Wait, isn’t the Tippmann 98 Custom the one that you modded out to do 40 balls per second?

Quite possibly, it coulda been it coulda had a cyclone feeder on there which I’ll get to soon. But sight rails, I was gonna say Mark before you threw me off here, this one just does have a rail on top so it doesn’t have all the side rails and under rails and other fancy stuff but it does have a Picatinny rail on top if you wanted to add an attachment. It’s really not gonna help you out that much because your hopper’s gonna sit here and you won’t really be able to see all that well if you wanted to do a bunch of stuff with that.

So Tippmann 98, electronic response trigger you can do that. You can also add on an aftermarket barrel, put a flat line on that bad boy as well. Some people wanna upgrade the internals. I don't really suggest that ’cause it doesn’t really add that much performance or efficiency to the gun. But tried and true Tipp 98 Custom, hey you can also throw a stock, take this plate off throw a stock on this bad boy as well. These things go through the mud and the dirt and the water. This is why we use them at Lone Wolf Paintball as all of our rental equipment markers, because our customers do run them through the dirt, the mud and the water and they still work.

Before I actually set this down and go on to the next gun you guys do notice I mentioned in the first gun the Cronus, the Cronus it was all into the ASA, through the grip to the valve. This one is ASA, you do have that steel braided hose that might get in your way but luckily they leave enough space in between the braided hose and the front grip so you can actually get a good hand in there and get a good solid hold on the marker. Once again, Tippmann 98 Custom, very durable gun. 

Tippmann A-5

tippmann a5

And lastly guys, the Tippmann A-5. This in my opinion is one of the better entry level woodsball style markers. The best thing I’m gonna say about this is this bad boy right here, this is called your cyclone feeder. This gun retails currently on the market at $279.95. It does come with a hopper that is air assisted with no batteries involved. Every time you shoot this gun will make sure there is a shot coming out of the barrel. It’s not a gravity fed hopper where you have to do the shake and shoot method when there’s air in this gun, cock it back, air it up, every time this gun shoots, the cyclone feeder moves. So guys that is one of the best features of this marker for the valve system the Cronus and the 98 Custom are very similar I think in fact the same valve system. This one’s a little bit different, the parts are different because they use a tombstone-style plug that goes into the valve but still, it’s a Tippmann valve, it’s a Tippmann product they’re amazing.

What I like about this A-5 other than the cyclone feeder now that I’m looking at it is these push pins you got these two push pins here. One here and one there. Once you take those off, you can actually throw an electronic grip kit right on this thing honestly in a matter of about five minutes. Need an adjustable wrench down here, two pins, and you could make this gun electronic in less than five minutes, and with the cyclone feed system, you don’t need to buy a fancy electronic hopper because this will keep up with it. 

You got the fore grip, the thing about this though the gun does not really have any solid rails it has a very skinny rail up here on top but it’s not really attachment friendly per se. You can also throw a flatline barrel on the front like I said the electronic grip or the response trigger kit, you can put a stock on the back as well and other than that though this is a very sturdy solid buy I’d highly recommend it $279.95 plus tax and then all of these guns are available on Lone Wolf Paintball.

So once again guys this was just a quick video of entry level markers that I would personally suggest because of the durability and the price point. They’re great, Tippmann has been around the game for 30 years plus and here we are, give the video a like, subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already and thanks for watching guys. Put in the comments below what’s your opinion on the entry level markers? Thanks for watching guys.

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