Planet Eclipse CS2 Mech Frame Kit Review

What is going on guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I'm gonna do a quick overview on the brand new CS2 Mechanical Frame.

[Mark] CS2's got a mech frame!

Yes, a mech frame. Long, long awaited man. Players have been itching to get these things. They are selling out quickly on the site. So right now I think we've already sold out of the first batch. Sign up for the pre-orders and back in stock alerts, and we will definitely take care of ya. Yup, these things retail $189.95, and let's hop right on into it. So I'm not gonna do a full, like install video today but for you guys out there that really want the nitty-gritty and exactly what to do, Mark, what are we gonna do?

[Mark] There's a link in the description for the Planet Eclipse website, where you can watch their official installation video. Do it exactly the way they said it. So if you screw it up, it's their fault.

Unboxing the CS2 Mech Frame

That is very true. It's super simple, but some, so many guys out there, you know, sometimes it can't be so easy when you say it's super simple. So let's look at what's inside of the box. So here you're gonna be seeing, you have your all aluminum based mechanical frame. Yes. You also have a brand new back for the CS2, which I'll go over in a second and you might wonder why you're gonna need that. And then a spare bag of extra screws, O-rings and gaskets, that come right out of the box. So let's dive into it. What do you wanna go over first, Mark?

[Mark] Well, since you brought it up, what's that back piece for?

So this back piece is, actually you will notice there's no buttons, there's no window for the console. So pretty much obviously if you're shooting mechanical, you're not gonna need a battery. You're not gonna need your LED screen. You're not gonna need any of that. So they're just an all rubber new back rip to throw on the new mechanical frame. So I do. Yeah, I like that. So obviously you don't have to, there's no need to use the ones with the three different buttons in the display screen. So that's good.

[Mark] All right. I have a question for you right off the rip.

Marker Compatibility

Go ahead.

[Mark] So I have a HK Army CS2.


[Mark] Will this work on that?

Yes, it will. If it's all versions of the CS2 and CS2 Pros depending, doesn't matter if it's HK or Infamous whatever, this frame is gonna work on the CS2 models. That's it.

[Mark] All right, okay, if you say so.

Okay. So, do you wanna know a little bit about, you know, lever action and adjustments or?

[Mark] Sure.

Okay. So, this is pretty much their new, I think they call it their Ball Lever. It has two balls in there. Yep, not one but two. I get it. You guys are probably laughing as well. So this thing is very, it's gonna be allowing you for a very smooth trigger pull, on this bad boy. And then Mark, did you say something about three, potentially three?

[Mark] There's a triple something.

Yeah dude, there is a triple something.

[Mark] Triple dipole. So you got the Triple Ball Race trigger.

So your Triple Ball Race trigger. This is once again, this is gonna be for a lighter and smoother trigger pull, which is also fully adjustable. If you guys want to know on how to make shorter adjustments, also check out the Planet Eclipse page, that way we're not guiding you into any, you know, misinformation or a misdirection per se. But obviously their new design, you've got dual balls in the actual lever action here. 

So when I'm pulling the trigger, as you can see, it's a very, it's a smooth pull. And then the actual trigger itself on the operation on the inside, has not one, not two, but three balls. So, it's a very, very smooth trigger pull. We'll show you here at the end of this video, we've previously installed one on this CS and this one already has the mechanical frame. As you can tell, by the new back cover here. All right, Mark. Next up on the list. What would you like to know? How do you like quickly getting  on, or?

[Mark] Yeah, just give me the, the idiots kind of like process without...

Installation Overview

So pretty much like a brief rundown on this bad boy, there are going to be two access screws here, one in the front and then one in the rear bolt. But first off, what we're gonna need to do, is you're gonna need to take off both of your bottom screws here, one there, and one there. You're gonna need to pull off your POPS ASA, and you're also going to be taking out the internal regulator assembly and the piston, which Jack Wood shows you on the Planet Eclipse video, how to properly do that with some flat needle nose pliers. So two screws here, your POPS ASA is gonna come off with that internal reg assembly and then you're gonna have to just pull your piston out with some, like I said, smooth needle nose pliers.

[Mark] Or, just get off your lazy bucks and spend a couple extra dollars and buy a POPS ASA in that internal reg separately, which I don't, we don't have them in stock yet, but soon..

They will be yes.

[Mark] And then you just put that in each in the mechanical frame and you don't have to worry about that each time you switch.

What Mark means is obviously, let's just show them this, here the front grip, let's pull this bad boy off. If I can get it, my hands are slippery. So the front grip comes off. You have one screw that sits right in there and then access the second screw, the back of the bolt. You're gonna pull out your whole entire bolt assembly. And that is your second screw. 

So this screw here and the one screw up front right there, that drops the entire frame. There's no wires, there's nothing to worry about. The frame comes clean completely off the gun. Obviously, if you're probably watching this video you are a CS2 or CS2 Pro owner, and you already know that. So...

[Mark] And just for dummy reasons, don't do all this with a tank on usually.

No, well I was gonna shoot it, yeah, well, yeah.

[ Mark] I'm just making sure. There's somebody out there like, "Okay, I can do it with the tank on."

I would not do, do, do, do, do. Would not recommend, that's a good point, 'cause someone will do that. Obviously, I have the air disengaged and there's no shots to be heard here. So next you're gonna obviously drop the frame off the gun, those two screws and then simply, if you already had, if you bought the new stuff, right Mark? Like if you already bought the internal pit, you got the piston, your reg assembly and the POPS ASA, you already have this, you can swap out the frames easily with just those two screws. So I mean, literally two screws. It's gonna slap right on there.

[Mark] And there's one gasket I think too, that goes on .

It does, because you can either take it off of the, your current, or it comes in the spare parts kit. The gasket, that's in this kit, If you don't wanna take it off of the other one, is going to sit right in the housing unit right there. And then you're just gonna slap that bad boy on. 

Concluding Remarks on Planet Eclipse CS2 Mech Frame Kit

So pretty much this video is to let you know, first off, they're finally on the market. Second off, we have them in stock. You do have to sign up for the pre-orders though. And then I do like that you brought up Mark, we should have a bundle with that, so instead of having to pull out the assembly, the piston and taking the screws off your own ASA, you might as well just have your second frame already ready to go, pretty. So, you take off the two screws, slap your mechanical frame on, you're good to go, you don't need to mess around with anything else.

[Mark] That'd be my, my.

100%. Because obviously the first time you do it, and you're pulling out all this other stuff and tinkering with too many screws and needle nose pliers, so.

[Mark] You're risking damaging O-rings, having leaks.

Correct. So obviously, you already spent $189.95 per se on the frame, I don't know how much this current, the ASA and the assembly and piston are gonna cost, but we'll have a bundle on the site. So you can, if you want to, that's what I'd recommend. Just build a second complete frame, so you don't have to pull out internal parts from your electronic frame to your mechanical frame every single time because that's gonna get old. It's not hard, It's just gonna get old. 

Other than that, yeah. It's super, super easy. I'ma, throw these grips back on and then we're gonna take a couple of shots with this bad boy. I really like to see how smooth it actually is. In the future, we'll do an actual shooting video. It's pretty cold outside. So we're not gonna do that right now. So Mark, a couple shots through it. What do you think?

[Mark] Sure. A question real quick.

Go ahead.

[Mark] Where do you put the batteries on the Mech Frame?

You don't have batteries cause it's a mechanical frame.

[Mark] Ah.

Oh yes, stumped me almost got me. All right, engage the ASA. It is smooth. I mean, like I said, there can be adjustments done to this trigger, depending on your personal preference. I don't know how much air you put in this tank. But yes, this is the CS2 Mechanical Frame, pretty easy to install. Like we said in the beginning, follow the official video by Planet Eclipse, Jack Wood, just so you guys don't mess anything up. 

And that is that, they retail at $189.95, coming with the spare parts kit, screws, O-rings, extra gaskets, your new back piece that you're gonna need for the mechanical frame and the mechanical frame itself. A little that, yeah, it's pretty simple, I like it, and a lot of the CS2 guys have been waiting for this to come out. So, that's all I've got for you for now. Stay tuned for a shooting video on this bad boy when it gets a little bit warmer. Mark, do you have anything else for me?

[Mark] Yeah. Visit Lone Wolf Paintball.


[Mark] I can't wait to see if Infamous or anybody else comes out with an aftermarket trigger for that, 'cause you know it's gonna happen.

100% guaranteed.

[Mark] And, hey, if you got a question, leave it in the comments below, or go to our new Facebook group and you can post all kinds of questions, we're gonna answer and gonna give you guys some questions answered there too.

Or if you guys have any tips or tricks on, if you had an easy installation, if you guys did anything different, other than the official video released by them, let us know and we'll put some thought in and consideration to that. So until then, take it easy guys and enjoy your new CS2 Mechanical Frame.

[Mark] Bye-bye. 

Bye bye