DYE DSR+ Review & Marker Overview

What is going on, ladies and gentlemen, it is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball today. I am bringing you the all new Dye DSR Plus.

Whoo plussing it up.

Yeah, brand new, oh man. These things just hit the street. They're coming in five different colors. You've got Blue, Lava, Silver Knight. You've got a couple of different special PGA blackout copper, and then you have a PGA slick. Mark's probably got the images up on the screen. Before we jump on into it, don't forget to check us out. Go to PBSWAGBAG.com. Use our code: LWP10 at checkout to save 10% off your first monthly subscription.

Oh but there's not going to be a DSR Plus in there.

No, there definitely won't be a DSR Plus in there. So I'm gonna set these bad boys off to the side and we are gonna unbox the new Dye DSR Plus. what are you thinking so far Mark? What are you thinking? liking the colors?

Yeah, I'm thinking Shiny, New, Excited. Can't wait to see more, more, more.

Alright, and I know obviously they had the original DSR, but this is the plus version. So let's take a look inside. Here you've got a barrel cover it comes with. Over here, you've got a brand new set of your Allen wrenches. You've got, of course your fourteen inch core barrel two piece. So we'll just put that together right now. And then we have your warranty card with a serial number and then a manual kind of breakdown of how the gun operates and all that other good stuff. We're going to flip it over. Tada!! Brand new Dye DSR Plus, you've got a tub of lube up here. You've got a fresh nine volt battery, charging cord and then a new parts kit. So parts kit there. So let's put this bad boy on out. I'm going to set this other stuff off to the side.

Wait before you go any farther.

Go ahead.

What's this retailing at?

These retail, the Silver Knight, the Blue and the Lava. They retail at a thousand bucks, $999.95. The other PGA special edition colors over here, the slick, and then the black out copper on this side, as you guys can see, those are an extra hundred bucks. So let's screw the barrel on. We're going to kind of cover this, new gun had a tail here. They've made actually they've made a lot of upgrades here. There's a lot of, you know, gun manufacturers in the past who just throw out we have a new gun, but they haven't really had too many new upgrades per se,

Oh name some names.

I'm not going to be doing that. No, not today, maybe tomorrow. So yeah, they've actually. Dyes done a great job with this gun and sorry, I'm just trying to get this stuff closed up here. It's a little windy outside. Alright. So DSR plus. Let's cover it. So we have from the original DSR, you do have your 14 inch, two piece core barrel. Dye has been known over and over for a very long time for their barrels, the quality of their barrels. What do we want to dive into next? Kind of just covered.

Yeah just hit all the basic spots. And if there's something that stands out that was different from the original, make sure you let us know.

Yeah, we're going to happen to the feed neck now, this is one of the biggest things on the original DSR guys that some people weren't very popular in, in didn't really like it had a swivel collar. So it didn't, it didn't have your set screws here. You had to actually turn this collar to tighten or loosen it. And sometimes that screw in the inside would snap. So Dye went to a lower profile, all metal feed neck that does not have that swivel collar any longer. One other thing. Speaking of you know, the front area of this gun, the old DSR they had, like, now you can turn this to access your battery with, with your finger here.

No more Coin in necessary.

No you don't have to. They say in the manual, yeah, you can use a coin, but now you don't have to, you can actually take this off, like a normal person unscrew the button on the bottom here, set this down. So now you can actually get a hold of this piece here on, turn it with your finger. You don't have to have a quarter or a penny in you. And now you can put in your nine volt battery that sits right in the front. So we're going to put that back on. Let's talk about the actual milling of this gun mark. So they've obviously from the original Dye DSR, you can see it's new, lightweight, 3D milling here. So you can, that was not in the old, in the old version whatsoever. So they've done, they've lightened the gun up and they've done a great job adding, kind of like almost spins on both sides and then lighten it up in the front end, near the top as well. So I think Dye did an excellent job doing that. One of the biggest features of this gun that I noticed right away, you take a look at that trigger Mark.

It's got holes in it.

It's got holes in it. This is called the edge two trigger. It promotes leverage and shot consistency. This was actually developed by a professional competition shooter in the real gun world. So I don't know how the engineers did it. They found some guy out wherever he was, a very, actually he's called a world-class shooter. So yeah, he helped them develop this new trigger on here. It is edgy. It's what do you think?

It's different. I have to shoot it to see how comfortable it feels, but it looks really cool.

No, no doubt about it. I think the trigger is one of the, you pull this thing out. You're like, wow, the milling is great. This new triggers definitely interesting. But Hey, if this leverage and this world-class shooter says, that's what you want. I mean, he's professional so it's probably what you want.

I'm going to assume there's adjustable set screws on some.

There is, there's definitely adjustable set screws. I see at least two from here. So the trigger is definitely different.

Are we going to shoot this thing?

Oh, we are going to shoot this in a future video. I do, since we are talking trigger frame grip area, right in this here, they've actually extended your grip area for you guys. It was smaller than the old one. Some people with bigger hands couldn't get a good solid grip in here. So they decided to extend it for, Hey, smaller hands still works. Do you have bigger hands? It definitely works as well. Before we hop into the bolt stuff Mark, let's go down here to the ASA. Another issue with the older style DSR. Not that it's not a great gun, but they had issues with this lever here. Sometimes it would snap and sometimes you couldn't actually get a hold of it. Cause it was so small. So this is called their XL ASA lever. So you can easily get ahold of this bad boy, turn it, disengage and engage your air if you need to. Well, we've kind of covered the outside of the gun.

Not yet, you didn't. Does it still have that sexy hourglass frame?

Yeah. It does. UI that's classic dye. I don't think.

I'm just making sure.

I mean that's what they're known for. I don't think they're ever going to go away from that sexy hourglass frame, but that's kind of one of their staples, just like their barrel quality. That is definitely what, what you want. So yeah, the bolt and the inside of this thing is the only thing we haven't covered just quite yet. So this is called their arc plus bolt. Two things I really like about this, they've added the flex face upfront. It's going to be better on brittle tournament paint. And they've also eliminated a lot of the O-rings on the outer cane that it's gonna. Here get a good zoom in on that. It's got fewer O-rings on this. It's going to have longer service cycles, and it's got a quieter shot signature on this thing. So you don't have to service it as much, obviously, because there's not as many O-rings as the previous model and you know, Billy Wing and the team over there have done some work to this bad boy. So I really like it. This is the ARC Plus. Speaking about the bolt, we're going to say this gun operates around 110 PSI consistency. So that's the operating pressure on the new Dye DSR plus.

Can I point something out that I noticed on that bolt?


All the O-rings are the same color.

Yeah. So they don't, they kind of stepped away from, well, you know what? we'll just pull this bad boy part. We'll show you. He thought it and it didn't happen because these O-rings on the outer, they're all the same size. So then you notice you got yellow and then the here he got a brown, so they're still with the color coded O-rings.

Oh okay. It just tricked me. Hiding it.

Yeah, those are all the same size. So.

I like the color coded. I know some people aren't fans, but I like how easy it is to replace them because I don't have to think about it.

If you are a new player, a lot of people, like, I don't know what to do? And what size is that? The veteran players are kind of like the color coded ones they wear out quicker. You got to service it more. So I'm not sure on the huge truth about that, but the color coded for me, I do like it.

If you've ever dropped a box of O-rings on the ground and all the sizes got scrambled, you wish they were color coded.

You're not wrong on that whatsoever. Yeah. Same push button out the back. So yeah, the new feed neck, I really liked that the new ARC Plus Bolt design, obviously the new trigger, the way you can change at nine volt battery without having to have a coin in your pocket, the new leverage XL ASA lever on here, we're discussing this.

Where is the velocity? is it's still in the bottom or?

Yeah right to the bottom here. So that's where you adjust that. Yeah, it still has that core fourteen inch, two piece barrel. I like the new, what do you feel about the new milling mark?

I liked the new milling. It's different, it's not too flashy, but the whole gun looks really clean.

It does.

The really like color wise.

When I first pulled this thing out of the box, the first two things I noticed right away was A. The milling and then that trigger, the edge two trigger. So.

Do you know, if there's any changes to the software inside or is it?

It's still the, it's got that, it's still has the Mazda method operating system. So it still has that, which is good. You can fully program it, do player profile settings and stuff as well. So, yeah, this is the new Dye DSR Plus once again, they retail at $999.95 and then the PGA special ones are a hundred bucks, more so $1100. So this is the Dye DSR Plus guys, don't forget. Follow us on Instagram, TikTOK, all that good stuff on the social media platforms. And until next time.

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Of course you already know where that's at. Duh, well, stay tuned. We're doing a shooting video with this thing and we will see you guys later.

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