First Strike T15 DMR Review

What is going on guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I am bringing you an overview of the First Strike T15 DMR.

 [Mark] Ooh! What does the DMR stand for?

 Mark, you already know, it's designated marksman. Mark the marksman rifle. R at the end.

 [Mark] Designated rifle marksman. No, designated marksman rifle.

Overview of the First Strike T15 DMR

That is correct. DMR. So yes, if you guys got, you know, the first straight guys on your team that wanna be a sniper, kinda sit back, chill out and shoot from afar, this DMR is definitely the gun you're gonna wanna pick up. A couple of the quick specs on it, it does come stock out of the box with a remote line adapter. But if you guys don't want to use the remote line adapter back here, that sits in for a, in front of the collapsible stock, which is a six point collapsible stock, you guys have the option to use the piece included to actually go back to the 13. I'll pull it out, Mark. I see you trying to zoom in.

 [Mark] It's so hard to see through the bag.

 Yeah so this piece will actually... Get this piece, it will be replaced back here and then you could run your tank on this thing again. So if you guys wanted to get rid of the remote line, if you wanted to throw on the adapter that is included, now you can go back to running your 13 ci tank, which is gonna screw right into there. Once again, included with the actual hard shell case that this bad boy comes in. So, if you guys...

[Mark] Those are nice cases.

 Yeah, these are obviously hard shells like a real true rifle case. Speaking of those guys, this is a true one-to-one AR-15 platform gun. I mean weight, specs. A lot of this stuff is very, very similar to the true AR-15. Diving back on into it guys, we're gonna start with the shroud. Mark, tell me what you know about, this is the 12-inch lightweight aluminum shroud, correct KeyMod?

 [Mark] I believe so.


 [Mark] It's got lots of picatinny rails on the top.

Customization and Mock Suppressor | T15 DMR

It does, even the side mounts you can do, that's what they call the key lock so you guys can actually lock this stuff in and it's not gonna move on you, which I like. I mean, there's tons and tons of adapters. Speaking about the front shroud, we do have a 14 and a half inch rifled barrel. So if you guys are slinging the First Strike rounds out there, this barrel is gonna be something that you want. Speaking of that, I'm gonna pull this bad boy on out Mark. I know you won't be able to see, but if you guys actually held this up in the sunlight, you guys would see the rifling that's inside of the barrel. I don't, you ain't gonna be able to see that at all.

 [Mark] Mmh. Nope, not at all but I take your word for it.

 There is, you know, if you look up into the sun, you can see the actual rifle porting. Even if you put, you know, put your finger inside, kinda twirl it around a little bit, you'll feel the rifle porting. Oh, yeah. And then on the front, this can come off and a huge, huge addition to purchasing this is the mock suppressor mark by LAPCO.

 [Mark] What?

 Yeah, we're gonna pull it out. We're gonna throw it on there and we're gonna show him what it is. So once again, this is a mock suppressor. It does have threading in here, which is going to correlate with the threading on here.

 [Mark] So mock means it doesn't actually make it quieter?

 I don't think it's actually gonna make it quieter Mark. I think it just for the good looks and it looks cool on the gun once it is installed. Squeak that bad boy on there. I'm sure you love the sound effects.

 [Mark] I do.

And we're gonna throw it in. We're gonna find it, we're gonna lock it into position. And that's what it looks like when you actually put on the mock suppressor. So this gun, speaking of, kind of the barrel. So what's the best way to put that? Like you can lock this in. There are three different positions. One, fully unlocked, you can side the barrel out. Two, you're gonna have to, oh see there it is. So if you can get in there Mark, inside of the...

 [Mark] Turn it up a little bit.

 Your way up? Inside of the magazine chamber.

 [Mark] Yup.

 That is gonna be First Strike and magazine ready. And then you can even tilt it even more to go hopper fed with it. So if you see an opening in here, you're gonna be ready with your magazines that come with two in the box to actually use mag-fed on this thing.

 [Mark] So if you turn it too much, it'll make it hopper fed and your magazines won't feed. So if that..


[Mark] Not firing you might've gone too far with the barrel.

Mag-Fed to Hopper Fed on the First Strike T15 DMR

So that's how you switch this from magazine to hopper fed. You're gonna twist the barrel, you'll be able to notice inside of the mag chamber here, if it's ready to take a magazine or if it's ready for the hopper adapter, which sadly you guys are gonna have to purchase separately. The gun can host a hopper as well, which is a pretty cool concept. Kind of back to the rifle barrel though Mark, this thing can really get out there and reach somebody if you guys are using the finned First Strike rounds. So I would definitely recommend that. You guys are probably wondering, what is this contraption on top? This is called the riser. So if you guys wanted to use a magnified scope or a red dot, you're definitely gonna wanna use the riser that is included with the gun as well. And Mark, do you wanna see this?

[Mark] Yeah as we say, what difference does it make if it's raised? Holy crap.

 You see that? So if you're kinda up high and shooting down from like a ravine or a hill, something like that, you can kinda tilt your scope and dial in on somebody. Or if you're in a lower platform trying to shoot up, you can even raise the riser and then it tilts. So it goes up and it goes down by the simple turn of these knobs right on the side.

 [Mark] Oh my. It is "Oh my." I think that's definitely cool. A cool concept, you know, that is included with this $749.95 marker here. If you guys are the, I'm gonna say, I'm gonna say the word sniper, the sniper on your woods ball or scenario team, this is definitely the marker you're gonna want.

 [Mark] Sniper no sniping.

 Of course it's got the charging handle in the back naturally like most of the First Strikes do. And then you can obviously buy more magazines if you'd like. It does come with two in the box, brand new, ready to go. It also does come with two more. Let me set that off to the side. It's got two more picatinny rails. You can attach those wherever you would like onto the gun and kind of modify this thing to whatever you guys are into.

 [Mark] All right, silly question, just 'cause somebody might be their first time being exposed to the T15.

First Strike and Standard Paintball Compatibility 

Go ahead.

 [Mark] The magazines are .68 caliber round ball compatible and First Strike rounds?

 Correct. Yes, exactly. So I wouldn't recommend, don't over-pack the magazines. I think depending on what ball you're using, 19 to 20, I believe that is correct, that these things can hold. So yeah, it comes with the riser. That's a big difference. It does come with that 12 inch KeyMod shroud. It does come with the mock suppressor and an even a little, if you guys don't want the suppressor on there, it does come with the kind of, what would you say? The actual texture of this tip?

[Mark] It's just, it's rippy.

 Yeah, it's like a texture tip. So if you don't want to use the mock suppressor on the end of the gun, you can throw that on there and have at it.

 [Mark] Full manual and rebuild kit and stuff?

 Yup. Everything's included with that. Kinda shows you what you need to do. Like I said, the only thing not included is the hopper adapter. So if you want it to run hopper, you would have to buy that separately. I believe they're 20 bucks. And this thing can do a lot. These First Strike guns are very, very accurate, probably some of the best on the market. And they are, like I said, true AR platform one-to-one design with the weight and the actual lightweight aluminum body on there.

 [Mark] Can you hold it up like you're gonna shoot it? Just so we can see how sick it looks.

 Maybe, hold on. I gotta adjust the stock you know.

 [Mark] You didn't put a magazine but I'll forgive you.

 Wee! Wee! Wee! No, the magazines are brand new in the package, but I wasn't gonna bust those out. But it's a pretty cool gun. I like that. You gotta have always, you know, trigger safety first but no one's around so...

 [Mark] Brapapa!


Pa! Pa! First Strike DMR guys. Check it out on the website. Like I said, $749.95. And until next time, don't forget, these are available Lone Wolf Paintball. Head on over to as well. Use our code, LWP10 to save 10% off. Your first monthly subscription on a guaranteed three items in each bag, stuff you guys can always use on the field. And then follow us on Instagram, TikTok, all that good stuff. Subscribe to the channel. And let us know if you want to see any other, just quick overviews of First Strike markers or scenario stuff. Thanks for watching guys and uncle Mark, do you have anything else to say?

 [Mark] MagFed rules. See you in the field.

 See you in the field. First Strike ready. Sick.