DLX Luxe TM40 Overview and Review

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today we are introducing and unboxing the all new DLX Luxe TM40.

 [Mark] TM40, what does that mean?

 That is standing for Tim Montressor Number 40, obviously, a good friend of ours and a brainchild of the Iron City Classic bringing back a mechanical 10 man paintball. So this is in honor of him, Luxe comes out with the TM40. 

Unboxing the DLX Luxe TM40

So let's take a look. Let's crack this bad boy open and see what's inside, your standard, you've got your very nice Luxe hard case to keep that expensive $1,500 gun protected. So I love these cases, they do come with a carrying handle. And on the inside, as you can see, gives you a little breakdown of how to program it, which is very nice, 'cause a lot of you viewers out there, they wanna know, okay, so how am I gonna program this gun, in XL mode, semi-auto bursts? Whatever you guys want to put it. It gives you a brief breakdown right here on the cover. And as you can see, the Luxe TM40 is right there. 

 So before we actually show you the gun, let's look at what we've got going on over this way. So you do have a Luxe barrel cover. Looks like you're gonna have your charging cable included there. We'll throw that off to the side. And then inside the Velcro pouch, they do give you a nice, full set of brand new Allen keys. So anything that you're, any work you're ever gonna need to do to the gun, you're gonna use these bad boys. 

 So on the other side, over here, so Mark can see better, you've got your Luxe back, the tip, you've got a full rebuild kit with all the O-rings that you may need few, down the road, obviously, O-rings don't last forever. So they give you those. And then of course they give you the grease, the Luxe grease, that boy is in there. So then they give you that, so very, very nice. And this is gonna be the red insert up, yep. So it comes with the 687 insert, which has a lot of paint and is around that size.

 [Mark] I'd like to think they do that in honor of us. I like the red one, it goes with the black gun.

 Oh yeah, it looks good, it's very, very nice. So we'll throw that bad boy in there,

 [Commentator] Two hours later.

Breaking Down the Luxe TM40

Finally get it on, gotta get the insert in there with it. So, it's finally on, we got it together there. All right, let's get to the gun. Let's take a look at this bad boy. There it is, the gun itself, don't worry, yes, it's coming out, we're gonna talk about it. And then you've got your charging block for the cord I showed you guys earlier. So we'll set that off to the side. So first off let's pull this bad boy right on out. 

 Oh, well, before I close that and set it off to the side, once again, very, very nice of Luxe to do this, full O-ring the sizes, everything you need, how the bolt guide comes apart, the assembly, so I liked that, and then even the regulator over here, as well, so ASA lever, pretty much a full breakdown of the O-rings and what's gonna go where.

 [Mark] Nice.

 Yes. Yeah, 'cause obviously, when you're working on your gun, you need to know what to rebuild and what to replace. So first off TM40 is gonna be up underneath the frame, that pro -ock frame.

 [Mark] Show that again, flip it over. 'Cause it's upside down, across

Like this, or this

 [Mark] There you go. And then tilt, tilt, tilt,


 [Mark] Right there, perfect.

 Right there, there it is, so that's the attribute to Tim. So the TM40 there, first off, I wanna say, obviously, I kind of mentioned earlier in the video that, Tim was really the brainchild behind the Iron City Classic, really bringing a resurgence back to mechanical paintball, the 10 man format. So the biggest thing about this gun, in my opinion, that I know he would absolutely love is the pro-lock frame, which was on the Luxe X, as well. But this one, Mark, there's a latch up there. So the latch, you slide that back and then you come up over here for your bolt assembly, which is gonna be a little slick.

 [Mark] And Tim worked for Luxe too.

 Of course

 [Mark] This wasn't like, out of the blue for them to do this--

 No, no, he was very, very involved with them. No doubt about it. So you got the core there and then back in here, which is important. So I already slid the front latch back from upfront, and this is how you get the tool-less frame actually off of the gun. You're gonna pull this up and push it forward. And then the frame actually will come completely off the gun, so the best part about this is that they are currently building and manufacturing a mechanical frame to go on this gun. 

 So obviously with Tim being involved with bringing back the mechanical stuff, there's gonna be a tool-less mechanical frame that literally just slaps right on there. And since we're on the inside, Mark, you can zoom into the solenoid area. This is actually a tool-less, solenoid mount. So you can flip this actual metal lever around here and you can pull the solenoid right on off. So a lot of guns, obviously, you're busting out a screwdriver, stuff like that. So completely tool-less, solenoid removal. I do like that.

 [Mark] I'm still stuck on the fact that one day I'll have a mechanical Luxe.

 Great, right? So obviously with a gun being that expensive, you think, well, I want it to be electronic. Well, hey, you're gonna have the best of both worlds on this and speaking on kind of the mechanical and mechanical electronics, so they kind of dove into the bolt system, making sure that when you do throw a mechanical frame on this gun, that this bolt is gonna be compatible with that and not just a Ferrari for the speed. So this is a new kind of redesigned core, crack that opens real quick.

 [Mark] So this core is different from the Luxe X core?

Features and Specifications 

Correct, yeah, so the Luxe X core, I believe the operating pressure was right around 110 to 115 PSI, this one's gonna be closer to around 100. So with the new redesigned actual core, they modified some of the parts to help better air flow. So you have increased efficiency, they shortened up a couple of the parts. I'm not gonna go into real detail on that. But a couple of these parts here are shorter with different air flow. 

 So you'll notice in this area, that you're gonna get increased volume, it's gonna help, this core is actually designed for brittle paint too, so that's very, very good. A lot of the guys in the tournament world, the paint's brittle it's meant to break and not bounce. So this core is redefined, operating around 100 PSI and it's good for brittle paint and it's gonna be very compatible with the mechanical frame, if you choose to go that route.

 [Mark] And to prove it, we are gonna be doing an efficiency test in a future video.


 [Mark] Possibly with one or two gentlemen from a professional team that are coming into town,

 We will.

 [Mark] But we'll have to wait and see.

 That'll be in a separate video. Other than that, the main features, obviously, it's gonna be the redesigned bolt for better efficiency. And this ain't gonna be operating with a mechanical frame, which is really, really cool. And then also the actual grips on this, these are water resistant grips, which they redesigned from the Luxe X model. So that doesn't mean waterproof, water resistant, you happen to dive in a puddle or something. Obviously, you don't wanna submerge it, but they've made it so it's not gonna get in the board and mess any of that stuff up.

 [Mark] If I remember correctly, looking at even just the pitchers, the humps in the front grip are a little shorter too. They're not as pronounced.

 Yes, yes, and speaking of that, like the real, just small, small changes they made, even the ergonomics, the way the grip feels and within the trigger frame too. So they kind of switch a little bit of that up.

[Mark] 'Cause at first glance people would be like, that just looks like a Luxe X, why would I buy another box--? 

And the Luxe X was a great model, obviously, super, super light, can compete on any platform, whether you're playing professionally or just for fun. So that's, this is the new TM40, I think they did a really good job with it. They, it wasn't, you're not, like, wow, that's a completely different gun because it's not, but they've definitely made some nice adjustments and features that you guys are gonna want in the future.

 [Mark] Yeah, I think the bolt's awesome. The fact that it'll have a mechanical frame, eventually, is awesome.

 And I really liked that they did that TM40 there too.

 [Mark] Can't see it, you're at the wrong angle for me.

 Oh, oh, oh.

 [Mark] There we go.

So that, and then the fact that this was well over eight weeks, hands-on tested by Ryan Morehead. So if you guys know who that is, so yeah, this thing has been tested. It's been around for a minute with the pros, seeing what they can do with it.

 [Mark] Who's Ryan Morehead?

 He is a professional player, Mark.

 [Mark] Oh, what team?

 Houston Heat.

[Mark] Oh, okay, I'm just, 'cause there's those that don't know who he is, I'm just saying.

 Yep, well, if you're watching the channel, they probably heard of him before, but that's a TM40 anything else you have for me, Mark?

Price and Conclusion | Luxe TM40

[Mark] Price was $1600, again, exactly?


 [Mark] Not 1495, or--

 Yap, $1600.

[Mark] So do we have some TM40s in stock? These pre-ordered right now?

 These are currently pre-ordered right now, they are coming in as this video is being shot and we're getting them out the door to the customers that had obviously pre-ordered first. And we go in order from there.

 [Mark] And there's a ton of colors and combinations available, guys, go check out the website, Lone Wolf Paintball.

 That's right, follow us on all the other good stuff. TikToK, Instagram, Facebook, all that. Until next time, a quick overview and unboxing of what the TM40 looks like and a couple of the added features.

 [Mark] And if you have any questions or anything you wanna know specifically about this, put them in the comments below or head over to our Facebook, ask us anything, group. And we will try to get to you. See you.

 Take it easy.