What is the Best Speed Feed for Virtue Spire Hoppers

Tony: Hey everybody, what is going on? It is Tony from Lone Wolf paintball. Today. I am bringing you an epic battle of the Spire speed feeds, and yes, of course it fits the IR2, IR and control loaders as well.

Mark: And why? 'Cause who's the best source for paintball.

Tony: That would be us Lonewolfpaintball.com. So I've got four very popular speed feeds here. Don't forget it's pbswagbag.com. Use our code LWP 10 at checkout to save 10% off your first monthly subscription.

Mark: He owes me a dollar every time he forgets. That's why he was all like, "Ugh."

Tony: That's true. Can't forget the shameless plug. We've got four popular speed feeds. We've got the new SFR retailing at $30 bucks coming in a ton of different colors. Next up is the Bunker King's NTR speed feed these things retail $50 bucks. Sometimes they go on sale. Also available in tons of different colors. The Crown SF2 also $50 bucks. I think that's the only color that comes in. And then the, also one of the new HK Army Evo, all aluminum speed feeds. Those are $55 bucks. Coming in a ton of different colors as well. So with all of that being said, let's... Where do you wanna start here, Mark?

Mark: I wanna start with which one do you like the most?

Tony: Ooh.

Mark: I'm hitting it right with the personal preference.

Tony: Oh boy. I really like the fact that these two right here, they're $50 bucks. For $5 more, I could go to an all aluminum speed feed over here. So for that $5, I would probably go with the HK Army one. And if I was being cheap, obviously $30 bucks, you're saving yourself 20 to 25 bucks down this way. So let's crack into these things and see where we're at. What's your favorite, Mark?

Mark: See, I like the new cheaper one, because I can buy two of them. Now I'm at $60 bucks and I can swap fingers and make my own little cool design and style and have extra fingers laying around.

Tony: That is true. They do have the removable tabs or fingers on the inside. We're just gonna run through them real quick. So yes, this is the new SFR. These ones are $30 bucks. They are a rubber, there's no springs. There's no plastic fingers to get broken. And the best part about this bad boy, it is quick in and out change system. Just like the rest of these, but the fins, the fingers, you can press the button here and simply just take those bad boys out. So if you needed to, like Mark was saying, if you wanna change or swap, you can press of a button, take these out or replace them if need be down the road. So that is the SFR by virtue. Then we're looking at the NTR by Bunker Kings. Also, once again, these fits Spire three, Spire fours, IR2s, IRs and control loaders. So this one... Let me just take that off the packaging real quick, unclip it from the bottom. So this is the NTR, these retail $50 bucks. And on the inside though you'll notice compared to that SFR I just showed you, there's springs and there's plastic fingers here. So sometimes people jam in a pod too hard, they'll break one of those or the spring will malfunction. So that's a lot of people wanted to see something that was all rubber, like the SFR that doesn't have any of those springs involved on the backside. And then same thing here though. You can press the tab and pull the finger out. So I just wanna know, are these gonna be interchangeable, Mark?

Mark: I believe they are.

Tony: Alright. Well, I'm gonna take a pink one and throw it on this blue. And we're gonna see what's going on here.

Mark: So like when guys paint like one fingernail to represent a cause, you can swap one finger.

Tony: Look at that. There it is. So those are interchangeable. Yeah. If you guys have multiple speed feeds in your bag, you want to get a little, little froggy with it and you can do that. Next up, we're gonna talk the Crown SF2. This has been a fan favorite for a while. That's why I feel like Bunker King's, Virtue, whatever you'd like to call them, had to come out with something that people were demanding in the new SFR. So Crown, I mean you do, this was a big issue. A lot of people were cracking these plastic fingers on here. And then, like I said earlier, also having, there's the springs in these regions here that were also malfunctioning once these hoppers were used and used and used. Obviously, brand new out of the box, they'd last you a very long time, but over time, obviously, gee, you gotta get stuff fixed. So same thing with this. So you can press the button and then these tabs just come right on out. I like that quick change feature that all three of these can kind of intermingle and do its thing.

Mark: And time will tell if the rubber holds up on these new virtue speed feeds as well.

Tony: I think the biggest thing here right now, Mark, is people going, "Wow, for 30, I can save 20 to $25 going with this new SFR speed feed."

Mark: Oh yeah. It's an easy sell.

Tony: Yeah, for sure. And obviously, it gets, it gets the job done. It's the same, same exact thing. Just with less things to go wrong with.

Mark: Yeah, I was just, I was just referencing. Everything wears out eventually. Nothing's gonna be a forever...

Tony: Oh, for sure.

Mark: Anything.

Tony: That's exactly right. Alright. Got all those thrown back in. And lastly, we're gonna be talking about for $55 bucks, the all aluminum HK Army one. We'll pull this bad boy out.

Mark: Okay. I stand corrected. Maybe there is one that may become your forever speed feed.


Tony: Yeah. This one is this one. This one is all aluminum. Yes, it does have the springs on the backside, but uh, with it being aluminum, you shouldn't be cracking these, these fingers when you're putting the pod in there. So it's... Didn't, we did a weight test on all of these, right?

Mark: We did.

Tony: And this one, it wasn't too much more or what was it, like 14 paintballs or something?

Mark: Not even. 13.

Tony: Thirteen. Whatever it was, it was equivalent to like 13 or 14 paintballs, something like that in a weight difference. So a lot of people are, I don't want that heavy thing on my hopper. It's really not that heavy. And it seems extremely durable. Only time will tell. It does have a nice aluminum metal latch back here. So when it clicks into the back of your hopper, which actually I'm gonna throw on there real quick for you. So you can see. I'm gonna take that bad boy off. Simple press of a button, slide it on out. This should just go right on in there. Click latch, press this nice little tab in the back. And it locks right on in there.

Mark: Now, do you have to push the tab or will it push in on its own when you...

Tony: Like the other ones, you have to push the tab. Let's see though. I'd push the tab. I wouldn't force it too much, especially for an expensive hopper. But it's obviously locked in. Bad boy is not going anywhere. Yeah. So $55 bucks. It's, I know it's new and all. I would like to see in the comments down below, we've sold a lot of these on the site, what do you guys think of yours? I know a lot of... There's some of you out there that definitely own these. Do you like it? Have you had any issues with them? I'm assuming probably not, but you never know. Other than that, yeah. Quick little battle. I would say, Mark, after covering all the features, you said you pretty much would probably go with a $30 one.

Mark: I would, because like I said, I can almost buy two of them for the same price as any of the other ones. And I can have a little fun with it. I can interchange the fingers.

Tony: Very true.

Mark: And test the durability. And I like the new colors, like who doesn't wanna hot pink with green fingers?


Tony: Yeah, you can definitely do a lot of funky stuff. Tons of different colors of mostly all of these speed feeds out here except that the SF2. But yeah, four speed feeds that fits three Spire three, four IR2, IR, control loader. And as always, it is Lonewolfpaintball.com. Take it easy guys. We're out here.