JT Triad Loader Review

Hey guys, it's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today I'm discussing the all-new JT Triad Hopper. I believe these bad boys retail for around 150 bucks and come in five different colors: solid black, black with blue, black with gray, black with olive, and black with red. You can find them at the best source for Hoppers, which is Lone Wolf Paintball, of course.

Let's dive right into it. The JT Triad Hopper is a three-piece design, consisting of the bottom, the top, and the tray where all the magic happens. It comes with a rain lid and a speed feed. To open it up, just press the rain lid from behind, and it should pop right off. The fingers on this thing are non-removable, providing a nice give and take with fully rubber construction.

There's a yellow button inside that acts as a lock to prevent the shell from easily coming off. Make sure it's pushed up when the top is on. Internally, the hopper has a magnetic drive cone, allowing easy removal in case of broken or brittle paintballs. The capacity is 215 balls, and it feeds at a rate of 15 balls per second.

Powering it up is simple; it requires three double-A batteries. One noteworthy feature is its quiet operation. When you turn it on without paint, you might not hear anything, ensuring a stealthy gameplay experience. No need for programming; they've got it all figured out for you. It's a force-feed hopper, designed to keep up well, even for auto cockers.

The hopper also includes infrared eyes and sound activation. There's an auto-reverse function in case of a jam, featuring an alternator that goes forward a couple of times and then back to address any ball obstructions. Overall, it's a well-thought-out product.

We took it outside for a test, and it performed like a dream. Stay tuned for a clip of that. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop them below. Thanks for watching, and remember, you can find the JT Triad Hopper at LoneWolfPaintball.com.