Virtue Spire 4 vs Virtue Spire 3 Paintball Hopper Comparison

What is going on ladies and gentlemen? Today, I am bringing you a comparison between the new Virtue Spire 4 and the Virtue Spire 3 paintball hoppers. All right, guys, before I jump in, you already know the drill. Go on over to and pick up some of the best paintball products in the game. Also hit the Jerky Den for some of the best beef jerky and lean protein, protein, protein.

Protein, protein, protein. That's it. Nice. Sounds good. All right guys, let's jump into the review. Here I have the blue, what do they call it? The Royal Blue or something like that, Virtue Spire 4 over here.

[Mark] I like to call it the sexy blue.

Sexy blue. That works too. Ooh and the Spire III. So main differences, Mark. Should I start out with the colors or the board? Or what do you think?

Well I can see the outside. Let's just see the outside.

Show the outsides. Okay, well let me get rid of this.

Virtue Spire 4 vs 3 Sizing & Outside Comparison

So show the outsides. Hmm.

Here, turn it a little bit this way so it's more--

What do you mean?

[Mark] Well, 'cause this is the camera I'm getting the closeup on.

Do you want like this?

[Mark] There we go. Yes, sir.

So you're thinking they look pretty identical, right?

[Mark] Close.

Yeah, pretty close. All right, a little back shot here. Let's turn them around so you can get a little...

[Mark] Oh, yeah, uh-huh.

Okay, so yeah, size wise the same. Width, the same. But what matters is what's on the inside, right Mark?

[Mark] That's what my mom always told me.

Beauty is on the inside. So guys, let's pop open the new Virtue Spire 4.

Spire III vs IV Speed Feed Hopper Comparison

Two questions though, before you pop open.


So one, are they the same speed feed I'm assuming?

Correct, yes. I already have the crown installed on the Spire III and then to do that on the Spire IV, it's the same exact way. Press a button, it pops on out, and simple as that, snap the new one in. Good to go.

[Mark] Beautiful. And the second question is, does this mean that the 280 shell should work on the Spire IV as well?

That's yeah. Yep. That's right.

All right, that's it for the outside.

Spire 4 vs Spire 3 Hopper Inside Comparison

Alright, boom. Let's move on to the inside. First I'm gonna crack open the Spire III. Well, we're gonna crack both them open so you guys can actually see. So on the insides... Got it Mark?

[Mark] Yeah, they look pretty similar.

Pretty much exactly the same, but there's one key difference. I'm going to pull both the boards out and show you. So the lower trays pull out the exact same way. That's the Spire III and here's the Spire 4.

[Mark] You're gonna switch them accidentally.

No way! I already know the difference. Both of these have pull-out magnetic drive cones, which is very, very nice. Obviously you guys can see one main difference. Spring ramps? That's not it. What is it though, on the Spire 4? Mark, you can zoom in. What do you see? Do you see a difference between the Spire III here, and the Spire 4 over here?

[Mark] That one has the Virtue V on the Velcro that holds the batteries.

Yeah, okay. So that's one difference. I'm going for a little bit bigger here, man.

Virtue 4 N-Charge Pack

[Mark] There's an extra cord over here for some reason.

There is an extra cord over here. On the new Spire 4 they have the plug-n-play Virtue N-Charge pack, ready to go. They moved the connection piece to a different spot so you guys can easily buy the rechargeable Virtue N-Charge Pack, and just plug it in right here on the side. 

As compared to the Spire III, you guys can see on either side, you don't have that plug readily accessible. It's in a different spot. So speaking of the boards Mark, I'm gonna throw this back in here. 

Spire 4 iFI board

Guys, the Spire 4 has the new iFI board. So it's a Bluetooth compatible board that actually will connect right to the brand new Virtue Ace paintball marker. Let me just get this in here the correct way. So yes, this one, the new Spire 4 does come with the iFI board that does connect to the actual Virtue Ace Luxe X marker itself, which is nice. And obviously the old Spire III does not have that technology available.

[Mark] Boo!

Spire III vs IV More Outside Differences

Next thing Mark, We said, we went over the beauty on the inside. Let's talk about the beauty on the outside. As you guys can see, two main differences on the outside, they now have a, what did I call it earlier, Mark?

[Mark] Chromatic.

Well, the chromatic, they had the new milled chromatic line here that matches the actual color of the gun that you bought. So this is definitely new here. It's, I don't even, how can you say, like you see the rigid lines? This one's just straight on the Spire III, this one kinda has a funky new cool looking design. Also Spire III has just a sticker that a lot of times after getting shot a bunch in the hopper or used or sitting out in the heat, the sticker will just peel off. This one is actually injected, molded on the Spire IV as you guys can see a nice Virtue jewel with the name and their logo compared to the old Spire III. 

So other than the board technology being Bluetooth compatible, the new chromatic ring, and then the injection molding side plate logo here, they're pretty much the same paintball hopper. Both of these are excellent, great feeding capability and it's up to you guys.

[Mark] So there's nothing that I can connect my phone to on the Virtue Spire 3 just the hopper and make changes? The hopper needs a marker to communicate--


[Mark] for those changes.

So the new Spire 4, like Mark just said, this Spire 4 connects to the Virtue Ace new Luxe X, and they communicate with each other. It actually communicates with the eyes on the paintball marker, so you never miss a shot and you're getting the most consistency possible when you're out there playing on the field.

[Mark] Yeah, go watch our Ace overview video.


[Mark] Because we showed the app and changing the settings and we could get the settings would allow you to shoot up to 24 paintballs a second, which means that has to feed 24 paintballs a second and it should, with the way it communicates.


That's exactly right. So guys, this was just a quick breakdown of the Spire hoppers 3 and 4. You guys, a lot of you want to know weight and size. These hoppers are pretty much exactly the same other than the new fancy board systems, the good looks on the outside, and the new injection molding. So size-wise being kind of tool-less with the speed feeds, all that stuff is interchangeable, but check out the new Spire 4. 

Unfortunately I don't have a price point yet since they're so brand new. [UPDATE] - Price point is $245 - $264 depending on colorway as of 9/23/21.

Check them out though, guys. Don't forget, head on over to We got products ready to rock.

[Mark] Okay, so if I want the Spire 4 and I don't want the Ace, it'll still work on...

Right now?

[Mark] Well and not available at the moment, but they're going to be available soon. I'll be able to use it on any marker normally?

100%. This Ace is just meant to, the Ace is meant to communicate with the Spire 4, but if you wanted to use the Spire 4 on any other hopper or any other marker, you're more than willing and it's more than capable to do so.

[Mark] All right. Cool. And as you guys are going to and then heading over to the Jerky Den.

Mark's got a question for me.

Question from Our YouTube Audience

[Mark] I'm finding a question from YouTube. Okay, here's a funny one.

20 minutes later.

[Mark] On the shooting of the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 with the Deadlywind hair trigger. Charlie Boi, he wants to know, "Why am I watching this?" "I play Airsoft."

Charlie boi, I don't know. But they're fairly similar. Why is Charlie Boi watching it? You guys put in the comments below. He plays Airsoft. I don't know.

[Mark] I'm just thinking 'cause we're so damn entertaining.


[Mark] Paintball is so awesome that he just can't tear his eyes away from the screen.

That's it. Why am I watching this? I don't know.

[Mark] It's a gateway drug.

Charlie, that's a question you need to ask yourself. All right guys, thanks for watching. Put your questions, comments, everything below. Hit the notification bell, subscribe, all that great stuff. See you guys later.