V-Force Grillz 2.0 Review and Compared to Original V-Force Grill Goggle

Hey guys, what is going on? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today we are bringing you the new grill 2.0, versus the original.

And why? 'Cause who's the best source for paintball?


Yeah, you guys already know it is LoneWolfPaintball.com. And this, over here, is the Hex Kone Sand, one of the original grills, and then the new 2.0 right out over here, we'll talk about the outer cosmetics and then we'll kind of work into the nitty gritty stuff. First off, price point? We'll wait for that. Go to www.PbSwagBag.com, use our code LWP10 to save 10% off your first monthly subscription. All right. We'll jump on it. And price point for the new, the black version, these are about 115 bucks for the 2.0. And then this one's a special edition, like I said, the original ones, these are into the hundred dollar range for sure, and above, but a standard black grill is about 90 bucks. So if you wanted to, if I had a, a black one for the video, it would be about 90 bucks. And then these are $115. So, looking at the outside, first thing I noticed here, on the original grill in this area, and obviously on the other side as well, is that ventilation. You've got more ventilation in the new 2.0 than you definitely do in the original grill itself.

Can you slide them closer together?


That way I get a really good, yeah.

So, should be in this region here, and obviously on the original grill you don't see that. So obviously breathing, fogging, communication with teammates, eliminating the echo, I think they definitely did a better job. Obviously it's an updated version, so, better job with the ventilation system on the front. Speaking of the front, you can notice the difference in the decline, I'd call it, in the nose piece, from the original to the 2.0. So you can definitely see, let me, it's hard bending over in this region in here, in this region, compared to the original, I think they've definitely upgraded that.

Yeah, it looks like the, the vent on the nose part is a little different, and it's a little softer on the new one. It's not such a hard, sharp line at the tip of the nose.

They always called the grill goggle-like, that's one of the, the meaner looking goggles on the market. So Mark, speaking of markets, what do you think looks meaner: the original grill or the new one?

Oh. They're I mean, they're comparable-

Yeah. once we can start seeing some different color schemes. It's it's, isn't a fair like the, the special edition looks meaner just cause we've got the two-tone-

for sure.

to be honest, but I don't, they didn't lose any meanness in the new one for sure.

No, they kept it. I think they kind of kept it more true to its roots. Obviously you're going to have updates since it's in a 2.0 version, but still very, very similar. I like that they definitely hooked up the ventilation on the new one better. So that is very good.

Let's see the side-

I was just, gonna go that way.

It looked like the medallion changed, and different things-

Oo, you're going to notice something on the side change, in this region here compared to the new 2.0. Hmm. Updated earpieces on the 2.0, and you've just got your simple molded plastic on the original grill. Once again, the original grill has been around for so many years, it was I think, GI sports or Kore, whatever you want to call them figured, yeah, it's about time to come out with, with the new version.

I think what's neat about that, and we'll get into it when we look at the inside of the mask is that those ears are now removable, which leads to customization and different color options that we wouldn't see on the original.

Yeah, that is true. What is the same though? You're talking, we're using the same lenses here, and then also the straps with the silicone tacking. Obviously this is a special edition strap, and it still does have that nice silicone tacking on the back so it's not coming off your head. And then same with the new 2.0, obviously different sublimated strap, but the same silicone tacking on the inside as well. All right. Kind of covered the outside features, so let's talk about-

Not yet, we didn't.


One of the features that I know a lot of guys don't even take out of the box. What about the visors?

Oh, oh, that is a good one, will come in in the original grill box. Over here, you've got your visor, super, super bendy. And, hmm. It's got like these little O-rings on here on the end. I wonder, huh? What you do with that? This, you got to put your visor on. Obviously these slots coordinate with the slots here on the inside of the mask, and then you have to lock those O-rings, they come off, you, you tear them off and then to keep your visor on, you've got to lock those O-rings underneath these slits too, so it obviously stays on. In the new 2.0, that is not the case. Now, up near the top, here, you can see there's three holes. In the new visor, which is hard, it is nowhere near bendy as the original. So this is the original and that's one nowhere near that. It's definitely harder. It's got, they've extended it for rain or sunny conditions, stuff like that. Now they clip in. So now you have the actual three prongs that literally snap right into the top of the goggle, coordinating with each one of those holes, instead of ripping these O-rings off and trying to get your visor on that way. Snap in, snap out, good to go.

Can you put them so the, 'cause it looked like the contour changed a little bit too. Just so we have a side-by-side on those?

You want them like this?

No, on the visors, just hold up both visors, next to each other.

Yeah. Oh yeah.

So the one has like the bat wings, I always like to call it. ♪ bat wing ♪


So the one over here, is the original. And then the new one, obviously is the one that has nice snap-in now. Like I said, they kind of extended it. They said it was for the sun and the rain conditions. So-


there's that. And then lastly, real quick, they did update the goggle bags that come brand new. This one's more micro-fiber-esque, I would say, super, super soft. And then the older style is grandma's couch, underneath of it, if you ever saw underneath grandma's couch, that's hey, at least it's a goggle bag, still protects your lens from getting scratched and all that.

But the new one's best, definitely a nice case.

Oh yeah. New one is definitely nicer in regards to that. Let's see-

Chinstraps. Let's see chinstraps.


Any difference? Any upgrades are they're the same?

Let me see. It's it's a slight upgrade in the 2.0. I don't think that material that's actually going to be rubbing on your chin is as harsh. It feels softer to me, but I mean, you're, you're similar. This one's definitely more coarse. So, I throw a little pad on there either way and call it a day.

But and if I remember correctly, they're riveted in on the new one.

Yeah, it is.

So it's, okay I mean-

Okay, obviously, I'm not gonna be able to get in there. It's hard to see inside. They're riveted in and then these ones actually have a snap piece on them. So there's that. Let's let's get down to, to the real good stuff here, Mark. Go into the inside of the goggle. The new one, or should I start with the old one?

Depends on what you're gonna talk about.

I'm talking about the foam.

Oh, okay, show the old one first, because the old one's a pain in the butt.


So the old one, they say it is quick changing. Yes, the foam pieces do come out, but if you're going to quick change the foam on the old style, it doesn't just pull in and pull out. You actually have to open these bad boys up. So you're going to open that up, on the inside, and I have it. This is also how you change your lens, have a full video on that as well. But you're going to see the unlock, and the lock button right there. You have to turn it to the unlocked position. Same exact thing on the other side, do you want me to do the other side two Mark or? Okay. So same exact way on the other side: unlock, unlock. And then this entire piece, you can buy a foam kit for the original grill, this entire piece, along with the foam, top and bottom, pulls out after you unlock both sides and then you could buy your new foam and replace it obviously the same way you took it out.

So you're replacing the foam and that actual grate at the top?

Correct. Exactly-

That's all part of it.

That's all one piece is going to pull out, buy your kit and you're ready to go. Nice new foam for you, on the, let me just throw this back in here, on the new style, which is my favorite part about it, you don't got to do the whole unlock this. You just simply, from the top, all of your foam clicks in and you can pull it right on out, just like that. So I'm not messing around back here and unlocking things. I'm just pulling it out, buying new foam and slapping it in there when it's time to get it changed.

Now, it does have the same locking system that you can remove that-


grate as well, but you don't need to, which thank you, Jesus.

Saves you a lot of time. You don't have to do the extra steps if you don't need to replace the entire piece. Yeah. I mean, oh-

So you, the way you took off the little adapter, earpiece, to change the lens, is that the same as on the new one?

Yeah. I mean to, like I said, the lenses are the same, and even the clip system on the inside too, you got to pinch and pull to get these things out and then it still slides out, just the same way, they do have the updated, you can see the actual clip here, on the original, compared to the clip there, on the new one. They've just added a little, couple sleeker looking features and that's that's about it. But yeah, like you mentioned earlier though, Mark, the removable earpieces, which is a cool feature, take that clip out and then there's two, what do they call those little bad boys?

Just this little snap,

Little snap clips, yeah. You can take those earpieces off if you want to. Other than that, I think for the most part, yeah, there was just a, I don't know how quick that was Mark, but a comparison with the original grill versus the new 2.0. So in 2.0, I would say that visor clips in at the top, very nice feature. The removable foam, very nice feature as well. And lastly, obviously the outer cosmetics with better breathing and you know, teammate communication is cool.

How flexible is that bottom?

Flexible. And then you're looking at,

About the same? Maybe a little softer?

Yeah, yeah. Maybe, maybe a little softer on the 2.0, but they're both flexible. Yeah. All right guys. Comparison 2.0 versus the original grill. Don't forget it is LoneWolfPaintball.com. Also follow us on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, all the social platforms. And until the next video, we will see you guys later.

Throw in the comments, what goggle you want to see a comparison of this new grill 2.0 versus, so you can help choose which one you go and buy.

See you guys later.