HK Army Magtek Magnetic Universal Chinstrap

What's going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I am bringing you the all-new HK Army Magtek Magnetic Universal Chinstrap. Ha! Take a look at that.

[Cameraman] Clasp it, stick it on. Take it off. Show me the magic.

I'm gonna take it off. Oh, did you see? It's too quick. Lightning, Lightning McQueen over here. So a universal strap that fits grilles, EVS's, virtue goggles, the SLR, which is new by HK Army and the KLR Goggle as well. Um. They're $19.95. They do come with a nice pad here. So when this is actually on your face and you're out there playing, it's not, you're not having just this. Um. What do you call this material, Mark?

[Cameraman] Uh. It's the webbing.

Webbing. It's stuff. It's not going to be comfortable. It comes with the padded chin strap that you're going to want. And obviously it's magnetic. So, um, your standard goggle, a lot of these goggles come with just your buckle and it's hard. You're trying to fiddle with it on the field. The point's about to start and you're trying to get that buckle in there instead of just slapping this bad boy together. So, which is cool. I like that. Let's throw it on a V-force grille and show you real quick. A lot of these goggles these days will have, um, if mark and zoom in there, and we're looking at this triangle, that's the grille version, but some other goggles have different slots that you can actually feed the Velcro through and get this thing to work on. So we'll throw it on here real quick and show you how that works.

[Cameraman] So depending on which goggle you have, some of them are going to be Velcro. Some of them are going to be Snap. Some of them might even be sewn or riveted. So you may have to cut your old strap out.

[Tony] That's right.

[Cameraman] Don't damage the slot in the mask where the new one's going to go through. That'd be sad, boy.

[Tony] Yeah, you'd be sad. You'd be sad boy then.

[Cameraman] And then you always feed from the inside of the mask heading outward when you put these on.

[Tony] That's right. So, got that. It took me, you know, longer than it should have, but it's pretty easy to rock and operate. See that Mark. And then obviously these are fully adjustable, guys. So you can obviously adjust it to however, however tight you want it to your chin. Oh, just that easy.

[Cameraman] Nice. Yeah. I like the way they just slide off too, they're not, no pinching. No.

And it's picking up on my mic here too. So yeah, once again, these straps are fully adjustable, so you can tighten it or loosen it depending on how tight you want it or close to your chin. A lot of players. They. Let's just be honest. We don't like to wear chin straps. They will leave them loose. So it's not bugging in, and you know, chafing on the bottom of their chin. They'll leave them loose so it's not doing that. But it is the rule. You have to have them if you want to play the tournaments. So this is the new universal chin strap by HK army. So this is the new universal chin strap by HK Army. Fully magnetic. And like I said, comes with the comfort of the pad. And if you guys don't want it, you can always take the pad off as well. So some players just don't get down like that. So, that's Velcro. You can just pull the pad off if you don't want that.

[Cameraman] For 20 bucks, I think it's a great deal.

Yeah, I mean it's, obviously, it's way easier than trying to mess with that. Or even players that have older goggles that they've already cut their straps off of, you know, drilled through the rivets, hey, this is a nice option for you. If you guys know you need a chin strap out there in the tournament field by this $19.95, and you've got yourself a new chin strap that is magnetic.

[Cameraman] Do they come in different colors? Do we know yet?

I think they're just black for now. I don't know if they're going to come out with other colors, but we just have the black ones in stock right now at

[Cameraman] All right. And last time, what are the goggles that works with right off the rip?

Off the rip. You're talking the grilles, the EVS's, any of the virtue goggles and then the KLR and the new SLR by HK army. So I mean like, easy buy. I'd probably pick one up and throw it on a couple of my other goggles. So until next time, follow us on the tech talks, the Instagram's good stuff like that. And we will see you guys later.

[Cameraman] Bye.