Dye I4 Paintball Goggle | Most Underrated Mask?

Hey, guys, what's going on? Joe with Lone Wolf Paintball and today, I'm gonna do a kind of a quick refresh overview of the Dye i4 Goggle. All right, guys. So you're probably wondering, wait, Dye i4? Some of you guys might have only been playing long enough that the only thing you guys know is the i5. Other guys that have been around for a minute are definitely familiar with the i4s. But I wanna kinda do this video today to let everybody know, the i4s are still in full production.

The i4 uses the same exact lens as the i5, sort of field of view, all that type of stuff's gonna be identical to wearing the i5. But the i4 is still an awesome option. Real reasonably priced. Your regular black one is gonna be $159.95, the dirty bird that I'm holding is the same price, and so is the black gold. A couple bucks more for the fancier colors, but the i4, honestly, it's still a great goggle. A lot of guys like it, one, it's a little bit cheaper than what the i5 is. The profile, if you're a smaller guy, younger kids, these things are great. They got a real tight profile for someone that's a little bit bigger like me, that's kinda why they made the I5. That was kinda like the expanded version of this goggle, but this is the tried-and-true OG version that everybody, everybody loves this goggle.

Dye I4 Profile

Like I said, great lens in it, awesome field of view. These things are also really popular with like MilSim guys, the Airsoft guys, again, because it's got such a tight profile. When those guys actually wanna use their stocks, first-strike guys, guys that wanna use scopes, things like that. When you got a big, bulky mask, it's hard to, when you're normally holding a rifle, and you usually got that cheek kinda right down on the back of your stock, well if you got a big, bulky mask, it kinda makes it hard to do, it makes it hard for guys to look through those scopes, and things of that nature, so that's why the i4 is still really popular. Throw it on, you guys can see. 

Real tight profile, hugs real tight to the face, and super comfortable. Still, yeah, one of my more favorite goggles out there. Like I said, you can see I was talking about, you can keep that really snug to your face. Still an awesome google, very reasonably priced.

Again, we've kinda doin' some videos as of lately to show you guys some, kinda underrated gear. This is definitely a mask out there that I'd put in the underrated category. Lot of guys have forgotten about it, just 'cause they usually see the i5, but really the big differences between those two masks are really gonna be, I actually got an i5 right here so you guys can see. So the same exact lens. It's gonna be the same field of view. A couple of the upgrades that they did on the i5 is gonna be on the inside, well of course, in the strap, and actually you got the Ratchet strap which is very comfortable, clicks down, tightens into place, just hugs the back of your head. You got your traditional strap here.

i4 Goggle Padding

Little pro tip for you guys, we do have 'em available on the website. We have the Virtue Universal Pro Pads, they're called. So you can actually throw a Pro Pad right on the back of an i4, you can throw it on the back of any goggle. You're not gonna have the ratchet feature, but you're gonna have that soft, kinda comfortable, hugs the back of your head. Well since, it's only 15 bucks so you can pick up a virtue pro pad and throw one right back on. It's gonna kinda give you that same look and feel of the Ratchet Strap.

The other main differences are the foam. You get your regular foam in here and it's not replaceable. That's one of the upgrades they did on the i5, is a foam clicks out. You can change the foam out. So really other than that, the foam is the main difference. The Ratchet Strap and then just the overall profile. You can kinda maybe see the side profiles when I hold them up. When they built the i5, the i5 is definitely a little bit more extended.  I throw them on, for you guys real quick. So you can see it does end up giving me a little bit more coverage down the sides.

[Mark] I think they can see me in the reflection

So, that's the i5. Throw the i4 back on for you guys just to kinda see. It's comfortable. It's just a nice comfy goggle, but yeah, you can see a little bit more, but again a lot of guys like that. A lot of guys that are looking for that small sleek, I mean, I'm a lot larger than the average bear that's for sure, most of your pro guys and even your divisional guys are a lot smaller, skinnier, faster, so the i4 is still a great option. And then probably my favorite feature of the i4, I do think it's actually a little bit easier to change the lenses.

With the i5 you've gotta kinda pinch some clips and twist around. The i4 lenses actually pop out of place pretty easily. Inside here, you got that tab. We have a full video on changing the i5 lens, so here's how you do it on the i4. Hear that click: they'll slide forward, the other side slides forward and then the lens pops right out. So, that's actually kinda one of I'd say the one upper hand that the i4 has, is the lens. The way it is even though it is the same exact lens, the process that you use to take it out is probably a little smoother and a little easier on the I4 coincidentally enough.

Price Difference | Dye i4 vs Dye i5

[Mark] What was the price difference again?

i5s cost $189.95 for these lines. The other colors are $199.95. So, like I said you can buy a Virtue Pro Pad. You can throw that right on the back of your goggle, kinda gives you that feel. Otherwise, you got the same exact lens and then, really the only other difference would just be the foam.

So, guys, like I said, I wanted to bring this video for it just as you're kinda going through paintball stuff, looking kinda tryna come up like I said, with some underrated gear out there, stuff that kinda people tend to overlook. So, a great option for you guys is the Dye i4 goggle. We just got in a fresh batch not too long ago. So, check them out. Shop now at Lone Wolf Paintball. Don't forget to grab some beef jerky, keep you full, keep you lean. So, take it easy guys, we'll see you next time. Oh, we got a question.

YouTube Question

[Mark] Until you answer this question. On the 5 things to do before the 2020 paintball season video. IamNanis. I have a question. Could mid range and higher end guns handle lower end paint like One Star?

Yeah, for sure. Yeah, usually kinda the way it goes is with your higher end, usually high end paint you only really wanna shoot through high end guns just for the fact that the high end paint is gonna be really brittle. So, you're gonna wanna shoot it through a high end gun. That's gonna be real soft, non-paint, low pressure so it doesn't break. Your lower end paint yeah, you can definitely shoot through any gun.

Typically your lower end paint is gonna be a little bit firmer. It's not gonna have nearly the brittle of a shell. With lower end paint, it's gonna work great and just a regular old tip means and things like that. So, yeah, pretty much any ball can be shot through a high end gun. Low end paint though, you usually just wanna stick to, kinda, while it's the low end paint gonna be used in any gun, high-end paint, you only wanna use in high end gun.

[Mark] Wonderful. So if you've got a question, leave it in the comments you might get picked randomly and we'll answer it. Thanks guys.