Best Paintball Masks if you Wear Glasses | Definitive Guide

What's going on guys? It's Mark from Lone Wolf Paintball. Tony's behind the camera today and I'm going to go over what goggles if you wear glasses.

[Tony] Let's do it Mark, hit it up.

Ooh. First thing, all of these goggles and lens swaps are available at So if you want the Pro Flex X with the chrome or something or you want CMD with a different lens we've got them all on the website, go check it out. And if you haven't already, make sure you're subscribed, like this video, leave us a comment, and jump over to our Facebook group where this is why this video is happening. I asked you guys for video ideas, you guys said, "Hey which goggles should I wear If I have glasses?" So we're going to do the definitive guide. Starting off we've got V-Force Profiler, Pro Flex Xs, and V-Force grills. That's a Bio Ascend. We've got the KLRs. What is that, a Push?

[Tony] Yeah, it's a Warpaint Push. Yes sir.

And we got EVS, CMD, and we're going to top it off with the I5. So right now they're kind of in order of price point from cheapest to most expensive in the base models. Some of these colors might be a little more than the base but this is roughly from 60 bucks all the way to almost $200. We're going to find out if the most expensive Goggle is the most comfortable but I'm going to start with the V-Force Profiler. So here you can see the foam. It's a one-piece foam that goes all the way around. Not a huge window, but let's see.

[Tony] Oh, you look good in those Mark.

Hi guys.

[Tony] Ooh, baby.

V-Force Profiler

The first thing I noticed was that my glasses do fit inside. They're not hitting my frames. So my glasses aren't getting pushed against my face any harder. I can see just fine in here. Taking them off-

[Tony] You Purposely wore bigger glasses today, right?

Slightly bigger, yeah. We touched on this in an earlier video. I did notice taking these off the foam caught my glasses just slightly. They're more than comfortable. Probably wouldn't be my first choice, but they'll work and I think that's going to be something we're going to find as a trend. Moving on. 

Pro Flex X

We've got the Pro Flex Xs. You can see the foam here. Now we start to get into two-piece foams. We'll see if that makes a difference. Get these straps out of the way. All right, same thing. Nothing's pushing against my glasses.

[Tony] You think that two-piece foam helped you at all?

I do think it helps seeing as I pull it on but it didn't help as much as I hoped it would. So the two pieces kept pressure from being on the frames, the arms of my glasses, but the main opening inside still wasn't large enough to prevent my glasses from being moved when I took it off. Granted, I could sit and take super care in moving it. But I mean, let's be realistic. I don't want to spend an hour to take my glasses off. I just want to be able to throw them on and off. 

V-Force Grills

Next stop. The V-Force Grills are similar to the Profiler. It's a one-piece foam. I'm expecting the arm on my glasses to hit in there. It's not a huge opening again, but... Yeah, probably the tightest to my glasses I've felt so far. Even more so than the Pro-Flex. Although these are used Profilers so that might have something to do with it. The rest of these masks are brand new. Because I was careful it didn't pull off. Comfortable. I do wear the grills myself cause I like the look. Same thing. They don't push. If I get hit in the face while wearing it's not going to push my glasses into my face. But I definitely grabbed the lenses a little bit more. If I had smaller glasses on, probably wouldn't be an issue. 

Virtue Vio Ascend

Moving on to the Virtue Vio Ascends. Again, we're back into a two-piece foam top and bottom with a spacing there. Not a lot of room again. It's still a relatively small area. You wouldn't notice it without glasses because your eyes are so close in that foam and it's comfortable, but let's see how it does. I'm already hitting myself cause it's a small goggle to begin with. So that's a negative for sure. Like I said, none of these really push the glasses against my face anymore, right? It's all about, can my glasses get in and out of the foam? This one's still snagged them a little bit. Again, not unusable. What's the biggest complaint we hear about people with glasses and goggles in general?

[Tony] They say it just doesn't fit or obviously it's going to fog up.

It doesn't fit and it fogs up. If your goggles are fogging you're either playing super humid. You don't know how to breathe, or...

[Tony] Tell them the trick Mark about breathing. Gotta tell them the tricks.

So two things. Learn to breathe through your nose because I've never had a goggle fog up if I'm breathing through my nose. And if you are mouth breathing learn to breathe down. tuck that bottom lip in. So your breath is going against your chin and out the bottom of the mask. Makes a world of difference. But ideally, breathe through your nose.


[Tony] What Goggle we got? What's this KLR?

The HK Army KLRs got the two-piece foam again. Nice big area for them, hopefully for my arm frame. Not a lot of space in there, again. We're still very compact and these goggles aren't designed for people that wear them with glasses. This is probably the worst goggle I've tried so far.

[Tony] For glasses, obviously.

For glasses. And probably for guys with smaller heads. I feel like my chin's sticking out the bottom and I got a lot up here to work with. So it's not a mask I'd recommend for big-headed guys.

[Tony] I can see all that hair in the video, Mark. I can see it off.


[Tony] Yeah, oh, yeah.

Again, the glasses don't hit the lenses. I don't think that's going to be an issue with any of these. I definitely grabbed them when I tried to take them off. Now we're getting into the more expensive goggles. The KLRs kind of start at a hundred bucks. Some of the different colors might be slightly higher. 

Push Unite Warpaint

Now we're getting into the 160 and up range with these Push Unite Warpaint Goggles. Push goggles. Again, two-piece foam. This has an adjustable nose piece. I don't know if that'll have a bearing on-

[Tony] That would be interesting to do. Maybe a separate video, that nose piece. I wonder if that... That's interesting.

So again, same thing, none of these are going to push against your glasses unless your glasses are huge. The spacing in here is finally getting to be bigger but it did still catch my glasses. I don't know, I'd have to really do some more research to find out if it's a certain area inside on some of these or if it's just the general spacing altogether. Let me try that one more time. Cause while they were on, I seemed like I had a lot of spacing, so it might just be a user error. I'd give the Push a good try for sure. Let's see. 

Empire EVS

Next up we got the EVS

[Tony] Okay, so before you put those on, in my opinion, obviously, the Empire EVS is one of the biggest goggles on the market. Let's see, let's see what it does

And spoilers. This is the one that we usually recommend. It's got the most spacing on the side here between the foam and the main gap for the entire lens is larger than any other one on here. Just by natural selection should say this should fit the most comfortably with glasses. Now you can argue about the comfortability of the foam itself being that these are brand new it's a little stiff. Definitely a lot of clearance.

[Tony] It doesn't look like you're snagging too much.

A little bit. And I think what it is, I think I figured it out. Let me grab a, what's a more flexible mask? So the ones that aren't as wide-faced, I seem to be catching on the side more than the wider goggles out. And some of that just might be the use of play. If you wear a goggle enough it's going to start to bow. But in terms of spacing for glasses I think the EVS is probably the hands-down winner but let's see, we got the CMD. 

Bunkerkings CMD

Again, with the Bunkerkings CMD Goggle two-piece foam. So the arm of the glasses should be able to fit through but the height of the foam here isn't the tallest. Undo the chin strap. Goggle's a little tight. Give me one second. So, okay, let me try and show you this too. So because I have glasses on, right? You have to stretch the goggle out farther to clear your glasses. And it didn't matter which one I used. They all had to do this. So I'm going way farther out to bring it in on my glasses than I would than if I didn't have glasses. If I didn't have my glasses, I could just throw it on and I'm done. And now away I go. Right? And I can just slide it up and down. You're not going to do this with any of them with glasses on. It's, again, it's another technique you're going to have to get comfortable using.

[Tony] Dude, that chin strap on top of your head, it's looking good. That's what Mark looks like with dreadlocks.

Hey. But no, let's give it a fair shake from the get-go. It's a little tight on my head

[Tony] And you don't have a really big head, so.

I don't.

[Tony] So means their straps are really tight.

There we go. All right. Same thing. So again nothing lens-wise ever hits my glasses. So that's good to know. Got a little bit of adjustment. I mean, you're going to have issues if you ever have to shift your goggles anyway. So make sure it's where you want it. Even before you put it on with glasses. Still snags a little bit coming off. 

Dye i5

Wrap this up with the Dye I5. Again, two pieces. A smaller area between here. Get that ratchet strap out of the way.

[Tony] And those actually, those and the I4s have always been known for their small goggles. So, let's see what they got.

All right, well, okay. So these are the first pairs that I've actively noticed pressure on the arms of my glasses while I have the mask on. But I think it has more to do with the ear area. Cause this goggle, like I was saying, contours in more than some of these other ones. So it's pushing here into the glasses, into my temples. And again, just like most of them, they snag my glasses when I go to take them off. All of these are usable. If you're on a budget, I don't see any of these where I wouldn't be able to play paintball wearing...

[Tony] So I'll ask you–What is your absolute, are you going with the EVS?

The EVS are by far the most comfortable and easy to get on and off of all of these and have the most flexibility in terms of, what I would say the size of my glasses or being able to shift the goggle around a little bit and not have my glasses feel completely out of place. Granted, I'm not running around and sweating in any of these. The worst ones for glasses, I hate to say it. I wouldn't recommend the I5 at all for glasses and the KLRs are pretty bad for glasses as well. EVSs were good. The Push's I felt were really nice. And probably the Pro Flex to be honest

[Tony] That you wouldn't recommend?

No I would, I would recommend EVS, Push and probably these Pro Flexs are some of the most comfortable with the glasses on.

[Tony] So once again, this is a question you guys asked us and a lot of people, you guys out there, if you don't like contacts or can't wear contacts, you wear glasses and you want to know, we've got how many you got out there, Mark?

Nine, got nine goggles out here.

[Tony] Out of nine goggles. I mean that's a pretty good wide spread of activity there.

So number one, most comfortable, the EVS. Number two, is probably the Push. Number three would be the Pro Flex with glasses of course. And then, like I said, the two I would avoid the most would be the I5 and the KLR. There's just not a lot of room in there. And I did notice even in a previous video when I had different glasses on that weren't as tall. The KLRs caught more than these as well. So, you know, but try them. Go to your store and see which ones you can put on. Borrow friends, go to the field. I mean, if I walked outdoors I could probably find somebody with one of these goggles to ask. If you don't trust me because I might be a liar.

[Tony] Ooh.

Nope. So that's it. You guys wanted me to follow up on this in a future video, let us know in the comments. Go over to the Facebook group because that's where this video came from. You guys requested it and that's what we're interacting with. Make sure you follow us on YouTube and Facebook. We just started a TikTok. Tony's been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff, dancing, fighting, grenades. It's crazy.

[Tony] The whole nine.

If you haven't been there, links for all that stuff are in the description. And Tony, you got anything else?

[Tony] No Mark, where do they go? Where do they go?

[Tony] Oh, there it is.

Best source for paintball.

[Tony] Thanks for watching guys, of course. And if you guys have your favorite goggle with glasses put it in the comments below. And until next time, Mark, what do they do? They take it easy, yeah?

You say, "Take it easy."

[Tony] Okay.

I say, "See ya."

[Tony] Bye, bye now. He says, "You say, "Take it easy."" I do, I do say that.