HK Army MTN Magnetic Snow Goggle Review

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I'm bringing you something a little different. We're gonna go over the HK Army mountain snowboarding goggles.

[Mark] Snowboarding goggles at a paintball store?

This is very true. Snowboarding goggles on a paintball channel. But obviously, as you guys know, there is relevance. These are made by HK Army. Whether you live in sunny California and you go up in the mountains to snowboard, or you live in Michigan like us and you also go up in the mountains or the hills to snowboard, you're probably gonna want some pretty cool goggles. So two different kinds currently being made by HK Army. They do retail $89.95. Over here we have the frost and over here we have the ignite. They do come in a very, very, very nice hard shell case. And with two different thermal anti-fog lenses. All right, Mark. This is where I'm opening this up and pulling things out of the package. You're gonna start grilling me with some questions.

[Mark] Ooh. Okay. First off, is that a microfiber?

[Tony] This is a very, it's not a microfiber but it is a case to keep your spare lens protected and scratch-free with a, you know, double little pulley, so you can keep it nice and tight. Like I said, scratch-free. Even inside of this EVA protective case here.

So my spare lens. So I have, I can buy extras later?

If you need to, but it comes with two off the rip. You've got an amber lens, so if it's kinda dark outside or the conditions are cloudy, you can throw in your amber lens to see brighter and better. Or you can go with, like I said, either the kind of red-orange ignite, which is stock or the bluish, kinda like a blue ice frost lens as well. So it's pretty cool. I mean, the case is awesome. Small, compact, and it's very, very durable. So I do like that. And a lot of people are like "90 bucks!" but if you snowboard, you know it's not a cheap sport. So anyways, let's take a look here. Let's pull out this, the secondary lens. Once again, these are thermal dual pane anti-fog lens. That's the amber lens there. Like I said, if you're out there and this isn't, you just don't have to use these for snowboarding. I mean, hey, I'm buying a pair 'cause Imma go outside and shovel the snow that's in my driveway to keep my face warm and from being wind chafed. So I mean, or whatever else you guys: snowmobile, snowboard, whatever you guys wanna do.

[Mark] Can I wear 'em for paintball?

You cannot, disclaimer Mark will put on the screen. These are not for paintball use. They are not paintball rated. That's a great question, Mark. Was gonna hit it at the end but might as well get it right off the rip. So plenty of protection here. Nice tissue paper. I like it. And here we are. So this is what it, literally brand new out of the box. It comes with plenty of wrappings and paper and bags to keep these lenses scratch-free. So let's set that stuff off to the side. Hit me Mark. What do we got?

[Mark] Actually, I have a favor to ask before I hit you with the questions.


[Mark] Can you turn this blue one just a little bit towards me more? Cause I'm not seeing the cool reflecting and I wanna make sure it'sah there it is. Oh, that's sweet.

Okay. All right.

[Mark] Oh, so nice. So they can see the color.

Looking good. That one's good?

[Mark] That is good.

Okay, cool. So I do have, I believe this is the ignite. Yup, I do have the ignite on the table. Right outta the box.

[Mark] All right. So I'm just gonna recap real quick. So 90 bucks: you get the case, two lenses, your choice of either the blue ice thingy

[Tony] The frost or the ignite kind of reddish-orange. Yeah.

[Mark] And the yellow is the other standard with-

[Tony] Correct.

[Mark] Okay.

[Tony] That's right.

[Mark] What about the strap? How's the strap?

[Tony] The strap. Actually I like this. This is a custom HK Army strap. You can see right here you've got the emblem. You've got their actual, you know, the normal HK Army. And then you've got a little, I'm sure Mark can see it, little skull there.

[Mark] I've got a big head, but that's huge.

[Tony] Yeah. So these straps, I like it. They made 'em extra large because this can actually go over a snowboarding helmet. Or if you wanna just wear these by yourself, you can tighten 'em up really nice and tight and you can actually put 'em, Mark, are you ready for this?

[Mark] I'm waiting.

This is sick. You can put 'em right on your face. You know what, can you see me not ready for this? Let's do it. Didn't come out as well, but did you see all that happen?

[Mark] Yeah.

That was magic.

[Mark] You just ripped 'em off. Are they broken now?

It's called magnetic. Nope. Just like that. So-

[Mark] Now put the other ones on. Aw, you gotta,

What? No.

[Mark] You gotta switch, You're not gonna walk-

No, dude. It hurts when you do it. That's not the way you're supposed to do it. But as you guys can see, these things are magnetic. If you wanna zoom in around the edges if you can, Mark. So they're made to change easily in seconds, depending on the conditions you guys are in. So they just simply snap right in place. Pull that one off, put the amber one on if it's kinda dark, kinda cloudy outside and you guys can go about your business. But most importantly, back to the strap, Mark, like I said it goes around either a snowboarding helmet or you can put it on, like I just showed you: like an idiot, you know, however you guys are doing it. Like I said as well, I'm gonna use these to shovel snow outside, if I'm snowmobiling or just, you know, having a fun day outside with the kids.

[Mark] So on some cheap goggles that I've used in the past I get like this weird distortion, like I'm looking through like a fisheye lens or like things, you know, trees are distorted.

These don't have that. These are optically correct, dual pane, thermal lenses, Mark. That's what they are. They don't have the distortion. They were obviously designed in that fashion to not have that kinda weird, you're up and down, obviously when you're snowboarding and moving up and down and all around your vision and your surface that you're actually riding on changes. So these lenses do not have that.

[Mark] All right. You said that they're, you know, they're the dual pane. So they're fog-free. Like is there decent ventilation? Like I don't wanna

For sure. [Mark] sweat when I take off.

There's actually ventilation all through the top area there and you can probably see that. And through the bottom, there's actually, there's ventilation in the bottom as well, but they have little like breathable covers over them. So you're probably not getting snow all up in there and, you know, enhancing any fogging situation that may occur. So there's ventilation on both sides on the bottom and the huge ventilation surface on the top as well, so. All right, and as you guys might know, a lot of you paintball players out there probably snowboard as well. We're gonna hit some key points before I close this bad boy out. So we're talking, obviously the lenses are magnetic. You can quick change those in seconds. The strap on the back is a custom strap, silicone tacking on the back so it doesn't slip off your head or off the helmet you're using. We've also got extremely comfortable foam on the inside here with plenty of ventilation coming with that second lens and the nice hard shell case with your carrying bags so the lens doesn't get scratched. And don't forget guys, most importantly, We've got these in stock, limited supply. We know you guys are involved in sports so hit 'em up and they are $89.95 once again. And I think Mark is gonna close this out. Don't forget to hit the subscription and ring that notification bell.

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That's right. Take it easy guys.

[Mark] See ya.