3 Tips for New Paintball Goggles and Lenses

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Today, here are the top three things you should do if you've purchased a brand new goggle. As silly as this might sound, guys we get so many messages on Instagram and Facebook about ‘I got a goggle from you or whoever and my lens is scratched, the inside is bubbling, the inside is peeling.’ 

How to Get Rid of Bubbles on a Paintball Goggle Lens

The number one thing that you should do is we're gonna start right off the rip with it. Take the inside film off of your goggle lens. So a couple of demonstrations 'cause some lenses like this, Mark, when you zoom in will look like that. Bubbly, you can tell right away. I mean, not from the outside per se doesn't look too shabby, but obviously from the inside perspective, there is a protective film on the inside that needs to be peeled off first before you should go play paintball. You're gonna put it on, it's gonna look murky. It could look scratched. It could look bubbly. 

You guys are gonna want to, there's a film here and it's even funny. It's this one, not all of them have this obviously, but remove before fighting. So get on the inside. If the lens is already installed on the goggle, which is probably 95% the case, you're gonna need to get this interior film off of the inside of the lens. So you're gonna need to remove that and then everything's gonna get a lot more clear after that happens. But I wanted to bring up, like I just said if you bought a goggle and it comes just like this and you're looking through it, it's kinda foggy. 

You're gonna either need to watch one of our videos on how to get the lens out and then peel it off or use your finger or use a very, very small and tiny tool on the upper top corner just to get the peel started so you can pull the rest away. I highly suggest not scraping a dental pick or a small screwdriver across that 'cause your brand new lens is gone. 

Mark, so would you have any other tips and tricks if they don't wanna take their lens out, on how to get up in the top corner to actually start the peeling process?

[Mark] No, like you said just something small, stay as far to the outside edge as possible.


[Mark] So it doesn't end up in your line of sight and be super careful.

100%. Extremely careful. All you're doing, if you absolutely have to use a tool and you don't wanna take the lens completely out to do you know what I just did here with this one, be extremely careful. Start very small until you can get a little edge and then pull it off with your hand.

[Mark] And I'd recommend taking the lens out anyway 'cause it's good to know how to do it on your goggle.

100%. So that would be a recommendation. Take the lens out if you absolutely don't know how, you think you can't use a tool but be extremely careful.

[Mark] I've only seen the BunkerKing's one 'cause that one's almost clear.

This one. Yeah, this is a Virtue VIO Ascend here and you guys can obviously see that, that small square, yeah, square shouldn't be there. You know there's something on the inside of the goggle. Almost every single manufacturer depending on what goggle you have, they have a protective film on it. So just make sure that you have that taken off before you go out to play. 

Like I said, we do receive a lot of phone calls about that. Lens is scratched, it's bubbly, blah, blah, blah, make sure 100% to peel the film off. And while speaking of that, Mark, maybe zoom in, I don't know, this area, that area, whatever works better. Make sure you are never touching the double layered foam. We've also had people that wanna peel this entire inner parameter out. Yeah. 

That's the Dual Pane thermal lens. You don't wanna do that. So I would highly recommend not that, just make sure you've got enough to get that protective film taken off. I brought this one out too, Mark, just so we could show them. This one is the Dye i5 lens. So this one also has, once I get it out of here, a protective film. It might not look like it 'cause it's not as clear or not as foggy or bubbly as this one was. But Mark, from your point of view does that look like there's a film on there?

[Mark] No.

Not really. Okay guys, there is a film on here. So like I said, this one's clear. Start from the top edge and you wanna go very carefully and you're gonna peel that film off. So I'm not gonna take this one all the way off, but yes take it off. Make sure you guys can see out there on the field.

[Mark] And if you're having trouble with one side, just stop and flip it, go from the other angle. Because sometimes it's heat sealed to the lens.

True. And you just gotta be careful once again, guys these lenses are expensive so it's not something you wanna just hack and scratch at. You might have to look once, twice, maybe even three times to make sure it's not there. Or you can catch just the top corner to get it off. 

How to Choose the Right Paintball Goggle Lens

Number two, lenses. Going back to that, we'll throw that one back out there. This one, you guys got a brand new goggle, got the film off. We've already crossed that path. If you guys are in sunny areas I mean Texas, California, Florida, stuff like that. You might wanna go with a tinted lens something like this just to keep the sun a little bit of that extra sun out of your eyes. 

You guys are in places like us here in Michigan, you might wanna get an HD lens or a clear lens. 'Cause we're not always super sunny here so I would recommend depending on the area where you guys are playing there's lenses all across the board, clear, HD, mirrored, smoked. If you wanna keep cool you wanna look classy and stylish. You get some of the mirrored looking stuff here. So getting a proper lens for your style of play or where you normally play is extremely important. 

'Cause I've been in areas, holy smokes. It's really dark if I'm going down in the woods or something. Let's get an HD lens. Let's brighten things up. Yellow lenses will also do the same. If you're playing on a cloudy day, throw a clear lens in there. If you're playing on a super sunny day use one of the fancier mirrored lenses or smoke if that helps you out. 

How to Take Care of Your Paintball Goggles

Lastly, number three would highly recommend. You've already purchased your expensive goggles and lens setup, get yourself a protective case. These cases are not that expensive. They can hold extra parts in the front and they will also keep your expensive goggles from getting smashed, getting scratched. You're gonna want a protective case. 

This one is the goggles case. It's gonna fit that. If you guys do have extra lenses here this one is meant to be a lens case strictly only. Hold extra clips, maybe some extra straps upfront and then you can actually, obviously, store multiple lenses on the inside of the case. It does come with protective microfiber layers in here. 

So you wanna store two, three, four lenses here. Just make sure you have a barrier with these separate cloth and layers on the inside. 


That's just a real quick video on the top three things we would recommend when you bought yourself a brand new goggle. First off, you gotta be able to see out of it, take the film out. Second off, change the lenses up to your style if you need to do that. And lastly, get yourself a nice case to keep them protected. Mark, would you like to have any closing thoughts?

[Mark] Well, one, get your lenses, cases and goggles at Lone Wolf Paintball of course. We've got a bigger selection than just about anybody else out there.

With our custom swaps you can buy this goggle with whatever color lens we have. All the options are listed on the website and vice versa.

YouTube Question

[Mark] I do have a question from YouTube. So let me just pull it up again.


[Mark] Lyfted_image wants to know what kind of barrel upgrades he should get for his m3s.

So the m3 barrel upgrades? I mean, I don't know if you're trying to stick with Dye or trying to head on over to something like a Freak XL Autococker Threaded system but I would recommend that. In general, not gonna say Freak or Dye or whatever just make sure you have the correct backed bore size for whatever paint you're shooting in your area. Whether it be a six-eight-one, six-eight-four, six-eight-seven. Make sure you're shooting paint that fits that back bore size. That's the most important.

[Mark] There you go. You have a question, leave it in the comments below and maybe we'll pick you randomly otherwise we'll see you.

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