Push Unite Sandana vs Bunkerkings Black Panther CMD | Goggle Comparison

What's going on guys, it's Tony and Jake from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today we're bringing you another battle of the mask.


You ready? You starting to-


[Jake] Snake is ready.


What goggle are you rocking today?


[Jake] I am rocking the Push Unite Sandana, obviously the best mass out there, no contest.


Wow, you didn't give me a chance for my introduction.


[Jake] No.


I am rocking the Black Panther BunkerKings CMD goggles.


[Jake] That's very sick dude


Yeah, they are pretty sick. Let's start off with the price point, hit me.

Price Comparison

[Jake] You can get the cheapest one from all... That doesn't have the hard case for about $159.95, and then it goes up from there. So this one in particular is about $229.95, if you want the super six Sandana print to match your overpriced Sandana you can definitely get this print, but there's other ones out there they make clears, and brown clears and make the infamous ones. all kinds of cool ones. 


So you'd say this is definitely a high-end goggle, right?


[Jake] 100% yeah.


Alright, so okay over to the CMDs, different colors they make. This particular goggle is $169.95, and Jake, it comes with a built-in visor man didn't you like that?


[Jake] Yeah, that is pretty cool, that's fricking sick bro but-


It's yours.

BUT – Does it Have a Visor?

[Jake] I have to say, does that visor protect you from getting any glare on the inside of your mask? You know, when it, when the sunshine shoots down?


I don't know, I mean, possibly it definitely prevents little rain drops from getting on my lens.


[Jake] Yeah, from getting on the lens, not inside though.


Yeah I know that's fair let's show them, show them. What does yours look like?


[Jake] Yeah so, Push has this cool little thing up here. I'm not sure if there's necessarily a name for it, but it's supposed to help. It goes directly, sort of where the lens is at, so that way, if you have a mirrored lens, you don't get that annoying glare on the inside. So it definitely limits that versus some of the other masks that I have owned in the past, just because it's right over top of the lens, It's not near... That's not near the back or anything, but it is over top so then that way the sun doesn't peer down.


So that's like a sunshine reflector per se I think they call it something like that.


[Jake] Correct, yeah.


Yours doesn't come with a visor at all, right?


[Jake] No, no I don't play in the rain.


That's nice.


[Jake] Yeah.


Well, a lot of these guys probably watching the video do so, this one, unfortunately it's little, it is built-in, it does not come off, but it does have the little visor on top-


[Jake] They are used to little things anyways most of them, if you buy the Bunkerkings anyway so-


Oh no, this one's big, breezy. So what's a better point on that goggle than this one? Tell me.

FeatureHighlight: Chin Strap

[Jake] Chin strap, definitely.


Two, two.


[Jake] It is 100% mandated by the NXL, and mostly all the other local fields out there. If they're following the rules and regulations of good old splats, it has a really nice padded protection face, goggle strap here, and it matches the actual face mask. So if you get a special limited edition then you get the cool... The cool strap matches and it's magnetic. So when you're out there and you're rushing onto the field, you don't have to stumble while putting it on. 


[Jake] Or if you have any facial hair, you won't accidentally clip it into your facial hair, and then pull out a bunch of skin and stuff. It goes on pretty easy and it comes off pretty easy as well. If you don't... If you miss it, if you're over here, it finds it, it finds this hole finds its way back home.


That's nice, that's fair. Mine also does come with a chin strap, which like Jake said, a lot of fields require and definitely NXL or tournaments do. Mine says, "We kill suckers." Here's the Bunkerkings logo right there on the actual class of itself. Mine is not magnetic though, so obviously-


[Jake] It's just padded?


Mine's not padded either.


[Jake] Aha,


I mean, you could throw some old hockey tape on there or something but, the CMDs are not padded so it does come stock obviously.


[Jake] Yeah, I think they have to be sold with that now-


What's up with your strap? Is your shop looking good? 


[Jake] I got a Sandana strap dude what do you got?


I got... I dunno it says-


[Jake] Do you have the gel on the back?


Oh, of course I would-


[Jake] Yeah , you've got on the back-


Yeah, and it's fancy, look at that. Show Mark real quick.


[Jake] Yeah, I am showing mine.


Mine has a Bunkerkings logo, see, look at that Jake, you jealous?


[Jake] I mean, I'm not really that jealous because mine's Sandana, so mine's obvious-


Yours has the old silicone tacking strip-


[Jake] Hey, it's old and it works.


No that's-


[Jake] It works, that's the thing.


Mine's fancy.


[Jake] How easy is yours to adjust with that fanciness?


You know what? It's really, really easy dude-


[Jake] Nice-


You just spread it like that you know? Yeah-


[Jake] Oh, there you go.


It's brand new you just-


[Jake] Yeah, I got mine pretty easy here.


Yeah, just like that.


[Jake] Just say, I mean I slipped, I slipped. Yeah, it was a little buttery, but, instead I was eating popcorn in the bag.

Mask Visibility and Peripherals

Overall peripherals, Mark, from your point of view behind the camera, I mean they both look similar with the lens, the range or what?


[Mark] I mean, The CMDs are a little bit bigger, It looks like-


That's what they came out with-


[Jake] So-


Here's the more protection.


[Jake] I got you on this one.




[Jake] Boom. Alright, so same thing with the EVSs, and every other mask out there that claims we have super big vision. Guess what? Your eyes can only see so far to the side, you can't see behind your head, unfortunately, unless your mom, my mom says that. So anyways, with that being said, you, your eyes can only see so far to the side, and Push has that. It has the actual mark on your peripheral so, it doesn't have all this extra lens on the side, or anything like that. 


[Jake] So as far as you can see when you're looking left and right with your eyes that's as far as the lens is going to actually go. So a bigger lens does not always mean better vision, just so you guys know. This is 100% going to cover all your peripheral vision up, downside side left to right. 


[Jake] The other cool thing is this is made by the same people who make the Dye Lens. So the mirror coding, the thermal coding, all of that. If you guys have had Dye Masks they've been around forever, they've been around a lot longer. You don't ever have to worry about the mass fogging up, I've owned them for several, several years. 


[Jake] My first mask was the Dye i4 in like 2008, and I've had it ever since and I've used their lenses and have never had any fogging issues. So you're never gonna have that with their lenses. What about you now?


Are you done talking yet?


[Jake] Yeah.


Alright, he's done talking now, alright, that's good. So, yeah what happens if I got bigger eyes though? Like I'm an alien-


[Jake] Yeah, Like big eyes.


I'm talking like, big eyes-


[Jake] Like your eyes, like the deer in the headlights?


We are not here right, Mark?


[Mark] We wear glasses.


Yeah see, that's what I'm saying man.


[Jake] Who wears glasses these days when there's contacts?


Dad does, he does.


[Jake] Yeah, he does, but not when he's not wearing any right now.

Breathability | Push Unite vs Bunkerkings CMD

So I like your point about peripheral vision, that's good, I like that, but, let's talk about breathability in this goggle. Look at the front end of my goggle compared to yours.


[Jake] So mine is overall smaller. So I have... I don't need as many breathing holes, just because mine is gonna be a lot smaller on my face.


So you're saying you're probably gonna fog up more now?


[Jake] No, no, no, no, no, no. I'm just saying that it's smaller, so you have more breathability because you don't have plastic that's coming down to the bottom of your neck.


Well, I've got a lot of holes there to breathe in.


[Jake] Yeah, fair I like less holes, so then that way the cool thing is, when it's not right on top of your mouth and it's not extended all the way down is that you also get less echo.


I feel that I can totally see Mark so good with this clear film


[Jake] That's fricking sick. Oh yeah, I can't see anything out of this clear film


I can breathe really well right now.


[Jake] So can I, my mouth is almost out.


It's looking good, yeah I like it.


[Jake] My mask does look foggy though with this film on.


Well of course it does.


[Jake] Yeah, I can't see anything.


Get the chin strap going on there.


[Jake] But nonetheless, I have a lot of movable room here. It is a smaller mask, so that way it is nice and very breathable.


It looks like you're fogging up there.


[Jake] Yeah, I know it does I can't-


Like he said he wasn't gonna fog up.


[Jake] It looks like a window tint, dude. A hundred percent. 



Alright, let's talk about the inner foam. My foam is like a Tri-Layer Foam in here, where you can easily clip in and clip out if your dog eats it or wants to do anything like that. I can pull the entire foam out


[Jake] And it's fricking safe


And replace it. Can you do that with yours or no?


[Jake] Yeah, it's 100%, Yeah, it comes in and out.


In and out.


[Jake] This is brand new, so I'm not gonna really take it apart all the way,


But does it do that?


[Jake] It does yeah, you can see on the top portion, there's like these little clips and then yeah it basically just pulls out just like that one does you just kinda unclip like the hinges, and then it ends up coming out all the way, and then you can replace the top and bottom portion pretty easily. 


We do, what about your ears and like the actual flexibility?


[Jake] Oh, actually going back to the phone though, does yours have the Bunkekings logo? Mine has the Push logo.


Dude, mine does have the Bunkerkings logo-


[Jake] Oh, that's, alright, I guess that's fine to say-


Mine does say Bunkerkings in there-


[Jake] Alright, I guess we're tied on that one then-


So back to the ears of flexibility here I mean, you don't have any hard pieces that are gonna dig into the side of your ears or chin,


[Jake] No.




[Jake] Pretty flexible.


[Jake] Yeah, they flex out pretty easily and then they, you can also... What I like is that if you really want to, what I did with my Push goggles is underneath here. If you can see that Mark, let me move this chin strap out of the way. Right underneath here, you can undo this actual... Your soft ears. And then what I do is I wear them on the outside of my mask, and I can kind of flip them up. So when I'm playing racquetball or whatever, I'm normally not too worried about getting shot in the ears.


Sick, super sick.


[Jake] Yeah, it's fricking awesome. And then that way you get more breathability, and it's just a lot easier to run around with. Can you do that? Can you unclip your soft ears?


I cannot because it's all one piece, man. So I cannot, I'm not doing any unclippings, it's all one molded piece here.


[Mark] Are you pretty sure Push wouldn't-


[Jake] No, it's not recommended at all.




[Jake] No, it's definitely not warrantied either, that's just something that I do, yeah, but you can't do it with that one.


No I can't, no.


[Jake] I know other people do it with like the Dye goggles as well, You can flip those up and then people like to roll up the flex ears, but that's different, but you can also flip out the flex ears as well so-

Changing the Lenses

Alright, a couple more points before we end this little debate, battle comparison, wherever you want to call it. How do you change your lens on your super easy button?


[Jake] I'm glad that you actually brought that up. It is very easy to pull out the lens, it requires no tools, you just have to push this button in here. And then the cool thing is is that this whole mask, what, why are you shaking your head-


[Mark] There's no button.


[Jake] Well, there's no button, but you have to... You pull this little gray thing out, and then you can push this whole lens out. Now the cool thing is that there's... It's all one piece, so when I'm pulling my lens out, I don't have to worry about any of my... any like pieces from my goggles disappearing, it all comes together. Do you have to worry about pieces or?


No hinge on hinge-


[Jake] You just have hinges?


Literally push of a button and the lens come straight out of the front of the goggle-


[Jake] Oh wow.


Just like that. So, it's completely toolless like Jake said, on mine, push the tabs forward, down, pull it out towards the back and then these hinges come in from the side, and then you can push the lens straight on the front.


[Jake] That is fricking sick.


That is fricking sick.


[Jake] Hey dude, what do you do if the foam doesn't sit on your nose, right?


What do I do? I was going to say... I was waiting for him to bring that point up 'cause it's one of the best features of the goggle.


[Jake] I just wait and best for last time we haven't gotten,


Carrying Case Secret

I don't have a nose piece in there.


[Jake] You don't? Oh, wow that's funny and this cool Push carrying case, that you get this nice hard case that protects your nice investment. What is your case like?


Oh, what's it like? It's like it comes with a fricking coupon code on the inside. That's awesome.


[Jake] Oh, do that say-


Bro I just toasted you.


[Jake] Oooh,


Second, you already says you rock $20 off,


[Jake] You rock $20 off, what does that off of? That's all four.


It's off of casual wear courtesy of Bunkerkings.


[Jake] The casual wear so you can represent their company. Nice.


[Mark] You never got a bag in there?


[Jake] Yeah, there's a cargo bag in there.


There's a cargo bag in there, it's gonna keep it nice. It's not a hard shell case like that.


[Jake] No, no,


But you know what? I got the money's worth right here baby.


[Jake] $20 where to buy a T-shirt that's $35. Sick, anyway.




[Jake] So right here, I got a nice Allen key, It is not metric... I don't think it's metric at least, but-


Oh, you better get your facts straight.


[Jake] You're right I should have my facts straight, but it is a ball ended Allen key, and then if you do forget it, paintball players have Allen keys in your gear bag all over the place. On the nose there's this little front portion.


Not any ones that I know but-


[Jake] And then you can either screw it in or screw it out and it changes the direction of the nose. So if you have a smaller nose, a bigger nose, it can move the foam, so it sits correctly on all different face types. And then it goes into the soft case. There's a little carrying thing on the inside for the actual tool. 


[Jake] You also get these fricking sick designs, little microfiber, little thingies to wipe it off. What's also cool is when I close this bad boy up, do you get a carrying handle or... I get it-


You're talking about your chin strap dude?


[Jake] Yeah, I might change, well, I didn't put it in there all the way correctly, but you get a sick, sick handle


It's a pretty cool idea you've got, but I got a box, I can put it in here and wrap it up for Christmas. What are you going to do with that? Like, it's gonna be the most awkward shaped Christmas present ever.


[Jake] Since I'm ordering it offline from Lone Wolf I'm just gonna keep it in box and wrap it up-


Oh, that's a good idea.


[Jake] Yeah, exactly.


Alright, so Mark, what else do you think-


[Jake] Also, when you buy a new lens, what does your lens come in?


Alright, Mark, what else do you think? What does it come in?


[Jake] Yeah, what is your lens coming in when you buy it?


Oh, I got you, oooh it comes in a plastic-


[Jake] Oooh, it comes in a plastic case yeah, this comes in a nice cloth padded case. So then if you have more than one lens, it's very easy to put it in and out of the-


It's great.


[Jake] Cloth case. So you don't have to buy an extra $30-40 sick HK lens bag or lens cover thing or whatever.


They don't even have a lens bag.


[Jake] No, they have it-


You just lost it right there, you lost the battle. Alright, Mark once again, come on. Anything? Did we miss any specs? We went over the lenses and the nosepiece and the visors and the cases, and what do you think.


[Mark] I can say who has a bigger selection of aftermarket lenses, or is there a website?


I would say Push probably does, they have a lot of different color lenses.


[Jake] They have like the purples, they have like three different color reds-


But there's still a ton for the CMD as well so-


[Jake] You have your blues, your reds-


Right up the website, we've got an entire selection of the goggles and the lenses and len swaps, that Mark worked hard and diligently on, he did


[Mark] Alright, so give me the one best feature of your goggle and one worst feature of your opponent's goggle.


[Jake] Alright, are you going first or am I going first?


I'll go... I'll go second.


[Jake] Okay.

Best and Worst | Push Unite vs Bunkerkings CMD

[Jake] Accessories, obviously the mass speaks for itself so you get the better accessories like the chin strap, the case, and then the better mask bag. That I would definitely say the echo and the nose piece, they're almost tied they just don't fit on my nose. But the echo is my least favorite part of the Bunkerkings one.


The echo?


[Jake] Yeah, when you're out there screaming on the field, it sounds like I'm just yelling in a hallway, like an empty hallway to myself. It just echoes back.


That's an opinion not a proven fact, but-


[Jake] It is a proven fact.


Oh, okay. So first off-


[Jake] Because I said it.


I'm gonna say, Oh, that's-


[Jake] Fake News


That must– Jesus. That must mean everything. I was going to say the breathability on this goggle, accompanied with the visor. It might echo back, but there's tons of people who are gonna say, "Oh, well, yeah, there's lots of slots "if you get shot in the face "paints gonna get in your mouth." It's painful.


[Jake] I don't think that happens with any mask.


Don't get shot in the face, you can breathe very, very well in these, super, super flexible. You're saying a downfall of this goggle?


[Mark] Mm-hmm.


Downfall of this goggle, I've heard that the nose piece doesn't really work that well. It's what I've heard.


[Mark] Oooh,


[Jake] It does have a small adjustment. It is not as big of an adjustment as I think it should be, but it is still there, so if you need a little extra, it is there.


I personally never used that goggle in place. so I don't know, but that's just what I've heard.


[Jake] Oh yeah, I can see that.


On the big bad Internets out there, so, that's it.


[Mark] Last time, what were the price points?


The Push Unite Sandana goggles cost $229, you can get them as cheap as $160 without the hard shell case. These goggles are right around $165-170, depending. The Black Panther BunkerKings CMD goggles are $169.95, though.


[Mark] Alright, there you go.


[Jake] Sick.

YouTube Question

[Mark] That's it in mass, but we have a question from the YouTube.


[Jake] Oh, hell yeah.


Oh, of course.


[Mark] Peter wants to know-


[Jake] Peter.


[Mark] "Guys, what's the difference between the Planet Eclipse GEO4 and the HK Army GTEK 170R, anyone know?"


I mean, there's milling differences-


[Jake] A different bolt system. It's gonna shoot a little bit better on the geo4-


Yeah, I mean-


[Jake] They went back to the-


Because the 170R uses the Gamma Core, correct?


[Jake] Yes.


What core does GEO4 have?


[Jake] It uses the IV.


Oh, okay.


[Jake] When it went back to the IV the best Core that they've ever created.


That is true.


[Jake] No, that's the Spire IV.


So better core, a little bit different feeling, but both of them are still great guns.


[Mark] There we go, you've got a question, leave in the comments below next time.


[Jake] And a better board


Check it out. Lone Wolf Paintball.