JT Proflex vs Proflex X Goggle Comparison

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball Today I am bringing you a comparison between the Proflex and the new Proflex X.

[Mark] It's not that new.

No, it's not that new, but we've had a lot of people out there commenting on the video, sending messages on Instagram, Facebook. Hey, can you guys please do a comparison between the Proflex and the Proflex X, which is a different system. And I'ma tell you about that in just one minute, but before I do that, obviously you already know the drill. lonewolfpaintball.com Because we're the best source for paintball. So, you guys might see Mark over here and then even over here where you've got some of the original, original Proflexes, I'm gonna start off by saying, I am not an expert by any means. If you need experts, go to Facebook and check out the JT Proflex group. There are tons of guys on there that know all about the Proflexes from when they started way back when.

[Mark] Or at least they claim they do?

They do, I mean, obviously they're talking about this year's HB frames, this, that all the technical terms for the old school ones, but without further do, let's hump....

[Mark] Let's jump right into it.

Yeah, Let's hump right on into it. So which one you want me to start with Mark?

[Mark] Start with the original.

Okay cool, So let's pop this bad boy out of the box. As you guys can see, the box is a little bit smaller coming ,not that that matters by any means.

[mark] Turn it sideways. I think it really shows off in the side profile...


[Mark] Both of them, there we go. Look at how much longer that box is.

Oh yeah it's a long box.

That is a long box.

Yeah its a long, long box.

[Mark] you're looking for a long box , you know which one to get.

That's all right. All right guys, So I'm gonna pull this out. We'll set it off to the side. It comes with a nice little goggle bag stock , right out of the box. So we'll set that off over there. Hopefully it's not in your shot, huh mark?


Okay, cool. So this is the remake of the original Proflex here, and let's pull the X out of its long box , and take a peek. This one also comes with a goggle bag as well. So we'll set that on off to the side too. All right, so head to head comparison, kinda little, not a battle per say, just people wanted to know the difference, so here they are. The Proflex is coming with a visor stock out of the box. I do not believe the X, does have a vis..... It does not, so no visor. We're talking that first off, second off the original Proflex. Like I showed you guys earlier with the Brown eyes and like the clear olives over here. These things have different ears that you can put on them. So the ears are removable, you can put hard ears , soft ears, they've got Revo 2.0 ears. All sorts of different stuff you can put on these. And that's one cool feature of the original Proflex. Next is gonna be the actual framing system. A lot of these bottoms can just tear off of this goggle frame and you can put on whatever bottom you like. So with this goggle, the newer style Proflex, if you wanted to rip the bottom off of this Brown eyes and throw it onto this goggle you can do so, vice versa, take this bottom off. So the Proflexes are very customizable. That's the biggest thing with these and with the Proflex X over here. Really the only thing that you're gonna be able to customize is swapping the actual outer frames with other Proflexes. You can't do that with a normal Proflex cause it's a whole different system. I'm gonna say the biggest thing with the X is the quick and easy lens change system on this. So Mark what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna see if you can't get , maybe a shot in there. Can you see that yellow tab?

[Mark] I can.

Okay, and then can you see that other yellow tab?

[Mark] Well, there's two of them.

Yeah, there's two yellow tabs. So this is you, you won't be able to get this, It's gonna happen quickly but I do have a video on how to change your lenses. So, it's gonna pop back. This is also going to pull up and slide back, and then these should be able to just pretty much come straight off the goggle itself. So let me just pull that off, pull this off. So with the two yellow tabs here guys, this is called their quick lens change system, that's the entire reason why they brought these to market. So now as you guys can see, the entire front frame comes off of this goggle. So we'll just set that right here, right there in front Mark . And different lens in this one, different lens in this goggle. So all the lenses between the Proflexes and the Proflex X's are swappable. So that is a similarity between the two. I can put this lens in that goggle, this lens in that goggle, I can put any one of these lenses, in any one of the goggles. But you'll notice with the frame, obviously, that is the biggest difference. You have an entire one piece, you cannot swap different ears on the Proflex X. It is all connected to the same frame, and then obviously with that lens Mark that I took off, quick and easy lens change system, that is the best part about this goggle in my opinion, because let me tell you guys, this goggle, these goggles, to change the lenses on these things, you literally got a pull and pry the entire original frame off. If you can see, can you see that little knob there Mark?

[Mark] We can.

Okay, so all of those knobs, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, at least seven of these knobs that you have to peel and pry away to actually get a new lens to go into the goggle. So it doesn't have any of this. it's got none of that. You have to do a lot of hard work to get a new lens in the original version of the Proflex. So that is why I believe GI or JT, whoever you want to call them, came out with this system. People are like," Oh man, their frames ugly" but it doesn't take you 15 minutes to change the lens. Well maybe not 15, but at least 10 peeling and prying, putting a new one in, making sure everything is all sealed, nice looking good. This one in and out within those simple pull of the two yellow tabs on the inside. So next you guys probably wanna know, okay, what's the price difference between the newer style Proflex and then the Proflex X? I believe, depending on the version you get, the X is about 10 bucks more. So very similar in price point. And let's talk about I guess, foam straps. The straps on this, they do have like the pig tail on the inside. So you guys can put different straps on the goggles. So lenses in straps are the biggest thing between the two that you can actually interchange. So if you want a new lens, that's cool. You want to throw on, let's say the , one of the original JT straps into this goggle. You can do that. But other than the lens in the strap, that's about it. Foam, let's talk about like, this isn't original Brown eyes. I don't know if you'll be able to get in there. This is the original, original JT, JT foam. Can you kind of see it maybe?

[Mark] Yeah there it is.

Okay ,So this is the original, original foam and the Proflex, now try to bring; this one's gonna be hard for you to see, try to bring it back Mark. I'm gonna get as close as possible. Try to bring the original JT JT foam back , super soft and comfortable. I don't know if you guys can see it or not.

[Mark] Its there its just faded...


It's black on black, Yeah for sure. And then with these , this one's even funnier, they brought it back a little bit but it's very little tiny JT, JT, JT,

[Mark] Little baby JT's.

Little baby JT's, so that's an option there. I do like this though Mark. We're speaking about foam and doing all that. You see what I'm doing here?

[Mark] Is it removable?

It is removable foam guys, so if your foam gets nasty, dirty, sweaty, your dog chewed on your goggle. You guys, you can remove the foam with ease and replace it. And with the originals like this and this one as well, it's all just glued on there. So once your foam goes bad, you're either re-gluing old foam , trying to find new foam, but it doesn't just peel in and doesn't peel out and just get put back in super easily, So that is a difference.

[Mark] So just to be clear to people, other than the lens....


[Mark] Nothing else is cross compatible between the regular Proflex and the Proflex X

The straps will go in, if you want it to yeah.

the straps,

But no worries. But other than that, no. Yeah, because the X is an entire one frame system, the ears do not come off and, the bottoms are still flexible, obviously it's the Proflex so...

[Mark] Second question.

Go ahead.

[Mark] Cause I know chin straps are a thing and you should always leave them on,


[Mark] But are they easy to take off or not able to take off on either of those?

So if you can zoom in there, on the actual Proflex X which this is, now doesn't look like they're coming off there Mark.

[Mark] Okay.

It's a pretty much sewn on that side. Let's take a look over here, am peeking, and let me look. Yeah, these ones have rivets. So this is the outside rivet here.

[Mark] So that was something they changed, I think on the original they were screwed in, correct?

Correct, yeah.

[Mark] So they riveted them now...

I don't think this is come out any easier to be honest.

So that is a good question ,I like that.

[Mark] But the X's if I cut them off, it's got the loop. So I could probably put like a push.


It does have the loop in there. So you guys could, if you wanted to cut them off add a VIO chin strap add a push chin strap, something like that.

[Mark] Right. Well I don't have a rivet gun though...

Definitely not. So yeah, easy as that with the lens though.

[Mark] Its so easy.

Other than that we've covered the straps, we've covered the foam. And like I said, with the original Proflex or this new remake that you can put on soft ears, hard ears, whatever ears you want, these ears you could take them off this goggle, slap them on the Proflex, with the X can't do that.

[Mark] And I think we should mention too, the Pro shield version, which is the next....

The hard bottom....

[Mark] yeah, it comes with the hard bottom.

[Mark] But it's still based off of the JT Proflex system.

For sure. So things are cross compatible with that too. Cause my first goggle was the, the shield and then I swapped out for soft ears and different things.

Yeah, exactly. So the Proflex is more customizable 100%, but the X the Proflex X is the quick easy lens change. So Mark, before I close this out, I know you're gonna hit me with a question aren't you?

[Mark] I've got two, can you put the old JT visor on the new goggles?

Yes you can. So the new goggle will, and it does have the holes up and top, so you guys can throw on any one of these visors on the goggles as well.

[Mark] Wonderful. So closing it out, The straps are interchangeable, the lenses interchangeable and the visor. Other than that, you can't do anything else so...

[Mark] All right, then from the YouTube SecretAgent115 Hey, I'm just looking for a good affordable setup, Where would you find a good affordable setup one?

A good affordable setup, we have tons depending on what you're looking for. We have Woodsball packages, beginner, Speedball, intermediate ,advanced packages, right on the website lonewolfpaintball.com. Check it out and we'll take care of you.

[Mark] There you go, if you've got a question, leave it in the comments below. Maybe we'll pick you randomly, otherwise, go change some lenses in your Proflexes.

That's it dude.

[Mark] See you.

Take it easy.