HK Army HSTL Thermal Goggle Review

What's going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today I'm introducing to you the HSTL Base Goggles and our review of them. 

Now you might be wondering, you know, what are the HSTL Base Goggles? Brand new on the market, coming with a dual pane thermal lens, or if you guys wanna, you know, spend a little less money, it also comes with the single pane lens, not thermal. So, yeah, I mean, let's pretty much just kinda dive into what are the features of the goggle. So you guys can see down here, it does, I mean, I would obviously. Mark, would you gear these towards newer players?

[Mark] I would say these are beginner goggles for sure.

Features and Overview | HK Army HSTL Goggle

Can you tell, like, it's going to cover your chin area down here to actually look like an extender. You're not taking one to the throat or the Adam's apple. I like that. There's tons and tons of room for breathability here. So you're not going to be fogging the goggle up If you decided to go with the single pane lens, I mean, I wouldn't, if you're a heavy breather you're eventually going to fog the single-pane lens up, but I, personally, would hop into the thermal lens. It's got the dual pane in there. It's going to help you with the anti-fog situation. 

Other than the breathability and actually being, you know, geared towards the newer style player, these goggles retail for $34.95 bucks for the single pane lens and $44.95 bucks for the dual pane thermal lens. Comfortability wise though, that's where I'm gonna head to next. Well, actually, before I get in there, what's this apparatus on top? What do you think that's used for, Mark?

[Marks] Keeps your head nice and tight.

You're right. So, a lot of the times at the field, you guys will see over and over and over again. Kids are running around, the goggles are, you know, too loose. The goggles are bouncing up and down. It actually has a top head strap fully adjustable with Velcro. So when you have a goggle on it, doesn't slip and slide down your face. And these goggles also come with a padded chin strap. 

So no matter what, whether it's going to go up or down, you're protected top and bottom. And if you guys don't want that, I believe, I wanna say this thing can just, yeah, you can remove it. Undo the Velcro inside it out if you guys don't want the top strap, if you think it looks kind of cheesy, it's up to you, but a lot of newer players would really, really.

[Mark] Well, and younger players were smaller heads.

A hundred percent. This would definitely benefit them, no doubt about it. Because I've seen time and time again, they get running, oh, they trip, fall, whatever the case may be. And then, the goggles slide down, which is not safe on the field. I'm looking at all--

[Mark] How big the ears are on this thing too.

Yeah, there's tons.

[Mark] There's so much protection on the side.

Hundred percent, like I said, for $34.95 or $44.95, these things are pretty, pretty cool. We were going to the comfortability standpoint, Mark. So the foam on the inside it's thick, it's plush, and it actually feels pretty good when you put it on your face. Tried it on. I'm not gonna try it on right now, but just trust me. For the price point, this is a pretty solid goggle.

[Mark] Is it removable?


Maintenance and Customization

I was just, well, that was my next point, Mark. So next thing, if you guys this foam gets nasty, you guys can literally rip this stuff right on out, replace it with new foam, and be good to go. So that's a great option for a goggle that is labeled at that price. I like it, just snaps right back in, and you're ready to rock out there on the field. 

So, next thing I'm going to point out is going to be the lenses. So it's coming, you can either buy, say you bought the single pane lens for 35 bucks, the goggle, and you're like, man, I really, really should have got the thermal. They sell these separately. Super easy to change and put in. 

So this is the clear lens. And then also they have the smoke lens option. So you guys can buy those aftermarket ones and put them in. These lenses are $24.95. Which is gonna bring me to, pretty much, my last point on the goggle, the biggest point. I hope you guys are still watching. The quick change lens system, swivel, pivot, ready to rock. So you pop that. Did you see it, Mark? Was that quick?

[Mark] Yeah, that was super quick. So, literally, you take it twist and turn on both sides of the goggle and you have access to taking your lens out just like that. So, that's a great feature, especially, once again, on a goggle that only costs 35 or 45 bucks. 

So Mark, while I'm putting these back on, do you have any other questions for me? What do you think?

[Mark] I'm curious, the head strap. Does it have the little, like, rubber grippies to keep it from sliding in the back too?

I don't think it does. Let me look.

[Mark] No, in the back, the actual back of the head part.

Oh yeah, it's got like silicone tacking.

[Mark] Okay.

Yeah, so the actual head part does have the silicone tacking there. And then.

[Mark] So, it's got a lot of features at a higher end goggle normally has.

Hundred percent, yeah. Oh yeah, it does. The breathability does come with the built-in visor as well. So a lot of lower-end goggles don't really come with a built-in visor, per se, which is, you know, pretty solid.

[Mark] It looks like it's removable.

Yeah, it is. Yeah, it is. The top head strap just goes through the back of the actual goggle strap itself, and then just Velcros in place. And then, no don't ask me about the lens or the, the actual strap itself, Mark. I don't think they've come to market with it just yet. Like different styles like blue, green or red.

[Mark] I think they will eventually. 


Oh yeah, I'm sure they will if this goggle takes off. But, for now, this is the new HK Army HSTL Base Goggle review. You can buy it in a single pane or a dual pane thermal lens. And they are comfortable. Super easy to change the foam out. Super, super easy to change the lens out. And yeah, shop now guys.

[Mark] Oh, question from YouTube. They want you to try it on.

No, they don't. Are you sure?

[Mark] Yeah.

I just got to get this clip back in

[Mark] Just do it, brah.

No man, come on. I've just got to get the clip back in. Hold on. I can't see, it's bright. There we go. You want to try it on?

[Mark] Yeah.

No, yeah you, you want to try it on?

[Mark] Nobody will see it if I try it on.

Well, you gotta come over here. Gotta get the chin strap done first. Do that, and I could probably put a GoPro on this bad boy.

[Mark] Ooh.


[Mark] Nice.

Nice and secure.

[Mark] Wow, I can't see your chin or even you're Adam's apple.

Like it, dude, looks good.

[Mark] Turn sideways, I wanna see how far back the ears… Okay, no, that's a lot of coverage on the side.

It is exactly geared towards new players. I like it. And yeah, they're available at Lone Wolf Paintball. I'm sure Uncle Mark has a question, so we'll go from there.

YouTube Question

[Mark] I do, from the YouTubes. Susan Wheathorn wants to know "hello, what size Hex wrenches do I need to "get when working on the gun? Do I need metric or standard? My son would like the Hex wrenches with the ball ends." This was on the Empire SYX. She didn't specify what gun.

If that was the Empire SYX video, you're going to wanna buy standard Allen wrenches. If you want ball ends, Elkin, E L K I N, makes a good, solid set of wrenches. If you guys even go to your local hardware store and pickup, it'll all get the job done. But, not all paintball guns are standard. Some are metric like Spyders and guns that are made overseas. So, depending on what type of gun you had, you might want to actually get a good set of both. Never hurts.

[Mark] No, never hurts. That's a good example. And it's usually 1/16, 1/8 sized, very standard. 3/16 I think, on some of the auto cockers. So, I mean, do a quick Google search or call your local store with the gun you have.

You got 5/30, say all the different sizes, but figure out what gun you have. If it's a, you know, something fairly available in the market, it's probably going to be a standard. If it's something kind of off-brand, it might be metric. So, check it out, figure it out, but that's it. Thanks for watching guys.

[Mark] Hey, if you got a question, leave it in the comments below. Maybe we'll pick you randomly for a future video. Otherwise, see you, bye-bye.