Dye i5 Unboxing & Dye i4 & VForce Grill Comparison

Today I’m here with the new Dye i5 Paintball Goggle. First thing I’m gonna do is get this out of the box here. Comes with your warranty card obviously, comes with the owner's manual, and it does come with a POV camera mount, goes on the top of the goggle. It does come with a new and improved goggle bag here. It’s got a microfiber style lining on the inside. Real nice and soft to protect your lens. Now for the actual goggle itself, pull it on out of the box. There it is.

Dye i5 Features

First thing I notice, I’m gonna go right on into it, the key feature of this goggle is the tri-layer foam. Super comfortable. It’s got moisture wicking foam across the top and across the bottom. It does have a quick interchangeable system, so after quite a while when you wear these goggles, you’re gonna wanna change your foam ’cause it’s gonna wear down. They just clip in and clip out, really easy to do. Second thing I’m gonna go over, as you probably noticed on the camera, is the new GSR pro strap. Basically, what this is it’s a ratchet mechanism. Tighten it in or unloosen it on your head. This is definitely the only goggle on the market with this type of technology on there. I think it’s awesome. Yes, it is a little bit bulky on the back of your head, but it keeps it real nice and tight. You can put the goggle on and just crank this down, ratchet it however tight you want.

Profile and Compatibility 

Next thing I’m gonna notice is the actual profile of this goggle. It is very similar to the Dye i4 since the i4 was so popular, but it is roughly 20% bigger, jawline coverage and also ear coverage. So what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna throw this on and then I’ll go over a quick lens change, so you can see how this looks on me. Pop the goggle on. Feel like the new screen technology I can actually project my voice forward rather than hear echo and bouncing around in the inside of the goggle. Now I’ll turn around for you. Here’s the new GSR pro strap, you ratchet it in and it gets real nice and tight to your head. To take these goggles off, just simply counterclockwise, unloosened it for you guys. Super comfortable, the foam is amazing. I think this ratchet strap on the back is awesome. Nothing else like it on the market.

So next, what I’m gonna do is take the lens out for you guys, ’cause this is a new system, it’s not like the old i4. There’s two buttons, one at the top, and then there’s one underneath, I don’t know if you’ll be able to see it or not. You push both buttons in and forward. And then you take this blue piece and swing it over to the side. That will actually lock the lens into place. Same thing on the other side obviously, push both buttons in and then the blue piece comes forward, then you can easily push your lens right out of the front of goggle.

Concluding Comparison | Dye i4 vs Dye i5

Also, while we’re on that topic, these goggles do come stock with a mirrored lens just depending on what color you got, it’s gonna have a different mirrored lens with it, but that does come stock out of the box, dual pane thermal lens. So we can throw this back in and I’m gonna do a quick comparison to a couple other popular goggles on the market. And most importantly, when you do a lens change you just take ’em out, both of these tabs have to come backwards to be actually officially locked back in. Kinda hard since they’re brand new but both of these gray tabs or buttons on top have to slide backwards. All right, there’s that.

This is the new Dye i5. Now we can do a quick comparison. I have a Dye i4. You can look at those two side by side, front facing and then I’ll do a side comparison. You can tell that the jawline and the earpiece is definitely bigger than the old i4, and naturally the i4 does not come with the new GSR pro ratchet strap. I’ma throw a Grill in there. Can do the front comparison as well. And here’s a new V-Force Grill. A little side comparison for you. And that’s that guys. That was just a quick overview, we just got ’em in store, did a quick unboxing for you and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions or if you wanna know any more about the goggle, you can comment below or visit us at Lone Wolf Paintball. We will have these in stock. We will have more colors, I believe, next week, so give us a call. Let us know guys. Thanks for watching.