Best Paintball Masks of 2024 | Top Paintball Goggles Available

In the high-adrenaline world of paintball, safety is paramount, and a high-quality mask is not just a requirement but a necessity for every player. However, finding the perfect paintball mask can be a daunting task, given the diversity in personal preference, playing styles, and other considerations. Recognizing this challenge, we've curated a list of the best paintball masks of 2024, each offering an optimal blend of comfort, safety, and style. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, choosing the right mask from the get-go can significantly enhance your paintball experience, allowing you to focus on the game and improve your skills with confidence.

JT Proflex

The JT Proflex is one of our favorite paintball masks in 2024 because of how modular and versatile it is. Nearly everything on the JT proflex can be swapped out or modded. In fact, it’s so customizable that you can buy the parts individually and then build your own mask with those parts. Apart from the modularity of the JT Proflex, it’s one of the cheaper masks on the market while also providing excellent protection against paintballs. The JT Proflex is also compatible with earlier generations of the mask so you can still switch out lenses or other hardware from earlier generations.

For a full review of the JT Proflex goggles, take a look at our comprehensive YouTube video review below:

Additionally, to see just how modular the JT Proflex goggles are, take a look at our YouTube video where we build JT Proflex goggles from scratch:

Empire EVS

The Empire EVS Paintball Goggle is designed with input from experienced players, offering a wide-view spherical lens that provides a 270-degree field of vision without distortion, essential for situational awareness. Its notable features include quick, tool-free lens replacement, a dual-pane lens for reduced fogging, and ASTM-approved eye protection that blocks harmful UV radiation. The goggle also prioritizes comfort with its triple density face foam, flexible lower skirt for better ball bounce, and a silicone-backed strap for a secure fit. Additionally, the EVS caters to players preferring larger goggles with its ample size, enhancing coverage and breathability, and includes customizable options like replaceable foam and interchangeable front face plates for personalization. The Empire EVS combines functionality, protection, and comfort for paintball players.

To see how the Empire EVS compares to the Dye i5, take a look at our comparison video below:

Dye i5

The Dye i5 Paintball Goggle integrates advanced technology and design, featuring a GSR pro-strap and e.VOKE communication system for enhanced performance. Its key attributes include a Tirodial Horizon 290-degree anti-fog thermal lens for clear peripheral vision, a lightweight structure for comfort, and a secure fit facilitated by multi-layer foam and an adjustable ratchet strap. The mask's electronic integration allows for seamless communication with paintball guns and loaders, providing audible alerts to keep players focused. Additionally, it offers a quick lens change system, breathability, and comes with a GoPro mount for capturing gameplay. The Dye i5's design focuses on practicality, offering features that support both performance and customization, making it a notable choice in the competitive paintball goggle market.

Push Unite Paintball Mask

The Push Unite Paintball Mask is designed with input from experienced players to offer superior fit and functionality. It features an adjustable nose bridge, customizable with an Allen wrench for a personalized fit, alongside 16 ventilation zones for enhanced airflow and comfort. The mask includes an optically correct spherical lens with a quick-change system for convenience. Unique to this model is a magnetic chin strap for easy securing and a hard case for transport and storage. These practical features, combined with its universal fit and triple-layer face foam, make the Push Unite a reliable choice for paintball players looking for a comfortable, adjustable, and well-ventilated mask.

For a full review of the Push Unite paintball goggle, take a look at our in-depth video review of this goggle system below:

Carbon Zero Pro

The Carbon Zero Pro goggle is, in our opinion, one of the best goggles on the market and is certainly the easiest to change the lenses. Changing a lense with the Carbon Zero Pro takes less than a minute and is very secure. Apart from the easy-change lenses, the low-profile design helps keep your profile as small as posssible while also maximizing protection. The mouth and chin guard are also malleable enough to prevent unnecessary breakage but strong enough to still protect your mouth and neck.