JT Pro Joggers


JT's latest Pro Joggers were crafted by expert paintball athletes, ensuring a blend of lightness and resilience, all while sporting a contemporary aesthetic. Numerous professional players, who had the privilege of trying them out first, have hailed them as "the finest paintball trousers to date." The incorporation of rubber-coated corduroy knee reinforcement along with 600d polyester significantly reduces wear and tear, and the foam padding around the knee ensures both comfort and safety. Many players still recommend using knee pads underneath these pants for optimal performances, especially if you tend to dive and slide a lot.

JT Pro Joggers Features

  • Micro stretch on the main body
  • 2% spandex 1-way stretch
  • 2 Squeegee pockets
  • Breathable
  • lightweight
  • Durable
  • Padded knees

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Players Want to Know…

Frequently asked questions by paintballers?

Are the JT Pro Joggers durable?

Paintballers, especially those who play speedball, are notorious for making their pants earn their keep. Fortunately, the JT Pro Joggers are incredibly durable and well-made. Many players have reported getting several years of use out of these pants before they need to be replaced or relegated to casual wear.

Are the JT Pro Joggers lightweight?

When speed and maneuverability are key, paintballers need lightweight pants that won’t hinder mobility. The JT Pro Joggers are both stretchy and lightweight while still being reinforced in all the places that need padding. If you’re looking for a lightweight pair of pants that have received endless endorsements from professionals, the JT Pro Joggers are the right choice for you!

Are the JT Pro Joggers breathable?

Playing in hot and steamy weather can be uncomfortable, even if you were just wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Fortunately, the JT Pro Joggers are very breathable and are made of a lightweight moisture-wicking material. These pants can be used without any issue during the hot and humid summer months, especially if you live in the South.

How do the JT Pro Joggers fit?

Nothing is worse than making an online order and finding that you should have gotten a size smaller or a size larger. Players report the JT Pro Joggers fitting exactly as described. So whether you traditionally fit in a medium or an XL, you can order your normal size without worrying about poor fits. The benefit to the JT Pro joggers is that they’re stretchy and flexible. Even if you plan on wearing protection underneath these pants, they’re still likely to fit your normal size.