What is Zombie Paintball?

What is Zombie Paintball?

Imagine you're running around a field, in the middle of paintball war, surrounded by your fellow soldiers. You hear soldiers to your left and right communicating through radios that they are near death and need assistance. Just then, you see the enemy approaching, advancing toward their targets and firing shots at anything that moves. What would you do?

    This is what zombie paintball is all about. Of course, not all zombie paintball is created equal and different fields will do it in different ways, but here we’ll share the basics of zombie paintball and how we do it at our outdoor Metamora Field.

    Basic Rules of Zombie Paintball

    The basic rules of most paintball games are the same. If you get hit, you're out until someone taps you on the shoulder saying it's okay to stand up again. However, with zombie paintball; the rules will vary from location to location. Some locations play that if you get hit, that is your death- dictated by a special kind of paint that is very florissant in color and sticks out like a sore thumb in the dark.

    The way we play zombie paintball at our outdoor field is via a hay or wagon ride! The Zombie Paintball at Metamora is a covered wagon ride with fixed mounted guns where people get to shoot at zombie’s but never get shot at themselves. So our version is built more for entertainment purposes and not a traditional paintball game.

    What Do You Need?

    If you are playing zombie paintball the traditional style, before you can play, you must make sure that your paintball equipment is calibrated for the game. This means making sure that you have the right clothing and footwear to ensure your comfort and mobility. This usually means full-body clothing made for paintball- something like a coverall or jumpsuit with long sleeves that can be pulled down over your arms.

    If you are going to be joining us at Metamora Outdoor Field in Lapeer, Michigan, we still suggest dressing similar to how you would a normal paintball game as it does get chilly in the evening times this time of year. That said, you won’t need any of the typical safety gear and padding as for our style of zombie paintball, you won’t be getting shot at. 

    mounted paintball gun wagon zombie paintball

      Where Can I Go to Play?

      Do you live close enough to Michigan?

      Our outdoor paintball field Metamora is hosting the Massacre at Metamora Zombie Hunt this October. Click the link above for the Massacre at Metamora Zombie Hunt to get your tickets, bring your friends, and come play zombie paintball with us!