Our Top 10 Fave Paintball Memes

Our Top 10 Fave Paintball Memes

Aah memes. They've become part of our lives, and we wouldn't have it any other way. You've probably grown to love them as much as we do. They're all over Facebook, Youtube, and even TikTok these days.

If you're one of the 30% of people who send memes every single day (or even the 55% that send once a week), you're one of us. If you’re one of the select few who send paintball memes, buckle up.

Today, we'll look at our top 10 favorite paintball memes. They're great to share with your teammates and friends.

Paintball Memes

Sometimes, all that keeps you going week to week is a good joke. Whether it's the always classic paintball knife meme or some other funny paintball memes, a good laugh can get you up and at it on a Monday morning.

And that's just what paintball memes do. They get us through the day with laughter and help us see things in a new light while we're at it.

The worst thing about paintball is cleaning your gear after every single day of play. It feels like an awful lot of work when it comes to breaking down and cleaning, oiling your gun, recovering your hopper. The list goes on and on, but thankfully there's a paintball meme out there that depicts our pain.

Please enjoy our collection of the absolute best.

1. Jim Carrey - Dumb and Dumber

jim carrey paintball meme

We all remember Jim Carrey's performance in Dumb and Dumber. It launched a thousand jokes and lives on in our memories. Sure, it's been almost 30 years since it was released, but the sight of Jim popping out of the car window looking pleased as punch still gives us the giggles.

You know that feeling, the one that bubbles up inside you when you remember tomorrow is paintball day? Just remember, stick your head out the window and smile because life is good!

2. Ralph Wiggum: Snake Diver

ralph wiggam snake dive paintball meme

Oof. Snake dives. Everyone's got a story of their first snake dive, and we'll be damned if Ralph Wiggum doesn't embody all the stories. But, of course, we've all felt the horror of an unexpected core sample too.

Don't be like Ralph. Keep your marker up. Keep your arms forward. Poor Ralph.

3. Nasty Gearbag

nasty gearbag paintball meme

If you've ever opened a gear bag after an extended break, you know all about the smell. Even a couple of days' holiday means your gear bag is going to have a nasty odor.

Our man Cleveland is the best for the understated, flat statement, and his "Oh, that's nasty" from Family Guy is absolutely iconic. That makes this easily a top funny paintball meme

4. Kermit's Thinking of You

kermit paintball meme

You find yourself drifting off at work, not thinking about your projects. Perhaps you're a little distracted during the morning commute. We know what's on your mind.

We've got some good news for you. Paintball is absolutely thinking about you too. In fact, it's missing you terribly, and you should probably call it. Don't leave it till next week. Make up with Paintball today.

5. It's Honest Work

honest work paintball meme

Let's set the scene. You're chasing a particularly speedy fellow baller. You know he's hunkered down behind one of the doritos, but you're not sure which. You spot a flash of color, and you know you've got him.

And then you hear the noise. You know the one, the one that means your ASA is leaking. With a sigh, you hang your head and start calling positions. It's not glamorous, but it's honest work.

6. Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday

monday paintball meme

Sometimes the week is rough. There's not much you can do about it, so you might as well suck it up and have fun. Monday, your marker won't behave. Tuesday, your hopper pops, spraying all over the place.

Wednesday, you thought, would be better, and then you faceplanted over a snake. Thursday, there's something jammed in your barrel (don't look into it!), and Friday? Well, on Friday, the adrenaline got the best of you, and you had a good puke. Roll on, weekend.

7. Very Few People Care About D4

spongebob paintball meme

Aah Spongebob. He's always great for a chuckle. Or, in this case, a shot directly to the feels. If you've ever enthusiastically answered the question "So, what are you up to this weekend?" then you'll know what this is like.

Nobody really seems to care that you're painting. And even fewer people care that you're taking part in D4. It's just easier to suck it up, move on and splatter some paint with some friends.

8. We Must Go to Work So We Can Afford Paintball

gollum paintball meme

Work's a life hazard. The only good thing it gives us is cash to spend on gear. We've never felt more like Gollum than early on a Monday morning when we know we have to do something productive to support our habit.

We all know it's tough. We all know it's expensive. But, we're all in this together. So, just smile, nod, and think of the weekend.

9. Creating a Trendy Paint Wasting Meme

trendy paintball meme

Admittedly, this one had us laughing out loud. We're sure we've made the head of GI Sportz a very wealthy man. If you've got a big enough loader, you'll clear a case at a time easily. You know how that feels.

Sure, you get the good memes out of it, but is it really worth the price? Absolutely. There's nothing like the smell of paint in the morning.

10. Don't Give In

thanos paintball meme

A double bar on a pregnancy test means one single thing. Your paintball futures have been snapped. Thanos style. Buying a house, raising a family, getting a proper car, saving for college. These are all things that almost automatically exclude paintball gear.

But, think of it this way - if you have kids, you're basically building your own team. Imagine how epic it'll be one day when you, your wife, and your kids roll up, fully kitted out and ready to win. Nothing like junior tossing you a full reload pack just as your hopper runs out.

Where Do I Find Paintball Memes?

You can find good memes pretty much anywhere. A cursory google search will land you with a good few. We’ve compiled our favorites in a series of Youtube videos. If you’re ready to take the next step, join our Paintball Memes Facebook Group and share your own memes.