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Top 5 Best Beginner Paintball Guns: Lone Wolf's Picks

Picking a good beginner paintball gun is one of the most important things you will do as a paintballer. Having the right marker will make the difference between having a fun, successful paintball hobby and bowing out early. However, finding the correct paintball gun with the hundreds of available options can be daunting. Lone Wolf wants to make the search easy which is why we compiled a list of the best beginner paintball guns. Continue reading for our take!

What to Look For in a Beginner Paintball Gun

When buying your first paintball gun, there are many different things that you should consider: price, durability, modifications, features, and style of paintball. You won't want to spend thousands of dollars on a professional paintball marker as a beginner. Instead, you should look for something that is high quality without breaking the bank. This paintball gun should be durable enough to last through several hundred games of abuse and still keep shooting. 

Keep in mind that there are modifications you may want to add to your marker, like different sites, a better hopper, or a different CO2 cylinder. Any gun that you choose should be able to handle upgrades that you may want to add. Finally, the type of beginner paintball gun you buy will be informed by the paintball style you most like to play. If you play speedball, you'll want to find an appropriate speedball gun. Likewise, if you play woodsball, you will want to find a proper woodsball gun.

Here are our top choices for you!

# 1: Tippmann A-5

tippmann a5

Tippmann has always been the go-to option for anyone looking for a beginner paintball gun. These guns can take immense amounts of abuse and are built to last decades. Most paintball fields that rent out guns will generally use the Tippmann brand because of how reliable they are and how well they take beatings.

The Tippmann A-5 is the next generation of Tippmann 98 custom beginner paintball guns. These workhorses are the go-to choice of anyone who has been playing paintball for any amount of time. The Tippmann A-5 comes standard with a cyclone hopper that agitates and actively feeds the paintballs into the chamber instead of their slower gravity-fed counterparts. This cyclone action allows for a much higher rate of fire (15 rounds per second) than traditional beginner paintball markers.

Tippmann is also well-known for their guns' high accuracy and exceptional range. If the range still isn't enough, the modular nature of this beginner paintball gun allows you to replace the barrel or add an extension. This will increase the effective range of the paintball marker. Finally, the price is very reasonable for the quality. At less than $300, this beginner paintball gun is an absolute steal!
Take a look at our review video for a full explanation of all the Tippmann A-5 features:

#2 Planet Eclipse ETHA3 M

etha3 m

Coming in at $399.95, the Planet Eclipse ETHA3 M package offers one of the higher-end paintball markers for beginners. The main selling point about this marker is the lack of electrical parts. Everything is totally mechanical, which lends itself to easy repair and maintenance. The reason we're even considering this an entry-level marker is due to the quick-release bolt assembly, which usually comes on more expensive markers. If you're new to paintball and want the best marker, the Planet Eclipse ETHA3 M is the best option!

To see how the ETHA3 M performs, take a look at our demonstration and unboxing video below:

#3 HK Army SABR

hk army sabr

The HK Army SABR kicks the paintball enthusiasm up a notch without raising the price. In fact, the HK Army SABR in many ways outclasses the Tippmann A-5. This marker was built to withstand the punishment of any course but especially the dirt and grime of a woodsball field. A quick-release pin allows for easy disassembly and maintenance. The 12-inch ported barrel is also exceptionally accurate without any extra modifications needed. In addition, the FPS can be easily modulated with the turn of an allen wrench, so you're easily compliant with the rules of any field. If you're looking for a great beginner paintball gun that punches above its weight class, the HK Army SABR is the gun for you.

Take a look at our helpful review video to see how the HK Army SABR performs:

#4: Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Beginner Package

The Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Beginner Package offers an all-inclusive set for entry-level paintball players. This package includes the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 marker, renowned for its high-quality performance and reliability, a Protoyz Speedster Electronic Loader, an HK Army 48/3000 Air Tank, and an HK Army HSTL Thermal Goggle. The EMEK 100 is designed for new players, integrating advanced performance technologies with Planet Eclipse's dependable build quality to provide an exceptional starting experience in paintball. Additionally, the EMEK 100 is PAL enabled, allowing users to benefit from the PAL Loader System for an enhanced gameplay experience.

For a full review of the Plane Eclipse EMEK 100 Beginner package, take a look at our comprehensive review video below:

#5: Empire Mini GS

The Empire Mini GS is a favorite beginner paintball marker because of the number of features that it offers considering its price point. The Empire Mini GS is one of the most  Enhanced with a battle-tested engine and a full wrap-around rubber foregrip for improved hold and durability, it also includes an On/Off ASA to simplify tank removal and reinforce attachment points. The Mini GS retains the hose-less design, Anti Chop Break Beam Eyes, Clamping Feedneck, and reliable performance of its predecessor while introducing the capability to easily upgrade with a Redline OLED board. Designed for both woodsball and speedball, its pressure-controlled poppet engine, integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes, multiple adjustable firing modes, and exceptional air efficiency set it apart.

For a full review of the Empire GS mini, take a look at our YouTube video review below:


Finding the best beginner paintball gun can be a daunting challenge with all of the different beginner paintball guns on the market. We hope that you've found this article helpful and that it provides a little guidance about which beginner paintball gun is best for you. If you still have more questions, contact us today and one of our friendly associates will help answer your questions. For an even better selection of professional and beginner paintball guns, head on over to Lone Wolf's online store where you'll find hundreds of paintball markers at excellent prices!