Our 7 Favorite Paintball Headbands

Our 7 Favorite Paintball Headbands

Anyone who has played paintball for more than 5 minutes in humid weather knows just how vital visibility can be. While it's essential to keep your goggles clean and apply anti-fog film, it's also important to keep the sweat out of your eyes. Especially on hot and humid days, sweat can easily drip into your eyes and impair your vision. 

Many players, against safety rules, will duck behind a bunker and remove their goggles to wipe their eyes. However, a suitable headband or head wrap can help keep your hair and sweat out of your eyes for an unobstructed view of your opponents!

Additionally, wearing a headband can help keep your hair from getting dirty if you get hit in the head with a paintball. We've all been nailed in the head before, and washing out the residue later in the day can be painful and hard to get out.

Paintball headbands also do a great job of keeping the sun off your forehead. Many paintballers spend the afternoon outdoors only to reach the end of the day and see that their upper foreheads have been burnt to a crisp. 

Finally, headbands can keep your mask from stinking. Since the headband catches the majority of your sweat, your mask will need less time to dry out before you use it, and it will smell a lot better. Take a look below to see what our favorite paintball headbands are:

Headbands and Headwraps: Differences and Uses

Headbands are thin strips of fabric that encircle a player's head. They're somewhere between sweatbands and folded bandanas and wrap around a player's head to keep hair and sweat from obstructing the view. On the other hand, headwraps are more like durags and cover the entirety of the head rather than just the forehead.

Here is our list of our top favorite paintball headbands.

1. HK Army 

hk army paintball headband

Our favorite headband! This HK army headband features a black and white American battle flag. Show off your patriotism while keeping the sweat out of your eyes. This headband is machine-washable and comes with a terry cloth headband to absorb sweat.

2. JT Paintball

jt paintball headband

JT paintball makes headbands with slick-looking patterns, and they're functional too! Check out the four different designs of each headband above–carbon fiber, hex, urban camo gray, and zebra. This headband is also machine washable and comes with a terry headband to absorb sweat.

3. Infamous

Infamous paintball Headwrap

Infamous headwear has some of the best paintball headgear on the market. Their designs are camouflaged and made with high-quality denim materials. The designs are varied, so you'll find something that will fit with wherever you're playing–snow, forests, or fields. We recommend spending the extra $5 and getting the wrap rather than the headband.

4. Carbon

carbon paintball headband

The Carbon headband is a lightweight headband that has padding for impact protection. The Carbon fabrics are lightweight and breathable while still being weather resistant, sweat-resistant, and stretchable. In addition, the superior craftsmanship ensures proper ventilation, flexibility, and protection for optimal comfort. 

5. LWP

lone wolf paintball headband

The Lone Wolf Paintball headband is a fantastic option for all players. Sporting a cool gray digi camo design, the headband is sweat-wicking and padded for optimal comfort. Additionally, this headband comes with a micro-fleece sweatband to absorb any sweat.

6. Dye 

    dye paintball head wrap

    The Dye headwrap is one of the coolest head wraps you'll ever find. There are over 20 different variations of this headwrap that you can pick from to ensure that your camouflage fits your environment. We love the full head and neck protection this headwrap offers–a terry cloth headband and flexible, full-print mesh.

    7. Planet Eclipse 

    planet eclipse paintball headwrap

      Last but certainly not least is the Planet Eclipse head wrap. This full-print mesh headwrap has a sleek black design that will blend in wherever you go. The forehead also offers open-cell foam forehead protection and a microfiber inner sweatband for comfort and reliability. In addition, the elastic and velcro fastening system ensure a snug fit for every head size.


      Paintball headbands are an important addition to any paintball ensemble. Not only does the headgear keep the sweat out of your eyes, but it can also provide valuable protection in the event of a headshot. For more great options on headwraps and headbands, visit our website to see our extensive collection of headwear!