Our Top 5 MagFed Paintball Guns and Markers

Our Top 5 MagFed Paintball Guns and Markers


You've just darted behind cover, an enemy paintball whistling past your ear and coloring the wall behind you. The magazine you detach and throw to the ground is barely audible against the sound of your fallen teammates cheering you on. Your breath is heavy, sweat dripping off the tip of your nose as your heart pounds against your chest. Adrenaline has carried you through nearly 90 minutes of play and there's just one enemy player left standing. They're yours to take down. You reach into your pocket to find your last magazine full of First Strike rounds. With your MagFed paintball gun locked and loaded, you pop your head up above cover. The enemy player is instantly in your sights. You fire. A singular First Strike paintball hurls through your barrel, breaking through the air at immense speed. Across the chest of your enemy, you see a bright green splat. You exhale. Victory!

MagFed isn’t exactly a new concept to the world of paintball. With a history dating back to around 1987, MagFed has been making its way up a steady growth stream. In more recent years, however, technological developments have massively boosted the popularity of MagFed paintball, including MagFed paintball markers, guns and other gear. Used across the world by both recreational and competitive paintballers, MagFed truly is a revolution for the sport.

This guide will talk you through the best options for your next MagFed paintball marker and advise you on some of the things you may need to consider. Additionally, take a look at our YouTube video review of the best MagFed paintball guns of 2024 below:

MagFed Paintball Nuances and Considerations

So what makes MagFed markers so special? How are they different from other paintball guns?

First of all, MagFed markers rely on magazines which usually hold about 20 rounds of paintballs at a time. The biggest advantage of this is the ability to fire First Strike rounds. If you're not already familiar, First Strike rounds differ from ordinary paintballs by using fins. While fins might not sound all that special, can you imagine how well a fish might swim without them? Probably a lot harder, right? Believe it or not, it's the same with paintballs. The fins on First Strike rounds give them around 50% more flight time and greatly improved accuracy.

The other obvious advantage MagFed paintball guns have over markers using hoppers is that the magazine gives them a much more realistic look. Have you ever wanted to feel more like you were holding a real rifle on the field? MagFed is the way to go.

When shopping for a new MagFed paintball marker, you should think about whether you need your marker to have dual-feed capability or not. Markers with the capacity to shoot in both magazine and hopper configurations can be more versatile than others, which may be better for you if you're intending to switch shooting styles throughout a game.

Similarly, you may want to consider if you would prefer a fully automatic marker or not. Automatic markers offer a much higher fire rate, as the paintballs slot into place automatically after pulling the trigger so you can keep firing. It's worth noting that since most magazines only hold about 20 rounds, using an automatic MagFed paintball marker will mean you have to reload more often than with a semi-automatic gun, with which you have to pull the trigger again for every shot.

To see our best Magfed paintball setups and packages, take a look at our helpful YouTube videos below:

Top 5 MagFed Paintball Markers

With all that said, Lone Wolf Paintball has picked out the top five MagFed paintball markers for you to level up your paintball game.

Tippmann TMC

tippman tmc

With a price point of $279.95, the Tippmann TMC MagFed paintball gun offers versatility with dual-feed capacity. While the TMC isn't compatible with First Strike rounds, it can be fully accessorized and its easy-pull trigger makes for a rapid semi-automatic shooting experience. The Tippmann TMC stands out for its authentic AR look and feel, boosted by its aluminum/magnesium receiver and a 12-inch barrel with muzzle brake. If you want a paintball gun that looks like the real deal, the Tippmann TMC is a strong choice.

Its front and rear sights are adjustable for super-accurate fire - when every round counts, hitting the target matters! The collapsible stock means that when you need to move fast in tight spaces, the length of the marker can be reduced almost instantly, minimizing the chance of it getting caught up or stuck. The integrated sling mount allows you to carry the marker securely hands-free.
For paintballers that want a paintball marker that's got a realistic feel and can work with either a traditional hopper or a mag, the Tippmann TMC MagFed is a great choice.

For a full review of the Tippmann TMC, take a look at our comprehensive YouTube video review below:

Tippmann Stormer Elite

tippman stormer elite

Coming in at just under $200, the Tippmann Stormer Elite is an adaptable semi-automatic that benefits from a modular design. Easy to customize, users can choose between the Elite Basic, or opt to install add-ons. The Stormer Tactical builds on the Basic through the addition of front and rear flip-up sights, a tactical front shroud, and a six-position collapsible stock. These features give the Tactical a realistic, military vibe, along with greater accuracy and improved portability. The top-spec Stormer Elite allows users to switch from the magazine to the hopper - if you want speedy fire and swift reloading, the hopper works well; when you want a marker that offers more realism, albeit with a slower reload time, the magazine mode is the way forward.

This is a durable marker that's made from tough composite material and benefits from a rugged, functional build design. Unfortunately, it can't accommodate First Strike, but can deliver decent all-round performance. The various configurations and the ability to switch between hopper and mag provide a good amount of customization opportunities - perfect for players who want a marker that can adapt to their changing play needs.

Planet Eclipse EMF-100

planet eclipse emf 100

First Strike enabled, with advanced features, formidable performance, and exceptional good looks, the Planet Eclipse EMF-100 is an absolute beast of a marker. A must for players who want every shot to count, this marker can be fired using a hopper, or a mag. Benefiting from the iconic Gamma Core Drivetrain, the Planet Eclipse also includes a hoseless air transfer system, spool valve operation, an SL4 inline regulator, and GRN construction. What all this means is that the Eclipse emits paintballs at a respectable 135PSI of operating pressure, and, particularly when loaded with First Strike rounds, is going to deliver some respectable, accurate results.

The Planet Eclipse is compatible with a range of accessories, including the Eclipse PWR stock, MOE™ rail panels, and DYE DTM magazines. If you want to customize your EMF-100, there's plenty of scope to do that. This is a fantastic option for players who want the benefits of accurate fire, using the First Strike rounds. If you're a player who wants to make every shot a winner, the EMF-100 is going to be the marker that makes it happen.

Tippmann TiPX Pistol

tippman tipx pistol

Looking for a sidearm to complement your Planet Eclipse EMF-100? Or perhaps you're a player who likes to move fast and enjoys the freedom a pistol can give. Whatever your reasons, when you put the Tippmann TipX Pistol into your cart, you've picked a winner. One of the lightest markers on the market, the TipX runs on a small carbon dioxide cylinder that's capable of delivering between 25-30 shots (each magazine holds 8 rounds, so that's a cylinder change every three or four magazines). The cylinder can be quickly changed and you can carry on where you left off. 

The TipX pistol isn't First Strike enabled, and also has a relatively small capacity - it's not intended for rapid-fire, but rather as a back-up to finish what your main weapon started, or as a single shot solution in close combat conditions. For less than $300, that's a bargain!

First Strike T-15

first strike t15

If authenticity in your play matters, you need the First Strike T-15. This awesome marker looks the part, and its compatibility with First Strike rounds enables players to fire from distance and still hit their mark. Not only is it a good-looking marker - you can't beat a 1-on-1 AR design to add some fantastic realism - but it's also packed with features. As well as the mag option, players can also switch to the hopper for situations where a lot of ammo is going to be needed in a short period. 

This is a great marker for seasoned players who want results - the First Strike option boosts the chances of staging a dramatic take-out from a safe distance. Versatile enough to cope with any play situation, $599.95 buys you a lot of hours of great paintball play.

For a full review of the First Strike T-15, take a look at our helpful YouTube video review below:


MagFed markers are leaders in the field for several reasons. Not only do they add a realistic look to paintball markers, but they also have dual-load capabilities that enable players to choose between the magazine (slower to load but more realistic) or a hopper (faster to load but not as authentic to look at).

The option of First Strike rounds transforms the performance of the marker, enabling noticeably more accuracy than when using standard rounds. For players who like to hit what they aim at, First Strike capability can transform play.

With plenty of options for accessorizing and customization, MagFed markers give you the chance to Check out the LoneWolf Youtube channel for further inspiration and information on the MagFed range and visit our shop today for the best paintball markers, equipment and accessori