Valken Razorback Review and Comparison to HK Army Sabr

What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I am bringing you a quick overview of the new Valken Razorback Paintball gun, and stay tuned at the end that we are gonna compare it to the HK Army SABR.

Why, 'cause who's the best source for paintball?

You already know who that is and don't forget this video is brought to you by Use our code LWP10 at checkout to save 10% off your first monthly subscription. All right, let's get onto this. We're gonna crack this bad boy open first thing. These things retail 10995, I honestly like it. Yes, it is a beginner gun and it comes in a very nice small package. It's not gonna take up too much room for you. It's good, It's a good plus. So let's open it up and take a look, what we got inside. Well, we've got a quick start guide manual mark, real quick. How to put the gun together, how to operate it. If you need any other maintenance or schematics visit or I think it's just but either way, this is it. This guns 110 bucks. It is meant for any beginner just getting into the sport. Does come with your nice ported barrel. This is Spyder thread. So, let's be aware of that. We're gonna screw the barrel on.

Being Spyder thread does that limit the upgrade capabilities.

There's a lot of companies out there that do make Spyder threaded barrels. Obviously Autococker Thread is the most common and most used, but a spider thread you can definitely get longer and better upgraded barrels down the road if you want to. So, this is it, you got a quick start guide. You've got the gun, a barrel, and you've got a barrel plug in the box. It's nothing fancy, but the gun has been upgraded and modified over the other step tubes over time. So, let's set that off to the side. A couple of quick features about the gun, like I said, it is a Spyder threaded barrel. It does have an all aluminum body. It does have a clamping feedneck. So depending on whatever hopper you guys are using, use your Allen Wrench here. You can either loosen or tighten it to fit if you're using just a standard gravity fed, or if you're also using maybe an electronic copper that you might have laying around but you can definitely use your Allen Key to loosen or tighten it up, whatever you guys need to do. So next up, we're gonna talk about it has a self-lubricating Delrin bolt. You got to pull pin at the top here. You can slide that bolt right on out. In case you guys break any paint balls, you can run a swab or a squeegee through the inside to actually get the gun cleaned on out.

Hey, just a question.

Go ahead.

Is that the same bolt as the LV one?

No Mark, it is not the same bolt. It looks similar to the way it pulls up and slides out but you do have your all aluminum receiver here, which is nice. You have a composite frame. The thing that Valken did that I like kinda upgrading from the original Spyder stuff like that with this stack tube design. They have all stainless steel internals, which is gonna increase the reliability and durability of the gun over time. Once again, this is meant to be, this is a beginner gun to get into the sport of paintball but with those stainless steel upgrade components on the inside your hammer and the valve up front, it's gonna last you a lot longer, in my opinion. If you guys wanna to actually access those parts, there is a very tiny O-ring here. You pull that O-ring off. Can you see it on the camera Mark?

I can.

And then when this pushpin comes out from the other side, all of your components will come on out if you ever needed to clean or replace their performance, O-rings that are inside of the gun.


Go ahead

Does the manual show you which order those internals go in case I pull them out and I kick them and they all scramble?

You will have to go to to actually access the manual 'cause this quick start guide is very, is just that it is very quick. There's no schematics or anything like that. So other than that, yeah, it does have a composite frame. It does have a double trigger on here. So you can actually get two fingers in there and pull the trigger quicker. So increased rates of fire over time. I would recommend if you guys had a cheaper electronic hopper, if you're trying to really shoot this gun quick. Having electronic loaders so you're not just breaking tons of paint inside of the gun, and then down here, and you do see the exposed tube, Flextechs, high-performance hosing here. So it's got the rubber coating on the outside. So hopefully this thing will last you a long time. Even if you do happen to take, you know, a bad dive or something like that,

What kind of hose was that?

It's the Flextech high-performance hose, Mark.

I was hoping you trip up on-

Nope, not this time.

Nailed it.

Catch you later and then obviously you've got your ASA or bottom line receiver here. Other than that yeah, just a real quick. Oh, oh, I lied, most important feature actually, since I can't see it, it's on the inside. They do have a patent pending, self-centered cup seal in here. So this is gonna increase the efficiency and performance of the gun. So, if you guys are aware at all, if you're a new player, you're probably watching this one, "What's he talking about?" A lot of the old cup seals would kind of wiggle around inside. So, they've got a self-centering ones where every time the rammer comes forward into the gun there's no wiggle room. So, hopefully that definitely increases the performance on the gun.

Does it only come in red?

No, It's red. We got red, blue and black. So, here is the blue. So we've got a pretty blue there and then we've also got the black, so it kind of covers a lot of the basics here, Mark. People like red, blue, black, green colors like that but currently right now offered in a red, blue and black. So, any other questions for me, mark?

I don't think so, I think I'm ready to see how it stacks up against the SABR. We gonna have anybody do that with you?

Mr. Fitz, come on over.

Oh my gosh. We're the miracles of modern technology and editing Mr. Fitz is here?

That's me.

He's joined the game. Player two

That's me. has joined the game.

[Tony] What gun you have there my man?

I've got the HK Army SABR.

All right.

It's a good match up against that nice little Razorback there.

I'm just glad he grabbed a black one while he's wearing a black shirt, fans will love that one.


Right now, that's all we have, Mark.


Go put on a red shirt.

Put on a red shirt.

All right, Fitz, what you got? Let's hear it.

Oh man. I've got that 12 inch 685 barrel.

I've got-


I've got smaller.

Oh, that's okay.

All right

I mean-

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. price points gentlemen, people wanna know where their money's going?



Oh, 30 bucks.

Yeah, a little bit, 30 bucks more. Cut back on the Starbucks should be all right.

All right.

[Tony] It's 20 bucks more, we're bad at math.

And we've already covered the SABR has a slightly longer barrel by like four inches.


Yeah, something like that, yeah, something like that.

I got dual D 10s on mine.

I have a single D10 on mine.

All right, I don't have a hose anymore in here, It's protected. I've got a case for my hose.

[Tony] So you've got a, you've got a very nice carrying handle up front compared to just an expose flextech hose.


All right, fair enough.

Yes, yup. A little bit of a volumizer and adjustment for velocity.

It's right there.

Yep, Same.

Same, same to mine. Mine says plus or minus.

Mine does not say plus or minus.

That's okay, I mean, you just turn it a couple different times and then you figure out.

Oh yeah.

Just a couple

Both have a just-

Everybody knows one way loosens one way tightens-

We'll of course, yes.

Right, but does it let more air as it lets it out?

Screw it inwards to raise the velocity.

I need pictures.

Okay, bolt wise.

Bolt wise. I think they're both Derlin bolts, okay? Same thing as in the LV, 1.6.

Are they interchangeable?


Yeah, let's see it, dude.

All right.

I'll fricking.

Let's see.

Do that.

We'll stick that right in there.

She was working.


Mine neither.

My pen doesn't work. Oh, I might have to go to see a security, here you go. I got it out.

I put it in there.

Next up, you have an aluminum receiver.


And same here. You got a composite lower frame.

Yep, I do have a composite lower frame. Okay.

Do you have a sick double trigger so you can get all the shots.

I can look at that.

Oh, that looks.

Yep, An HK Army tested.

Oh, short tested, I don't have a shot tested tag, but okay.


Okay, I mean, yeah, I got rubber grips. There's some rubber grips, a wrap around. I got wrapped around front. I got wrapped around back. You know what the big thing about mine is though?

Let's here it.

If anything breaks, I can just call up HK and tell them nice little parts list right there.

Yeah, I don't have a full schematic in mine. Like mine came with also, I have a barrel plug.

I have a barrel bag.

And you have to parts in there too.

I do, I have extra parts in here, extra O-rings and I also, if I would like to daydream in my bedroom, a nice little HK Army catalog.

So what are the goggles glide, do you think-

Goggles, soft goods, stuff like better, or area 51 Lux is, or you know, like all that other stuff and, you know? Dynasty the most winning team right there on the back on their catalog, so, you know?

Oh, dynasty shoot SABR?

No, I don't think dynasty shoot SABR's.

Maybe we have maybe a cup we can get Ryan Greenspan to shoot a SABR.

May be if we give Mark

I don't think Mr. Inch could get Ryan Greenspan to shoot a SABR

What do you mean? Look super Millhouse or lightweight.

It is, I just got, I'm playing Jane over here, but-

We've got the same safety which means super safe So, it's been safe, super safe,

Super safe.

I was gonna say, but mine's 20 bucks cheaper, so.


You've got a couple upgraded features on there but once again, these are beginner guns. So one, 110 versus 130, you said?




That's 20 bucks, I can get a hopper.

That's right.


Standard gravity fed hopper.


About 20 bucks All right, Well, quick comparison between two of the beginner guns on the market and both a stack tube designs. And other than that, Mark, would you like to know anything else?

I'd like them to know that they can go to buy these guns individually or in packages complete with mass tanks and hoppers to get you started on the field?

That is true, I like it. Don't forget follows on TIKTOK, Instagram, Facebook, and all those other good platforms until next time we'll see you later.


Take it easy.

Shoot paintballs.