Lifelite Home Defense Pepperball Launcher

What is going on ladies and gentlemen. Today I am bringing you LifeLite. The non-lethal personal defense launcher.


Whoa. Whoa, whoa. Non-lethal personal defense launcher, LifeLite. Let's just check this bad boy out. So you guys are probably wondering what in the heck is this thing. Let's pop it on open, baby. Head on over to, we have them available for sale in store, or online.

[Mark] Now before you get totally into this, this isn't field legal right.


[Mark] This is for home defense.

This is something that can shoot 68 caliber pepperballs, or 68 caliber paintballs. That's why you're watching a paintball channel, because it's paintball related. But this is something you're not gonna shoot at your local field. Due to the fact that we test shot one of these the other day. I mean, this thing, I don't think there's A, a way to chronograph and B, this thing is spitting fire. It's shooting at least 350. So we're gonna take it outside a little bit later and shoot it so that you guys can see what is chrono's at, and how it shoots. So anyways, personal defense system at home. If you guys don't believe in. What do you think, Mark? Like having a firearm per say, or real.

You don't want any lethal weapon that your kid might get hold of, 'cause you don't keep your stuff lock up. You don't trust yourself. So you're afraid that you might actually shoot and kill somebody, and you don't wanna do that.


This is an option that's non-lethal, it's affordable. You don't need to wait five days for a background check. It isn't available, we can't ship it to certain states. California, a handful of places. On our website you'll see what it says. We can sell it, but we can't ship it to you in those states because of the state guidelines.

Mark, it's not official the words on the screen is getting out of focus right now. It's for non-lethal, can't ship to certain states. Check it out guys, this is the LifeLite. Let's jump right on into it. It's operated by 12 gram cartidges. Your 12 gram will go right in front there. And you're gonna get a decent amount of shots out of this thing. With a 12 gram I would say at least, I was trying to think. When we test shot this thing, he probably got minimum 10 good, good pulls out of the one 12 gram cartridge. It comes right here, with your pepperball rounds. So obviously you shoot someone with a pepperball in you house, it's obviously not gonna kill them, but it's definitely gonna stun them. And hopefully they can make there way out. It does come with the Inert rounds, which are pretty much practice paintballs. All 68 caliber. So let's jump in. How does this thing actually work? First off, how it works is if you don't have any 12 grams left. This thing is like a freaking' club. You can use it as a weapon as well, so whatever. Whatever floats your boat. Anyways, so 12 gram goes in the front to power this thing. In the back here, pull it open. This is where you load the actual pepperball rounds, or paintballs if, whatever one you're shooting. So you load the rounds in the back. It does hold five, and then it just twists and turns back into position there. How it actually operates safety-wise. You got your battery compartment here where it says, "Push latch to lock." So you can undo this, this is like your safety mechanism pin right there. And then soon as you slide this forward. I'm gonna show it behind me, Mark. Or no I can't.

You should point it at the table.

Okay. I'll just point it in the darker area, so you can see it. Soon as you slide this forward, your red dot will automatically go on. So you got a red dot, and then on the bottom here. Flip it over, right here is your flashlight. So soon as you take your safety off, and slide this breach forward. Boom, red light goes on, and then you can press the button on the bottom, and a flashlight will also illuminate as well.

[Mark] Just point that up towards the camera. Whoa.

So, flashlight button on the bottom. Soon as you slide the latch forward, the red dot automatically goes on. And then if you were loaded with a 12 gram cartridge. This red lever is your activation. So you're gonna be pushing down on the red lever. Like I said, if there was a 12 gram in there right now, this thing would be firing. So we're gonna take this bad boy outside. And see how it performs, operates. I think this is cool, because these things retail at 220 bucks. Not only do you have a personal club, Mark. If you don't have any air, this thing literally is super, super heavy. For 220 bucks, to have a peace of mind at home, or whatever you guys. If you just, I don't know, wanna mess around with it on your own private property somewhere, that's cool too. This is LifeLite, let's take this bad boy outside, and shoot it, and see what it has to offer. So see you guys outside. All right guys, I told you I would see you outside. I'm here with the LifeLite. What we're gonna do, we're gonna load the 12 gram cartridge in the front, so just bare with me a moment. This thing takes a while to unscrew. Once again the front of it. Boom, boom, boom and today I'm not shooting pepperballs at the target, I'm just gonna throw in some standard 68 caliber paintballs. So this is what it looks like in the front. You're gonna grab your 12 gram cartridge. Make sure you drop it with the air depression pin down. So this small end goes down first. And then you're gonna use the plunger and screw it back in place. Poop. Down in there.

[Mark] Now he loaded the air first, 'cause he doesn't want the paintballs to accidentally misfire while your hands in front of the barrel.

See, I like that. Marks giving the full-on break down.

[Mark] Safety first boys and girls.

You gotta put the air in first, and then the paintballs are gonna load from the back. Okay.

But you have air in the system now.

So now there's air in there.

[Mark] Do not point at your face.

So now go to the back. Wait till the big old tractors driving by or,


Hee-haa. Welcome to Michigan, baby.

[Mark] They gonna cut some grass.

That's right, they gonna be cutting some grass. Now we're in the back of the LifeLite. We're gonna pull out the golden tube.


And load in the five paintballs, all right, all right. All right.

The golden tube.

One, two, three. Did I come in school. Four, five. So this bad boy back in.

[Mark] You can't put any more than five at a time.

I don't think so, you don't wanna press it. You don't wanna break 'em all inside of this thing.

[Mark] Oh that would be a bad day.

All right Mark, remember from the video earlier inside. You got your safety, you're gonna pull that bad boy off of there. We're gonna rock this thing forward. We're gonna see what she's got.

[Mark] Can you see the light, or is it too bright out here?

It's gonna be too bright, I bet. I can see it on my hand. I don't wanna shoot myself in the hand. It's too bright, I don't even know where this is gonna go. You ready?


Holy shit.

I didn't even see it.

That's what I'm saying. These things come out at, I don't even. I got a chrono in my pocket, but I don't even think this thing's gonna pick up on chrono.

[Mark] Oh, that broke. Ooh.

Got one.

[Mark] You got one.

Oh, I saw it a little bit on the white. Hold on, I did see.

[Mark] So there's no kick back, I'm hoping. 'Cause your sticking .

Not really, no. I'm just trying to see if I can't see the light. I think I'm outta paint. Yes. So I'm gonna throw a couple of more paintballs in there.

[Mark] I'd lock the trigger.

Yeah, I'm gonna.


Of course.

You're just waving that thing all over the place.

Dude, I'm trying to get that dirty paint out of there, you know what I'm saying.

[Mark] Making me nervous.

It's on safe, dude.

You're making me nervous.

Mark, have I ever hurt you before?

[Mark] Emotionally, or physically? 'Cause I've got some scaring, brother.

Bull, bull. Sorry, we're gonna throw a couple more in this bad boy. But like Mark said. They're so fast you can barely even see 'em. So imagine being six to 10 feet away. If someone was in your house. This thing can do some serious. No, no. Some serious damage.

[Mark] I'm hoping that even though I can't see it by eye. Once I play this slow-mo back, we'll see 'em.

Maybe, all right Mark. Safety's going back off. You better hide.

I am hidden.

You better hide.

Oh, good shot.

Sniped it. Were you on it.

I got it.

Did you get it.

I see it.

I wanna see if I can't, I don't know how. But maybe get a chrono out of this thing.

[Mark] Let me readjust, so I can actually see the chrono before you do, don't shoot yet.

Hold on, I gotta get it just above there. Maybe it'll work.

Ohh, it's gonna be dark. Hold on. 189.

It says 190. But dude, this things cooking way faster than that. There's no doubt about it. Let's see how many more shots. So that was 10.


So I got 10 and a couple of dry shots. At least 12 or 13 out of one 12 gram cartridge. One more time. And see what's up. I'm gonna lock it back down so that Mark doesn't cry. This thing's actually pretty sweet.

[Mark] So how does it feel when you're shooting. Do you get a kick back. Is it pretty solid?

Yeah, you can definitely feel a little something.


Like I said. If you're outta air, you can beat somebody with it. Solid, I like it.

[Mark] We're about 20 feet away, just so people know.

About 20 feet away, I've hit three or so of the targets already. This thing does have a red dot light. It's got the flashlight as well, that you already saw. So quick shooting video. How to operate the thing. 12 gram in the front, five paint or pepperballs in the back. And boom.

[Mark] All right, let's go back inside.

All right, see you there. All right, all right, all right. We're back inside. I hope you guys liked the way this thing shot. Man, this thing certainly spits them out there. Don't forget, you guys can buy this, or more pepperball rounds right on our website. If you guys want another option for personal or home defense. We do sell the TIPX package, with pepperball rounds too, right Mark?

Yes we do.

Yeah, okay that's also on the website. So once again guys, stay safe out there. And yes, we're bringing this to you because it does shoot pepperball rounds, paintball rounds. Just stay safe with this guys. If you end up getting one of these things. Use it on your own personal property. And only use it obviously, if you're in a dire situation. So thanks for watching guys. Head on over to And then till next time. We'll see you guys later. And wait, put in the comments below what you guys thought of this thing. For 220 bucks, it's pretty freaking' cool. So, all right Mark. I know you've got something for me.

Yip, we've got a question from the YouTubes. Car Fanatic,

Go ahead.

-[Mark] Wants to know is the tread cover for the tank worth it, if I have a tank case? So, do I really need a tank, a thread cover.

If you can religiously keep it in the tank case. Then not needed, but a lot of guys they forget to throw it back in their tank case. Or just chuck it into their gear bag. One of the most important things is the threads on the actual bonnet on that tank. Those threads get destroyed. You got to buy a new bonnet. You're gonna cross thread, most likely the ASA on the gun as well. So if you can religiously keep it in the tank case, cool. You don't need a thread cover, but for you guys out there. It's a good question, Mark. If you don't have a tank case, buy yourself the $8 metal thread cover. To protect your tank from damage. A lot of people go to screw the tank on their gun, and they drop it. So that's it. Hope that helps. Thanks for watching.

[Mark] Yip, you got a question, leave it below, if not thanks for watching. See you.