Tippmann Stormer Elite vs Tippmann TMC | Paintball Gun Comparison

What is going on guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I am bringing you a great comparison between the Tippmann TMC and the Tippmann Stormer Elite.

Compare them, I need to know.

All right guys. So I'm doing this review of these tactical woodsball guns. 'Cause a lot of you out there wanted to see the difference between the two. Let me first start off by saying price points. You've got the Tippmann TMC retailing right around 250 bucks. And then you've got the Tippmann Stormer Elite retailing at right around $175. So you got a $75 difference right there. And you guys probably wanna know why. Let's first off start. Should I go back and forth Mark? Or should I just kinda hit one gun and then go to the other or just compare the features.

I like back and forth. 'Cause it keeps the people's mind focused on the barrel, on the stock or whatever it is.

Sounds good. So first things first. Let's talk about like I said, 250 bucks for the TMC 175 for the Stormer Elite. Why is that? First off, the TMC does have an aluminum or a magnesium receiver. So this is all metal. There's no plastic. The Stormer Elite with that has a composite body. So there's a big price difference. You're using actual metal here on the TMC compared to the composite body on the Stormer Elite. What I do like about the Stormer Elite, which is at the cheaper price point is the front shroud. First off you've got a grip that comes right on the Picatinny rail right here on the front shroud. Is it better from your top view if I hold it like that Mark?

Yes sir.

Or it doesn't really matter? Okay, cool. So you got a grip on your front shroud, obviously it's composite... Talking about the front shroud. The actual front side does flip down and you can press a button and it'll pop back up for you as compared to the TMC, it does have a front side but it doesn't have the flip down and pop back up feature. Second thing on the Stormer Elite right here on the side front shroud press the button and the entire shroud comes right off the gun. If you want to have easy access to the barrel or if you took a bad shot and you need to clean out any pieces of the front shroud, there's that. Compared to the TMC, Mark, where you have to undo that screw right there and then you'll be able to take the shroud off the front of the gun. So it doesn't have an easy push button removal system like the Stormer Elite.

Who cleans their gear?

Who cleans their gear? Any player that actually cares about maintaining their equipment. So let's talk about next. I wanna talk about mag releases. So both of these do come with 20 round magazines. Both of these guns can do hopper fed and mag fed which is very nice. You can switch in between the two. Right now this one's ready for mag fed. If you wanted to use a hopper on the TMC, you just simply undo the screw. Your side plate comes off and then you can put on the hopper attachment that comes in the box with the gun. The magazine release here, there is a push button, push it there your magazine comes out. So once again, push button here, magazine will come out of the gun. And then on the Stormer Elite, you also have the easy push button mag release as well.

Are the magazines interchangeable?

You know what, I believe they are actually. So let's... That's a good question, Mark. I like that. You got a little, you got a little-


Bonus. Let's see. Yes sir. Definitely. So definitely the mags are interchangeable. We're gonna set those off to the side. Let's talk about ASAs now, Mark. As you can see, both of these are gas through grip right into the valve system. So either or the Stormer Elite or the TMC your system when you screw your air tank on back here and the ASA is gonna come up through the grip and into the gun both the same. So I like that. It's a very nice feature. Speaking of that, let's flip these bad boys over you get a nice top down view. If you guys want safety on the TMC, it has a select your style switch there, fire and safe. For the Stormer Elite, which obviously is $75 cheaper, you just have your standard safety push from one side, push from the other. There's no fancy select your style switch. Let's talk about how do you engage with the guns, next? There's a lot of features I'm kinda jumping all around but trying to stay within the same general area. How you engage the gun and get it ready to fire, cock back, lock the hammer in place. You're ready to fire. On the TMC, it actually has the charging handle in the back. That's actually how you load the paintballs and get ready to fire. So charging handle in the back here and just your standard pullback hammer on the side of the gun, on the Stormer Elite. All right. So let's talk about this ones... Let's see barrel systems. I know the TMC has a 12 inch I believe, high-performance barrel with like a muzzle brake. So the TMC here has the muzzle break. It's a 12 inch. I also believe this barrel is a 12 inch, is well, no. Maybe a 10 inch, but it doesn't have any fancy porting. It doesn't have a muzzle break, anything like that. So once again, on the cheaper model of the Stormer Elite, you're not getting the fancy barrel muzzle break. And I think you're about two inches short of the length of the TMC. Let me just... You know what, I wanna confirm that before I give out any false facts, Mark. Just looking, yeah. It's definitely gonna be a shorter barrel on the Stormer Elite. No doubt about it. So, Mark, do you think there's any features that I haven't gone over?

What about the shoulder stocks are they-

Yes. Oh yes, yes yes yes. See there's so many... There's a lot going on with these guns, shoulder stocks. The TMC has a five point position shoulder stock here. So you've got five different positions on your shoulder if you're a shoulder guy or if you've got longer arms like myself you can extend it out to the fifth position and have a better hold on the gun. With the Stormer Elite, it's actually a six position stock. So you get one more position if you're kinda in between and then maybe you're not in an awkward stage but six position stock on the Stormer Elite five position on the Tippmann TMC. I went over internal gas lines, I went over the safety selector switch, how do I engage the gun? The stocks, the mag, they're both like I said, they can use hopper or mag fed. I went over the barrel systems, the front shrouds, both of them have the Picatinny rails. I would say the TMC with this AR 15 style shroud does have more Picatinny rail options for you. So that's a plus in my book. I just... I kinda do like how this front side on the Elite folds down and you can pop it back up. So if you want to use the site you can, if you want to lay the site down you can also do that as well. So-

Do either of these have an electronic upgrade kit-


Or anything of those nature?

Not unless it was like an at home mod' you did yourself. I personally don't think Tippmann sells any sort of electronic mods for these guns. So I hope you guys enjoyed it. Just a quick comparison. 'Cause you guys asked for it. What's the difference between the TMC and the Stormer Elite? There's the differences. Hoped you like it. Don't forget lonewolfwpaintball.com for all the paintball needs. We sell these guns on there. Head on over to the Jerky Den for some of the best lean protein in the game. And right Mark, I think I covered-

I think so. I mean internal wise-

Same internals.

Same internals.



Yep. You're just using a composite body on the Stormer Elite versus the all magnesium receiver on the TMC. So yeah, that's pretty much it. Put in the comments below. If I missed anything put in the comments below. Also, which one you would prefer, if you own one or the other how do you like it?

What are your thoughts? The grips look a little different. You've got the individual figures?

Yeah. This one's an individual molded. So these grips actually can come off and these are just all part of the body on the Stormer Elite. So-

All right.


And before we go we've got a question from the YouTube.

Go ahead.

Battlin wants to know can of cronos use the 98 electronic trigger 'cause ain't it basically the same gun?

No, the Cronus can not use that. The Cronus is all like molded together as one piece. So I'm 99.9% sure that Cronus cannot use the electronic grip from the 98 custom.

There you go. If you guys got a question leave it in the comments below and maybe we'll pick you randomly.

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See you. Yay