Virtue Spire IV Loader vs Bunkerkings CTRL Hopper | Paintball Comparison

What's going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, today I am bringing you a hopper comparison between the Virtue Spire IV and the Bunkerkings CTRL loader. Whoa, before we jump into this, don't forget, go on over to we do carry the best products in the game. So you guys asked for this, we're bringing it to you, they wanted to see kind of comparison between the new Spire IV hopper and the CTRL loader. Pretty much both within the same company if you want to call it that. So let's jump into the differences. We do have full review videos on both of these hoppers, obviously on the channel, but I wanted to do size comparison, weight and actual electronic differences between the two. So first off Mark, where am I starting CTRL, Spire IV.

Oh, so real quick, just the fit to similarity? Quick so neither one comes with a speed feed...

Neither one comes with the speed feed, both of these hoppers here. Do have the quick changing lids, press the button, pull on out, throw the speed feed on.

Okay, both have the removable drive cone.

Yeah, both of the cones on here are the magnetic removable as you can pull it up, pull it out, and it'll come on out of there for you for easy cleaning and access. So it's a magnetic drive column that pretty much pulls out for cleaning.

And they both use double A's?

Uh I think so. So we'll have to take a look at that though.

Oh, okay.

Yeah, no, they both definitely do. I just don't know, I think they're both three double A's

But there's the basics out of the way. so the comments so....

You want to start with size... was I was gonna say while I'm looking at the size they can see for sure the different kinds of cammo, so that mean, if that's a factor for you... Lets put them head on up, cause they're both on the same size stand that Mark made. Shout out to big Mark.

Yey me!

Do you want to scoot them closer so you get it better?

Yes please.

Okay, so head on out what I can see from here you guys hopefully can see in the camera. The CTRL loader is definitely shorter. Like I said, both of these stands are the same size. So definitely the CTRL loader sits lower for sure.

I'm just checking to see if the bottom of the feed next hit in the same spot on.

Okay, I'm gonna...extra extra push them down. Yeah, now they're both on the bottom of the stand. So there's that, profile wise, I feel like this one's a little bit... I don't feel like it is, it's definitely more rounded near the front of the hopper compared to the Spire IV being more kind of slimline downed towards the front as well. So this one's rounder, and it's got a lower profile sitting into the feed neck. And then this one, definitely. And let's see, like the link to this...

Tony turn it sideways so we can see how long they're

okay. So you want to you want to see how long they are. You want to like, go right in front of one another. What do you think?

Yeah, they're just so...

So, okay, so I'm gonna bring the CTRL here. Let's see. See, that Spire IV definitely sticks out a little bit further with its kind of downward pointy nose per se. So Spire IV is definitely looking slimmer but it is a little longer and a little taller than the CTRL loader. So, boom. Okay, let's get him back in the right position here now Mark. Alright, so electrical differences or what do you think?

Yeah, is there any?

For sure. So let's go to the Spire IV first and we're going to bounce back on over to the CTRL. So first off the Spire IV loader, does offer reload sensors on the side of the hopper to let you know when you guys are getting low on paint, noise or colors will let you know when that is happening. depending if you're shooting left or right handed, they are on both sides of the hopper. The biggest thing if we're talking electronics for the Spire IV, is the hi-fi technology that this thing has, currently, Virtue has this hopper, coming with their Virtue Ace Luxe X, this thing will sync with the eyes onto the Virtue Ace, and maintain really good feeding rate or consistency, so the marker never misses a shot. And they're synced together via Bluetooth. So this does have a new board in there compared to the older models of the spire. This one it's called, like their hi-fi platform. So this one actually can sync up to the new Virtu Ace gun. And I've heard a rumor that they might be making boards for other guns in the future, that this hopper could work with as well. But for right now, if you guys want this gun to sync up, you would currently have to be shooting Virtue Ace Luxe X. So it's got the new hi-fi board. It's huge, and I think it's pretty cool idea. Mark, is there an app for this thing? Do you know?

I believe there is. I believe we also show people how to... well, it's actually up for the lock. So I don't know, if it really controls the hopper by itself,

Correct. Yeah, it is the Luxe app per se, but that goes hand in hand with the Spire IV. So other than the hi-fi board and the reloading sensors, on the sides of the hopper. Electronics wise, I don't think there's any other difference. I think they say there is a tool-less in charge, if you guys want to use the Virtue in charge battery pack, on this, it's a tool-less disassembly kind of plug and play type thing on the bottom of the board. So we're talking that, the hi-fi technology and the side reload sensors on the Spire IV. Is there a difference with the CTRL loader would you say?

Well, I don't see any side sensors and I'm curious until it's going to open in comparison to this...

I don't see that so opening the Spire IV, press and hold it does have a nice hinge. Obviously, it's got the feeding ramp in front. So it's a hinge, press and hold and on the CTRL loader to get on the inside. There's gonna be a button, oh wait, oh wait What is that Mark?

That's the Knight Rider thing.

That's the Knight Rider thing. So electronics, that's what we're talking about, this thing right here, when you guys pull up off the starting box, it's got an actual sensor in the back that lets you know when you're level, in pretty much it's like for training your off the brake shooting, you pull up off the start box, it's going to go green when you're in the middle, where you can actually like shoot the other side of a full size and excel style field. So this level sensor pretty much on the back is something that the CTRL loader has that the Virtue Spire IV does not. So I would definitely, I mean, I recommend both of the hoppers, but if you guys plan on doing a lot of training and just doing breakouts over and over and over again, this is actually a pretty cool feature. So back to how it opens. So instead of just the push a button and hinges, there's a pull tab here, and there is no hinge on this hopper. This thing slides right on open, and then we're just going to look at the insides real quick Mark before we go too close this bad boy out. Do you notice anything with that tray compared to this tray? I'm about to pull out Mark? notice anything yet? I can get this bad boy open.

it's hard to tell is it missing ramps? It has a front ramp, doesn't it?

So there's no ramp,

No ramp it's just ...

You can buy ramps for it, it's angled, you can buy ramps Spire IV comes with it, the CTRL does not. And what about the design?

It's like 10 bucks?

Yeah, they're cheap, 13 bucks. What about the design? Do you see anything on the inside there compared to...

they both have that little knock? I'm talking the graphics Mark, we kill suckers. Can you see that?

I can't see that on this?

Oh, you can't?


Okay fair enough.

It looks like textures. Gotcha yeah. This one says the CTRL on the inside says we kill suckers.

There it is. And then this one obviously does not. It's just a plain black tray. So there's that. Let's put these things back together. Both of these, like Mark said earlier, do have these magnetic columns that pull out so you can get in there and clean easily. So same style. As for the feeding logic, while I put these things back together?

Before you put it back there? Can you put the in-charge in the CTRL as well?

Uh, I think so.


I had one more point about this I was thinking about but you threw me off. It's okay. We'll get to the weight on these bad boys. The feeding logic I was talking about the feeding logic on these things. So if you're not using your Spire IV synced up with the Virtue Ace, the feeding logic is exactly the same between the IV and the CTRL loader. So a lot of people ask, well, do I have to use this Spire IV on the Virtue Ace? No, if you don't sync it up with the gun, it has the same feeding capability as the CTRL. So there's that.

And well, before we go into that too, because people were like, well, I'll just get a Spire three then,

Well they're not going to be making those any longer, that's for under...

Gotcha. Okay?

Thanks. All right well scale time, let's take them at scale. All right. Let's go with the CTRL loader first. So I can't see Mark I'm gonna have to rely on Mark,

It's tired...

Alright here we go CTRL loader going on the scale.

Yeah pounds and ounces.

Where are we at?

It is 14 ounces.

It is 14 ounces for the CTRL loader because I know you guys out there are going to ask, uh what's the weight difference? so this is why we're doing that, CTRL loader,

There is no paint, no batteries.

No paint, no batteries just stock brand new both right out of the box. And now the Spire IV

And that is one pound...

One pound, So we so a two ounce difference that CTRL loader takes it by two ounces. And we're at a pound with the Spire IV

If I remember correctly when we did the spire three versus the CTRL loader a while back. I believe adding the ramps to the CTRL may be added an ounce to the weight,

Maybe Okay,

Just to people if they're curious.

Fair enough so like Mark said though, right out of the box, there's no batteries or any add-ons. So that's it. I hope you guys enjoyed it because you guys did ask for it you guys wanted to know the differences between the two and there they are right there.

I got two more questions.

Okay, go ahead.

Are the bulk capacities are the same on these?

They are, but there is a 280 version for the Spire IV as well.

Do you know what the prices are?

I think the CTRLs depending on what color you want, start out at 225 and go up and the Spire IVs right now all colors are 250. I think this actual model right here though camo is 250. I believe?

Yes, sir. So okay, right now head to head camo versus camo. They're both the same price. So check them out shop Thanks for watching, guys. We certainly appreciate the support.

And I have a question from the YouTube for you

Okay, go ahead.

We just did the HK Army EXo loader case review. I play paintball for Beans, wants to know, The long nose Pinocchio should fit in there too, right?

No can't stick to Pinocchio.

No I don't think the Pinocchio with the long cone on the end is gonna is gonna fit in there, but good question. I like it. You guys got to keep it funny out there. Thanks for watching guys. Take it easy.

There we go. See you