HK Army Exo Loader Case Review | Best Hopper Case?

What is going on guys, it's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today we are gonna be over the HK Army EXO Loader Case. First off, before we hop into this, head on over to, check out all the best gear in the game, because we are the best source for paintball. Furthermore, HK Army XO Loader Case, these things retail at 29.95 and as you guys can see, a very, very slim and refined version of any other loader cases on the market. Compression, molded, hard top outers case, with the fancy HK Army logo there. You guys can see it's kinda got the flashy, what would you call that Mark? Like kind of like the carbon fiber look per se.

Yeah, it's got a faux carbon fiber style to it.

Okay, yeah, it's looking good, I like it. I like it's got a slimmed-down kind of version, that does fit in most hoppers on the market.

Wait, I didn't notice, does it have the shiny gold zippers, that are HK's

Yeah, I was just about to go over all that. So I'm gonna go on the outside first and then I'm gonna take you to the inside, so you can see what's going on in there. So outside you just asked about the gold fancy zippers. Yes, it does. These are very durable zippers and they got a little bling to them as well. So these things are very nice and even what do you, what do you call that? Just the extra little, zipper lining. It's all gold too, so, you know, it's fancy, not necessary but it just looks good. Next thing I do like, it's got the carabiner with the strap here. So this will lock on to any backpack, gear bag you guys are using. If you guys don't wanna have the case, on the inside of the bag, taking up room, you can clip the carabiner on the outside here and be on your way and then just for added looks and a little, a little flash, you got the HK Army rubber tab, here in the back right there. So, all right enough about the outside of the case but it is nice, durable and hard. It's gonna keep your expensive loaders protected and it does fit most loaders on the market, like I said. So let's ship onto the inside of the case. As always it's gonna be, very, very nice. Microfiber lining to keep any of your expensive hoppers, once again, from being scratched or damaged and we'll talk about a couple of the key features. So boom, batteries and then an HK Army Speed Feed. You might wonder why I have those out?

Feature number one, do not eat the silica tablets.

Yeah do not eat this, this is not, it's not for, it's not a consumable. So on the inside, as we've shown, this does have a pocket that is Velcro-ed in, clips into the actual tray itself and this holds knickknacks, Rain Lids, Speed Feeds, that's why I brought this one along. This is an HK Army Speed Feed. You can throw your extra stuff in here or even extra, extra batteries, on top of what it already comes with to hold or Allen wrenches, whatever but it does come with a nice little microfiber-lined pouch, that Velcros into the bottom of the tray and you can keep that there. All right, let's talk about the tray itself. So, boom, you got your Speed Feed, Rain Lid, whatever knickknacks in the pouch. Let's talk about the lid that actually pulls up an out, in case it gets dirty on the inside. So this, this lid just sits into the bottom of the, actual loader case itself. I do like that it has the divot in here, molded all the way around, so your hopper's not sliding around. 'Cause your feed next, is gonna sit depending on the hopper you have, in some portion of this divot that was molded by them and without siding around. Up front here, you may wonder why I had the battery. So you've got extra battery storage. Do you wanna throw a nine volt in there? That's cool, the elastic band will hold it. If your hopper is operated on double As or something of that nature, you can also do four double As, two nine volts, whatever you guys would like. This removable tray will hold the extra batteries for you. So we'll throw that back in there. Let's throw in our Rain Lid, Speed Feed, whatever you wanna call it, boom and then I do have, a Dye R2 Hopper. Unfortunately I don't have a TFX in stock right now. I do have a Dye R2 Hopper, just to show you guys, that this thing will fit almost any hopper, on the entire market. So our R2 goes in. Closes without a hassle, boom. So you've got the R2 in there and next we do have the Spire 4s in stock. So I'll show you how that fits. So I think HK did a really, really good job, on this loader case for 30 bucks. I think it's a great deal. I think they added some extra features in here, that any paintball player would want to have, you know, the spare storage for your, Rain Lids and Speed Feeds, the battery storage, stuff like that. So, Spire 4 Hopper, going in.

Available now,

Yeah available now, And this stuff even does fit obviously with, all the extra stuff that's in there. These, these Speed Feeds are, you know, they got some, they got some heftiness to them, so the hopper still fits in the case, even with the bigger Speed Feed underneath of it, so hey guys, HK Army EXO Loader Case, available now Shout out to the guys over at HK, always taking good care of us and always coming out with some fire product on the market.

Can we run it over with a car now and see if the lid will survive?

I'm not gonna go that far but it is a very nice case.

Fair enough.

Okay, what you got?

I am trying to pull up our questions 'cause I didn't do that ahead of time. and internet is potato.

We're back to this again, that's, no he's got nothing, you guys are just watching for no reason

All right, here we go.

We did a best beginner, tournament in paintball, speed ball set up, last year.


I'm pretty sure it was Mini GS but the guy said, what gun can compete with this but are about 235 to 250 bucks?

Nothing. With a Mini GS, you're trying to find something, that can compete with it but you wanna spend less money.

A little bit less.

I've got nothing.

There you go, 'cause you know what, there is no competition for the Mini GS. It is the greatest beginner speed ball,

I mean am not gonna say go buy an Electronic Azodin and then you guys are gonna be mad at me, a week later when the thing breaks. So I'm not gonna go down that road, spend the money for good quality product. That's what I'm getting at, thanks for watching.

There you go, we're outta here.