Virtue Spire IR2 Unboxing & Review

What is going on, guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, today I am bringing you a gem. The brand-new Virtue Spire IR2.

IR2, its the IR2 and boy they made some good changes to this one compared to the other model, the standard Spire IR, which is still a great hopper, but the IR2 definitely stepped it up a notch. Let's pull this bad boy out of the box while I'm doing that Mark, correct me if I'm wrong, which you might not even know. I think they came out with four colorways, black, ODG, FGG, and FDE.

[Mark] I'm not sure if the initials are correct, but it's basically black, olive, tan, gray, and wait a minute, what I'm I, Black olive tan and gray.

Yeah, cause this one should be the FDE, I believe, Yes, this is the FDE. So this is like, I believe flat dark earth I want to say. So first initial impression go over the specs kind of before we, you know, reach into it. So I know this thing weighs under a pound.

[Mark] Yup.

I know this thing has a 200 plus paintball capacity, 68 caliber. I do know that it does have a two-piece show, which I'm going to show you here in just a minute. It is operated by three AA batteries and they do have some specs on how tall it is and how long it is off the top of my head I don't.

[Mark] It's like nine inches long,


[Mark] four inches tall,

four inches tall so it's a low prof.

[Mark] three, almost four inches wide.

Overall I mean, it's got, it's light. I mean, it's got a nice profile obviously, if there's a sitting on top of the paintball gun, I mean, it's very slim on each side. Doesn't give you a huge profile when you're coming, you know, in and out of the bunker so, I like it. It looks good. So let's crack on.

[Mark] If I remember it's about two ounces lighter than the originals.

Okay, so we did, Yeah. I was going to say, when I picked it up, it is light. This one is brand new out of the box. It doesn't have any AA batteries in it right now, but we'll throw some in there later in another video and we're going to shoot this bad boy. So initial thoughts, let's pop the lid open here Mark. And as I can see right here, right away, it's got the quick change lid. So if you want to throw a speed feed on this thing, I mean, you're getting right into here. You can press the button. Button was right here on the lid, press that easily slap on an NTR speed feed, a crown, something like that. Good to go. Let's go actually inside of the hopper now as well. Let me get this lid back on, snapped in place. So this is a huge change in difference from the previous model of the IR, it's got this tab here. You can pull this tab and the entire shell is going to come right off the hopper. So now this is a two piece nylon durable shell design, which is huge if you guys, it happens, you took a bad dive out there. You smashed all the paint balls in your hopper. You see it all the time at every single tournament you want to get in there and clean. The old IR model only had these shell that came off up here and you had to dig in there with like a cloth or a swab to try get that paint out. Now it's got two pieces, which is a huge feature that I personally like next big thing before I actually pull the tray out and show you my favorite thing about this is. Now it has the actual drive cone here. It has two mark zoom in there, right in this area, what we're going to do, we're going to pinch the tabs and then your drive cone will actually pull up and out. So I'm going to pinch the tabs and I'll have an access to actually pull this up and out as to the previous model, it did not do that. So more easily, you know, you can clean this thing more easily I can say. So you have access to pull this off. I know in some of the later models like the spire three, Spire four, they're completely magnetic. You don't have the two tabs that just snaps in snaps out, but on this model you do. So I like that. That's a good feature onto my favorite part. Like I said earlier, of the hopper. So standard, you've got the push button in the back mark, you're going to slide that forward and it's going to come up and out. And now you can easily zoom on into this area right in there. So this hopper does come with three infrared eye technology. You have two eyes on this side, constantly monitoring the ball stack and you have one eye on this side, who's gauging the gap in between the balls if it needs to go faster or slower. So three eye infrared technology is pretty impressive I would say. I like that a lot. And then since we're already in this area, it's operated like, by 3AA like I said earlier, and this thing is an absolute beast claims to never jam. So Mark, do you have any questions for me on what I might have missed on this new hopper here?

[Mark] I think you hit most things. Do we know a price point?

Do we know a price point? I believe these things retail about $130, 129.95 I'd want to say

[Mark] Okay, and you mentioned the crown and the speed feeds were the same as before. What about ramps? Is there a ramp option?

Yeah, you can put in the Spire IR spring ramp in here to. You have the clips in upfront. So that's also an option as well. If you guys want that. There's definitely some, I mean, things you can do. So I've already heard guys talking. They want to flop, you know, FDE here. I'm going to take the top for my hopper and make my top gray now or make my top black now. So there's options here. If you guys want to do little trades, it's out there on the internet at a, you can get some cool kind of color swap toppers. So that's an option as well. Other than that. Yeah. I mean, pretty much I think hit, like I said, thing claims it never jam. We're going to put this through the works in another video and see how it goes.

[Mark] Yeah, I got no other questions on this. So of course.

Well, naturally

[Mark] but I do have a question from the Internets,

Okay, go ahead.

[Mark] Cole world


[Mark] wants to know What paintball gun do you have?

What paintball gun do I have? I currently have a shocker XLS, which I'm going to be upgraded to the amp here soon and a 170 yard by planet eclipse so, that's what I'm rocking. Nothing super fancy, but gets the job done.

[Mark] There you go. You got a question leave in the comments below. Maybe we'll pick you randomly. Otherwise go to and pick up the best gear in the game.

That's right. Thanks for watching guys. Take it easy.

[Mark] See you.