HK Army Power Button & Release Trigger

Well, what is going on, guys? 

It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I am bringing you the new HK Army upgrades for the Dye LT-R and Rotor hopper.

[Mark] What could they possibly upgrade in an LT-R?

So we're gonna talk about that.

[Mark] Or a Rotor hopper?

This is gonna be like a little overview and an install video, as well, so I'm sure Mark is gonna title it "LTR Install Overview". Whatever. 

Overview | Trigger and Power Button 

So HK Army did come out with the release trigger and the power button in a skull fashion. So-Little baby skull. And the bottom release latch from HK Army. So if you guys are like, what in the heck is that?

[Mark] Isn't there supposed to be a screw, too?

There is a screw. I'm hiding it over here. I don't want the wind to blow it away.

[Mark] Well, I just wanted to make sure they know that there's three things in the package.

There is a screw, there is a screw. I just didn't want the wind to take it, a little baby screw.

[Mark] All right.

All right, so this red piece right here is going to replace your release latch, in case you guys get jammed. And obviously the little red baby skull right there, Mark, is gonna replace your power button. So when you turn it on, its little beady eyes are gonna glow.

[Mark] Huh?

Yeah, dude. It's got an eye, the eyes are cut out.

[Mark] Ah, I missed that part.

So you're gonna be able to see the light.

[Mark] Did you bring batteries so we can see that?

Quick Installation | Skeleton Power Button + Release Trigger 

I didn't. It's not dark. We'll do that in the next video, but quick install. Guys, pop in over the Rotor. Obviously pop your top, pull this piece up here, press the button. You're gonna be able to get that off right there. And then we're going into the inside of the hopper, right up front. Press the button. That is gonna take you to the lower tray of the actual hopper itself. 

Next, we're going here. Fin, fin. So you're taking the red fins, pull 'em out, pull 'em out. You're gonna wanna pull your internals up and out so you can eventually get this battery tray out. So you're gonna pull that out, set it off to the side. Now you'll be able to simply go inside and remove your battery tray. So once the battery tray comes out of the hopper, you are now going to have access to the power button, which you're gonna replace. Back here, just simply press and pull. Power button will come out.

[Mark] Just turn that around so we can see where it was in there.

The power button sits just in the back, obviously.

[Mark] Tilt down, tilt down, tilt down. Nope, other ways. There we go.

So the power button was back there.

[Mark] Okay, just push in? There's nothing to undo?

Yeah, no, it just slides in and slides out once you get the actual battery pack out itself.

[Mark] Okay.

And then now you're gonna be dealing with the release trigger here. So you're gonna wanna, all right, Mark, you're not gonna have to see much, but you're gonna have to--

[Mark] Well, turn it so I can see what you're touching, first. So I can see. Well, just, there you, oh. So close.

Can you see it now? Is it close? You got it? All right, cool. So this is gonna come in and out. So you're gonna have to put a little pressure from one side. It's got two clips. I'd hold it in, simply slides in and out like that. So grab your new HK Army release button. And give me just a second. We're gonna get that bad boy in there.

[Mark] Now it goes in from the bottom 'cause the screw holds it.

Yeah, I know. Hold on. I gotta figure out where the screw's going. So in and out. Okay, so you're gonna wanna make sure this front pin is forward. And then we're gonna put the screw in there, and then I'll show you how to actually get the battery pack installed with it. Smells good outside, huh?

[Mark] Yeah, smells like Chipouli.

So take your screw, and it's gonna go, let's see. It's the install video, Mark. It's a really good time. Screw hole.

[Mark] Ah-ha.

Can you see it?

[Mark] Yep.

Okay, cool. That's where the screw's gonna go. It's why there's a screw hole.

[Mark] So the chair goes up through the bottom. The little lip goes to the front, and puts the screw in to hold it in place.

That's right.

[Mark] Now, don't put it down so tight, people. It needs to slide back and forth.

That's right. So don't worry, Mark, you're gonna edit this out 30 years later.

[Narrator] 75 years later.

All right, guys, now, after Mark inserted the "SpongeBob" meme, you've got the screw holding it in place so it can slide easily and freely back and forth. The key to getting this battery pack back in is you're gonna want this center lever kinda be in the middle. Don't slide it all the way forward. Don't slide it all the way back. That way it can actually catch the actual bottom piece of the battery pack and the gears will spin if you guys are jammed up inside. So...

[Mark] Ah, you didn't put the button in.

Yeah, I gotta do that, too. I forgot about the little baby boy. So we'll get there. All right, Mark, so we put the button in now. Are you ready?

[Mark] I am ready.

Can you see it, dude?

[Mark] I was born ready.

Yeah, you like that?

[Mark] Ah.

It's pretty cool, huh?

[Mark] It is cool.

Okay. All right.

[Mark] Looks like a little tiki head.


It is. It is a little tiki head. Just gonna make sure I get this lined up here. All right. So like I said, guys, when you guys are dealing with the lever, make sure it is lined up in the center when you install your battery pack in there so you guys can actually see the gears move before you get the entire hopper back together. All right. Come on. Tray. Drive column, top piece. 

Don't forget, guys, when this is back together, lock your latches, these red tabs. Lock 'em back in place so the actual hopper just doesn't fall apart on ya when you're getting it back. When you're putting the tray back in, go nose-first up here with these two tabs, and then you're gonna push down gently in the back to lock it in position. And that is how you install the new HK Army release trigger and skull power button. There you are, Mark. There you are.

[Mark] Sick.

Doesn't take you too long. The only tool you're gonna need is just a small Phillips head screwdriver, and you'll be good to go.

[Mark] And they come in multiple colors to match my LT-Rs?

I've got a lime green. I've got blue, purple, silver, black, red.

[Mark] Nice.

So obviously that looks good on a LTR that's already red and black. It's got a skull, like you said. The eyes are gonna light up when it actually has batteries inside the hopper. Shop now, guys, Lone Wolf Paintball. Just a couple little trinkets to upgrade your Rotor or your LT-R hopper.

[Mark] All right.

That's it. You got a question, or no?

YouTube Question

[Mark] I do.


[Mark] I do, lemme just--

Lemme get my bag for my screw.

[Mark] Ooh, don't lose the bag.

Nope, can't do that.

[Mark] So OMGitsFrankie, O-M-GitsFrankie. "Can I use a Spire IV hopper on an Empire Mini GS new version?"

100%, 'cause it's, just because it's not the Virtue Ace Luxe X, it is backwards compatible, so it will feed with any gun on the market.

[Mark] There you go. You got a question, leave it in the comments below and maybe we'll pick you randomly. Otherwise go check out Lone Wolf Paintball and we'll see you later.

Take it easy.